BBC deletes article exposing deleted votes that would have put left-winger on NEC

The BBC has deleted an article it published exposing missing votes that led to a right-winger being put onto Labour’s National Executive Committee in place of a left candidate.

The article revealed that the hundreds of votes Labour deleted because members had resigned before the count – even though the contest’s rules did not require continued membership up to the results day – would have given Mick Antoniw the win instead of Carwyn Jones. Jones’s candidacy was already controversial because of his conduct as Welsh Labour leader around the suicide of Welsh Assembly Member Carl Sargent.

The BBC article has been deleted but is available on the Wayback Machine archive site.


The Labour right is making up the rules to suit its purge of left-wing members, with the NEC scandal and the ongoing fiasco of political interference in Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension standing as prime examples.

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  1. It appears to the casual observer that the level of jiggery pokery and all round suspicious practices under the Starmer regime far surpasses anything alleged against Jeremy. In the arts of ruthless party manipulation Keir ‘Stalin’ Starmer appears to be living up to his nickname. Just waiting for the show trials to start and him telling us that it’s all for our own good, and he wouldn’t have to do it anyway if we hadn’t let him down (sorry that last one was Fidel when he cut the workers wages and food rations).

    1. Certain about that last one are you PC?
      I’ve no personal knowledge of it but I do know the CIA tainted every US and western source for decades – and the capitalist Cubans who fled to the US before failing miserably to invade Cuba are not exactly renowned for their impartiality on the subject either.

      Hitler was famously said to have blamed the German people for “letting him down.”
      You’re sure someone opposed to the revolution didn’t just try to associate Castro with Hitler as a tiny part of the raging torrent of abuse and propaganda he suffered?
      A bit like Jeremy but a hundred times worse?

  2. I don’t think we can reasonably expect any honest reporting of facts concerning left wing Labour by the BBC. They have shown their bias against us and particularly Jeremy Corbyn consistently over the last 5 years.
    I see Prince William has joined his uncle Lord Spencer in calling for answers to the disgusting trickery including forged bank documents that the BBC (Panorama ) used to induce the late Princess of Wales to participate in the notorious interview with Martin Bashir – that says it all really. If they are willing to stoop to forgery in order to exploit Princess Diana and her brother who is rich and well connected what chance have we of receiving a fair deal from them. When you think about it the power vested in the BBC is frightening and the sooner it is disbanded the better.

    1. Agreed, the sooner they scrap the license fee for the BBC the better. What other broadcaster tells you if you don’t pay you will go to jail. Can you imagine being forced to pay subs to Sky or TalkRadio or you go to prison?

    2. The BBC is no worse than any of the other major broadcasters, when it comes to bias they are ALL bent. I absolutely detest TV advertising, being told every five minutes to buy gold or insurance etc. At three quid a week, it’s worth every penny to keep these intrusive and downright annoying adverts off my screen.

      1. I disagree with you – I deeply resent having to pay a licence for the BBC which is in essence a mouthpiece for the Tory party. The BBC ‘s pro Tory propaganda should be paid for by the Tory party under a commercial sponsorship deal not by millions of people like me who find the Tory party and its policies repulsive.

      2. Smartboy, not sure how you can disagree, they are ALL rightwing mouthpieces. I just look at it as paying three quid a week to get rid of the adverts.

      3. That’s your view Jack T and you are entitled to it. I just resent paying a TV licence for non stop party political broadcasting on behalf of the Tory party

      4. Most adverts I hardly notice so I haven’t made a list – but I think top of any I did make would be the online gambling sites trying to paint gamblers as clever, cool, trendy and desirable – “as he shuffles his (bag of) chips.”
        Telling them “Gamble here – we’ll make sure you don’t come to any harm. We’ll let you stop when you want. Or you could just take a little break if you absolutely need to and then you could start again.”
        Clearly targeted at the stupid, weak-willed and addicted – because who else wouldn’t resent being talked down to like that?
        Betting sites are absolute fucking scum and so is Blair for deregulating the gambling industry – I mean – INDUSTRY FFS.
        Talk about a rip-off fucking money tree.
        I’d shut down the lottery too for normalising gambling in weak minds – which it absolutely does.

      5. David McNiven, yes, those gambling adverts are also an abomination. Wasn’t a Labour/ Blair administration which approved their showing?

  3. Which is the greater concern, that the Labour Party, the Guardian and the BBC et al are behaving with so little regard for democratic due process, that they no longer seem to even cover their tracks, or that (in full public gaze) so few people seem to be aware?

    Has some sort of grand lobotomy project been set in motion?

    1. “Has some sort of grand lobotomy project been set in motion?”
      Yes, I believe it has. It has many aspects and many names – the only one that springs to mind is known as “Strictly” for short – a name that I use as shorthand for the project and the generation enfeebled by it.
      The strange thing is that I’ve never seen it or any of the other programmes that I believe are responsible – I know them only by the references made to them between programmes.
      Making money is at the root of the project clearly but the lobotomising of the population by such low quality broadcasting has the added benefit that the population makes progressively fewer quality demands on the broadcasters – therefore more money is made for less investment – a virtuous circle for investors.
      In other words, the more pap they watch, the better they like it.

      It’s late and I shouldn’t write grumpy. Crap TV is in fact the essence of democratic choice and I should just be a democrat and shut up about the consequences.

  4. It would have affected the vote of Ann Henderson’s too since she was head of the voting slate for Wales.

  5. I wonder what happened to the BBC journalist who wrote the piece and how it got as far as the website in the first place – I’d have imagined a more thorough induction process for any new journalists and closer supervision.
    Depending on how long he or she’s worked there and what punishment has been exacted by K***berg the person might turn into a useful whistleblower on BBC political bias.

  6. Defund and disband the BBC right now. It pains me to have to pay the licence for a crock of crap I rarely watch. The Biased Broadcast Corporation so far up its own arse it loses any credibility. Close the sh#t show and save us all £13 a month.

    1. Over 65s alraedy doing their bit, see ‘gum up the works’ Silver Voices web site. This is in support of withdrawal of free TV licences for over 75s. We can all do it, for example, change to paying by cheque, send it late….

      1. I meant, in support of over 75s who’ve had free TV licences withdrawn

  7. It’s quite chilling, the insiduous control throughout the media. Now, positive tweets about Corbyn will disappear. Towards the end of this article you can read about how tweets from an article praising Corbyn by a jewish Islington constituent disappeared to all but the original ‘tweeter’. This an American company. There is a massive conspiracy in the media.

    1. There is a massive conspiracy in the media.

      Yes, and not just concerning Corbyn. You know what I’m talking about…

  8. Trying to find that on that web archive is like searching for a needle in a haystack, anyone found it?

  9. Perhaps Trump could use this as evidence of voter interference in a so called Democratic party with-in a the father of Democracy

    The party seems to be creating its own Fake News department by virtue of censorship.

    At least Australia has investigated potential war crimes by its special forces, with Captain Hindsight’s dictate about abstaining and acquiescence no chance of that happening here.

  10. All the article revealed was that 100s of numpties were daft enough to resign before casting their vote and then were shocked to find that as they were no longer members that their votes were rejected. Some of them were even clever enough to brag about their wheeze on open forums thus alerting the Labour party as to how clever they all thought they were.
    You really couldn’t make it up.

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