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Video: Gardiner – fixing climate change under Labour’s plans will create jobs and wealth

Labour’s star media performer was on air twice this morning. In both, he laid out how Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution will create great jobs, bring wealth to the country – and help fix climate change

Labour’s Barry Gardiner is one of the party’s most consistently effective media performers, rarely failing to get Labour’s message across and never allowing interviewers to browbeat or sidetrack him.

This morning was no different, as Gardiner appeared on both Sky News and BBC News – and laid out how Labour’s investment in the UK’s infrastructure and environment-saving innovation will create great jobs and wealth for the nation at the same time as helping the planet:

Just as the Industrial Revolution made the UK a world leader in industrial technologies and skills, Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution will put the UK at the forefront of the revolution our planet’s climate – and our children and their descendants – so desperately need.

The message is simple and crystal clear: vote Labour.

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  1. Breaking News
    The LibDems have lost their case in the High Court to be included in Tuesday’s Corbyn – Boris TV debate

      1. The TV are reporting that it took the Judges less than 15 minutes to decide on this ‘difficult’ and ‘complex’ case.

      2. 15 minutes? What were they doing for the other 14m 55s?

        ‘Difficult & complex’ …You what?

        Who were they? Was it that twat cowell and the other talentless nobodies?

      3. Toffee – Sorry you missed the quotation marks which are generally understood to mean that one is taking the piss.

      4. Oh I got it, steve. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t have a sarcasm font.

      5. Toffee – it is sad that Jo Swinson wasn’t included. The more people see of her the better as they will come to realise what an ambitious and arrogant person she is . They will also be able to see that the party she leads is pro austerity, completely without principle and champing at the bit to go into another coalition with the Tories.
        I wouldn’t vote Lib Dem if my life depended on it.

    1. awww I am heart broken , quick shall we all do a crowd fund-raiser for Swindleson to be able to bulk buy spare dummies to replace those she’s spat out so often….

  2. I am so pleased that swansong has been shutdown for now ,and recognised as officially a distraction to the debate.I do not know why just looking at her upsets me,,,but I think it was a letter from the past from a libdem fellow coucillor that sent me a letter after loosing the position of mayor of Reigate and banstead by being defeated in a seat that I ran a Labour candidate in .She sent me a letter saying god would not forgive me for betraying the lib lab pact on my council…..yes god and being the mayor of Reigate,a place in hell for me for betraying the lib dems..I was always proud to be lib finder general of Reigate and wherever we must field Labour candidates and give everyone a chance to vote Labour.,thats what I beleived in 95 and still do now.Vote Labour

  3. And an industrial revolution in green energy will once again tread on big oil and the fracking industry.We have no choice in a planet thats under threat,The only way to save the planet is to vote Labour and socialism

  4. By far JC’s toughest challenge will be, not to say Prime Minister starting with a T!

  5. I don’t know if anyone posted this earlier in another thread – and I can’t be bothered checking – but there’s an Open Letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn – and in response to the ‘Joanna Lumley’ letter published in the Guardian a few days ago – signed by Roger Waters and Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein and Yanis Varoufakis and Brian Eno and Rob Delaney and Angela Davis and Steve Coogan, and a bunch of other good people (and hopefully many more will be signing it in the coming days):

      1. Yes, absolutely brilliant article. Whilst the forces ranged against Jeremy and the left manipulate peoples emotions, and deliberately so, of course, those who support him and see through the black propaganda appeal to the intellect and reason.

    1. I had in fact put the following together (in my wordprocessor) just prior to coming across the Open Letter on the JVL website, so……

      A few days ago the Guardian published a letter by 24 people – including Joanna Lumley – about the (alleged) anti-semitism in the Labour Party. Anyway, I heard something about it at the time, but I hadn’t got round to checking out what the letter actually said, which was of course widely reported by the corporate media and the BBC. So I just happened to go on the CAAs website earlier today, and there was an article about the letter and the signatories, and I think it was at the end of the article that they mention how they have planned a demonstration for the 8th of December, which is being held in Parliament Square, and it will of course get shed-loads of coverage in and by the media.

      Anyway, getting back to the letter, I went on the Guardian’s website and checked it out, and it finishes as follows:

      Opposition to racism cannot include surrender in the fight against antisemitism. Yet that is what it would mean to back Labour and endorse Mr Corbyn for Downing Street. The path to a more tolerant society must encompass Britain’s Jews with unwavering solidarity. We endorse no party. However, we cannot in all conscience urge others to support a political party we ourselves will not. We refuse to vote Labour on 12 December.


      In the process of searching for it, I happened to come across another letter published in the Guardian yesterday, and written in response to the aforementioned letter by fourteen Jewish signatories, and it begins thus:

      We were alarmed to read, yet again, a list of evidence-free accusations charging Jeremy Corbyn with antisemitism (Letters, 15 November).

