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Put this motion for Corbyn’s immediate reinstatement to your CLP urgently

Party can no longer exploit disciplinary rule to gag members

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed this afternoon, the conclusion of the disciplinary process around Jeremy Corbyn’s wrongful suspension means that the party hierarchy can no longer hide behind the rules to gag members from voting to support him.

Campaign for Labour Democracy (CLPD) has created a model emergency motion calling for the restoration of the party whip that was cravens withdrawn by Keir Starmer this morning, despite the EHRC ban on political interference in disciplinary outcomes:

CLPD Model Motion – Restore the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn

To Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner, Nick Brown (Chief Whip) and the NEC

This Branch/CLP notes with concern the decision taken by the Leader of the Labour Party not to restore the Labour Party whip from its former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn was reinstated as a member of the Labour Party on 17th November and we believe the Labour whip must also be restored.

We call on Keir Starmer to review this decision immediately and restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

CLPD has also created a model email to send to Starmer’s office. Click here for details.

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  1. Chris Williamson’s ‘Resistance TV’ live on YouTube at 7pm. ‘Socialism in the 21st Century’

  2. Jeremy was tricked and deceived by Starmer and Evans and Co, and whilst WE may know that the whip is automatically restored when someone is reinstated, the vast majority of the general public are not aware of that and, as such, they are left believing – have been duped into believing – that even though the NEC reinstated him, Starmer has decided – two days later – not to restore the whip to Jeremy (and so he can’t sit as a Labour MP). And it’s nothing to do with Starmer not having any courage – as it says in the headline to this article – but EVRYTHING to do with Starmer and Evans TRICKING Jeremy, and tricking him in such a way that Jeremy could never have forseen.

    But ask yourself this: Why would Starmer wait TWO days to do so if that REALLY was the way it works! He would of course have done it in a matter of hours (after the NEC reinstated Jeremy), but it’s all part of their game and, apart from anything else, both the ‘reinstatement’ AND ‘withdrawing the whip’ episodes get maximum media coverage by leaving it for two days – ‘executing’ them two days apart. And needless to say, Starmer and Co planned it ALL in advance, and more-than-likely did so even before they suspended Jeremy!

    1. And leaving it for two days until he – Starmer – supposedly refused to restore the whip, ALSO gave their paid shills plenty of time to steam in and fraudulently accuse Jeremy of having done a climb down – a volte face – in regards to what he initially said in response to the publication of the EHRC report. On left-wing blogs such as Skwawkbox and JVL (and no doubt on social media platforms) that is! And THAT is PRECIISELY what the shills did, and did so by deliberately and fraudulently conflating what Jeremy said three weeks ago with what he said in his FB statement on Tuesday morning. BUT, for Jeremy to have done THAT – ie do a climb down – Jeremy would have had to be saying in his FB statement that the incidence of alleged cases of anti-semitism in the LP has NOT been overstated, directly contradicting what he said three weeks ago. But he DIDN’T say THAT, and what he said of course was that the ‘concern’ about anti-semitism has not been overstated, and no doubt Starmer and CO asked him to do so – make a public statement to that effect – as a condition of reinstating him.

      1. White Flag Man, cut the ‘paid shills’ nonsense. Starmer didn’t delay withdrawing the whip he did it as soon as the Zionists kicked off again at Corbyn.

      2. How predictable! Yeah, sure he did Jack (as if he didn’t know that they WOULD do the moment the news of Jeremy’s reinstatement was out!). It was all planned in advance by devious minds, and I expect they’ll all be having a good laugh about it for weeks to come, along with all the numerous other people on the right who are amused at what they did, and how they tricked and deceived Jeremy. And I don’t just mean what they did to Jeremy, and how they tricked him, but also having a good laugh about the fact that they have hoodwinked and duped millions of people. Yet again!

        Funny though, isn’t it, how there were all those people posting on here in the hours after Jeremy posted his statement on FB, fraudulently deriding and castigating him for having done a complete U-turn and climbdown in respect of what he said three weeks ago, when he had done no such thing. Oh, right, and it just happened to be the posters who are endlessly denigrating him on here, albeit spuriously and maliciously! Like yourself!

        It was all a set up, and YOU know it!

      3. Funny, isn’t it, how you and the other shills on here never engage with the substance of what I’ve said, but practically ALWAYS resort to personal insults, which of course is a classic black propagandist shill tactic. Needless to say, the last thing the shills working on this site want is for anyone to expose them to the readership, and THAT of course accounts for your dismissive ‘response’.

        So why do you think there are all these posters dissembling the falsehood on here that Jeremy recanted what he said three weeks ago in his facebook statement when he DIDN’T?

