Listen to the inaugural No Holding Back podcast with Smith, Lavery and Trickett: The decline of working-class voices at Westminster

Laura Smith, Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett, three leading lights of the working-class left, have launched their No Holding Back podcast today after a string of popular Zoom discussions and interviews. Here’s what they say about it:

We are excited to tell you that we are launching our new series of podcasts as part of our No Holding Back initiative. With bold ideas and blunt analysis, we discuss contemporary politics, culture and society through the lens of working class communities – our communities.

It is no secret that electoral success among working class communities was the main reason Boris Johnson won a landslide at the last election. The key to removing him lies in Labour rebuilding its rapport with the section of society which has always been the backbone of the labour movement.

The declining appeal of Labour among working class communities has been happening for 25 years. And Peter Mandelson’s assessment that the working class “have nowhere else to go” has demonstrably proven to be false.

In our pilot episode, we explore the declining working class voices at Westminster.

We ask if there will be another Dennis Skinner. We look at some of the things necessary to put right the disconnect between Labour and its working class roots. We also discuss the changing nature of class, work and culture, in all its diversity.

Please find below a link to our podcast. It is the first in a series of 10 before Christmas. We would be delighted to discuss it further with you, and would be grateful for any exposure you would give this in your channels.

Warmest wishes,

Jon Trickett MP
Ian Lavery MP
Cllr Laura Smith

Listen below:

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  1. “We ask if there will be another Dennis Skinner.”.

    He’s right there with you. Take up the mantle, Ian Lavery!

  2. Lavery could never hope to compare with the Beast of Bolsover I’m afraid.

    Should’ve thrown his hat into the ring last time out; right now he should be at best actively sowing dissent, at least sending out the feelers for an imminent challenge to the polygonal-headed, myriad-faced beaut

  3. Did Lavery, Smith and Trickett support or back Chris Williamson when he was suspended then later expelled from the Labour Party? = DID THEY FUCK

    1. Anyone who supports someone accused of anti-semitism is then smeared themselves. When Jeremy supported Chris Williamson he was smeared for doing so:

      Labour’s dossier of shame: Jeremy Corbyn is personally accused of NINE anti-Semitic acts in bombshell report

      The 53-page document claims that ‘Mr Corbyn himself has repeatedly associated with, sympathised with and engaged in anti-Semitism’.

      It sets out in nine examples of Mr Corbyn’s past behaviour which the JLM claimed had acted as ‘signals to party members’ that ‘anti-Semitic views are acceptable’.

      This includes, defending Chris Williamson against allegations of anti-Semitism weeks before he was suspended for those allegations.

      1. Who was the GenSec when CW was repeatedly thrown under a bus.

      2. And what has that got to do with the point I was making? Did SHE smear him? As just about everyone who follows skwawkbox knows, when Chis was reinstated, all of the saboteurs and false accusers went ballistic (albeit faux outrage of course), and then a day or two later Keith Vaz – one of the three panel members who reinstated Chris – is saying that he did so whilst on medication etc

        Now why – when I gave an example of what happens if and when anyone defends and supports some-one who has been accused of A/S – would you just not agree that THAT is the case. I mean are you implying that its NOT the case?

  4. Sorry while I am impressed and I like the podcast and talking points that’s ALL they are. I want these so called socialist MP’s to stand up and start demanding JC’s reinstatement or they will leave that’s the only Language Starmer understands. Let’s see him call Labour Labour with No socialist MP’s. Oh and don’t pull the stay and fight nope did that once under Blair, I have had years of nauseating right wing idiots endless right wing mp’s here in the south east shoved down our throats. We thought and we finally got a true left wing leader and what did the so call Labour party do endless lies and deceptions, briefings and Anti Semitic lies.

    So Nope the cancer is to dam deep in this party to ever clean house enought to ever see a true socialist Labour party ever again, The only way if to break the party and when these socialist talk about doing that I will listen. Because all they want is to have lots of talk but remain in the same safe prison that is the current Labour party.

    That is why we have nice talking shops but not doing… When they are prepared to do and demand like these right wing scumbags have done forever maybe just maybe they will be doing something worthwhile until then what good does all these nice little chats do? I want action from these socialists no more dam talking.. No more silence and acceptance, where is their dam fight they ask from us?

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