      We are not the least surprised that the Jewish friends of the 24 luminaries who signed are worried and frightened about this supposed antisemitism – they repeatedly read and hear unsubstantiated allegations in pages of newsprint and hours of broadcasting, while the vast amount of countervailing evidence that has been collected by highly reputable researchers, many of them Jewish, is entirely disregarded.


      Anyway, I don’t need to check to see – in contrast to the other letter – whether the response received much media coverage, because I’m pretty confident it received none whatsoever.

      Here’s a link to the ‘Joanna Lumley’ letter, and I’ve posted a link to the response in a second post just below:

    2. Trouble is their teeny Great British Money Trees have barely taken root in the Bahamas, Switzerland, Dakota etc, etc, etc, Corbyn has to be stopped or all those Establishment ‘Bitches’ will have their little offshore tax plantations uprooted one by one, by John McDonnell!
      So many people have killed themselves, to me, in the past 5 years, Cleese was the hardest, until I recently found out that both Dylan and Cohen are/were hardcore Zionists, how could any one of their lyrics ever be taken seriously again, knowing that they’ve supported the butchering of innocent Palestinians since when they wrote them!
      Anyhow they are all crawling out from under their right wing NeoLiberal rocks Dawkins, Cox, Cleese, Atkinson and on and on and on and on!

      1. Where did you learn that they were not only Zionists, but ‘hardcore’ Zionists – ie Dylan and Cohen, that is? And Cleese was the hardest what, and could you elaborate re Dawkins and Co. Cheers

      2. And just out of curiousity, why do you use the user-name HateHate, HateHate?

      3. Simply Google Cohen/Dylan Zionism, plenty there, Any Zionist is a Hardcore Zionist it is impossible to be a Zionist and bypass the Violent, Terrorist Birth of Occupied Palestine, not to mention the current affairs, but delve into Dylan and Cohen for more info. I loved those people and they killed themselves to me with their Racism. Cleese’s comments about the not so white London that does not feel like England Anymore, then announced his Dates in Apartheid Fascist Israel/Occupied Palestine etc. Dawkins I uncovered quite early on, when I was fighting hard against Religion, he, Harris and Hitchens started to take a dark sinister turn into focusing on Islam and not all equally, but I also noticed that the Atheism SM was getting more and more Right Wing and Militant, etc. He has made many anti Islam Racist Comments rather than Atheist Comments again google it. Check out the Christian Church Bells Twitter Comment for example!
        As far as I am concerned they all killed themselves TO ME and they are dead, Cleese was the hardest to let go as I had to chew my arm off to drop EVERYTHING in the bin 😉 Atkinson and Turnip Boy was not so bad Atkinson Destroyed himself with Bean and Turnip was never really anything other than Balldick!
        Cohen and Dylan however killed a very large part of me with their suicide, they were in me in my darkest times, in my mind, in my art, in my blood, they nearly killed me by killing themselves to me!
        As for HateHate think about it.

      4. HateHate 19/11/2019 at 12:54 pm
        It’s all a bit vague. It’s all very well you saying look at this and look at that but I for one don’t have the time or inclination to spend the day searching round Google in the vain hope that I will find what you might be referring to. It would be helpful if you could evidence your assertions with specific quotes and links.

      5. But put each link in a separate post, cos if there’s more than one link in a post, it has to wait to be moderated. And needless to say, it IS hard to believe that Dylan and Cohen could have done such a total 180……. First we take Manhattan, and then…………… Almost inconceivable in fact.

        Right, so you hate hate.

  6. Swindle to the CBI “We’re the only party of remain. You business people want to remain therefore we’re the new party of business.”
    “Labour is full of antisemitic commie-loving spendthrifts like Corbyn.”
    OK, so obviously I didn’t listen to the whole thing – who would without being tied to a chair like those poor fuckers – but it definitely went something like that.

    Remain obviously was what the CBI wanted to hear but talking down to smart people tends to raise hackles, so I doubt she won many hearts or minds despite the cheers for remain.
    I think Corbyn came across to the impartial observer as businesslike and Johnson & Swinson as electioneering.
    Whoever won over the CBI audience isn’t that important to the election anyway.
    The CBI obviously leans more to Con or Lib than Labour – but Jeremy was also talking to the TV audience and that’s where the voters are – the CBI as an organisation would buy any pig in a blue poke.

  7. Tonight’s Panorama was very disturbing.

    War Crimes Scandal Exposed

    The government announced the closure of investigations into alleged war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan before a single soldier was prosecuted. But has there been a cover-up at the highest levels of the British military?

    Reporter Richard Bilton meets UK detectives who talk for the first time about how they were prevented from prosecuting soldiers suspected of serious crimes. And he reveals evidence that suggests the Ministry of Defence and senior officers were involved in the cover-up of torture and illegal killings.

    1. War crimes scandal cover up…look across the Irish sea and learn that “Shoot to kill” became popular in the control of Native populations.just the normal service resumed.!

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