      4. Oh come on Allan, your lack of self awareness is getting the better of you again.

        ps: Have you ever actually said anything of substance?

  3. Walk and chew gum
    Unison Election, Forde Report, GMB and United El3ctions, Class Action, Conference, Challenge

    1. There’s your proof of the public’s lack of knowledge of the evils of Zionism and why they voted against Labour in the GE. It had little to do with the confirmatory vote and more to do with the undermining of Corbyn.

    2. I think just about everyone who follows skwawkbox knows that Yougov polls are totally fradulent, and a ‘weapon’ of the Establishment, as such!

      1. Allan – I just posted the info it is entirely up to you and others to interpret it as they see fit

        Incidentally Corbyn’s Team had far more confidence in YouGov than you. They had YouGov on exclusive retainer during the 19GE campaign.

      2. Allan, the reason SteveH seeks out every scrap of “bad news for the left” he can find and posts it here needs no explanation beyond having an emotionally absent mother and either being an only child or having smarter siblings.
        He’ll be no happier in the islands in the long term, so rejoice!

      3. David – Not facing up to reality is what got us where we are today.

      4. Yeah, sure Steve, so a polling organisation whose polls were consistently out of step with all the other pollsters AND had the Tories five points or so higher than the others is reliable is it. Don’t make me laugh!

        I’m sure you recall the episode with Diane Abbott on BBC Question Time! Needless to say, you DO of course! Here’s a clip from a skwawkbox article at the time:

        ‘Labour have led or been level with the Tories in all but one of the last eight polls, with most recent polls suggesting a current Labour lead of around three points, yet Bruce supported hard-right Isobel Oakeshott’s claim Labour trails’

        And in the following week’s QT Fiona Bruce made a correction, acknowleging that most of the recent polls – APART from the yougov poll – had the two parties tied OR the LP ahead, and of COURSE both Oakshott and Bruce were well aware of THAT, but knew that the vast majority of people in the audience and watching on TV DIDN’T know that.

    3. The Labour supporters they canvased were in no-way typical of the members I know and talk to. They’re most likely furnishing an agenda.

  4. Unbelievable lack of self-awareness from BBC Newsnight tonight.
    In the first half they pushed the right wing propaganda line on “Corbyn should be kicked out of Labour” with a rant from Joan Ryan, the woman filmed in “The Lobby” trying to encourage an assistant to bear false witness against Jean Fitzpatrick.

    In the second half they let the retards pushing the right wing propaganda line in the US that “Biden’s stealing the election” condemn themselves out of their own stupid mouths.

    They don’t mind challenging right wing propaganda in the US but in the UK they’re happy to distribute it.

    This must be what the BBC means by “balance.”

    1. The previous night Kirsty Walk continuosly barracked Jenny Manson from the JVL yet she gave the despicable Louise Ellman an easy ride.

    2. David…I don’t know if you remember Lord Mal Brown the former wheeler dealer in international law and banking,.just moved into the home of Soros the man that collapsed the currency and forced the pound out.of the ERM speculating.My research on Gorden Browns and Tony Blair man to go to show directorships and controlling interest in over a hundred companys from weapons, oil Pharmaceutical companies and last but not least in a company called Dominion ,who supplied software for the US election counting.Lord Brown ex Labour peer,now crossbencher is also a member of the Atlantic council along with Bush,Clinton,kissinger,Rupert Murdoch and many other power brokers of global capitalism.These people including Biden whos also a member have been known to even influence Nato,and are exclusively funded by big oil and gas industry.The democrats are worth investigation and I am sure the Republican party are into rigging an election,but in the case of Trump he was considered a lone wolf and a loose cannon by the movers in both partys.The shame of rigging an election campaign is for all Americans to worry about,because like my good friend Steve Taylor editor of the Rio grande guardian down in the valley of McAllen Texas said to me yesterday everybody looses especially joe public.To that I would add that the machinations of Lord Brown need to be scrutinised very closely because we have produced another very dangerous man from the Labour party who swims in the sewer of the world and like his good friend George Soros,he trys to swim below the surface and play the puppet master….ITs not really suprising with men like Lord Brown and Tony Blair up to their necks in world power broking that Jeremy Corbyn has been caught in the cross fire 🔥.for trying to do whats right for humanity

  5. Whilst organised resistance to the machine is helped by squawkbox,and hopefully backed by the Socialist members of the PLP.the CLPs are the main resistance..Again up ☝ pops white flag man and the scatergun attacks on imagined foes in his ramblings ,do nothing other than dampen down enthusiasm for a fight back from the membership.many who post on here.Organised resistance is the 🔑key.So can you hold fire white flag man and those that want to rehash of the brexit debate for a while and lets see how many members are willing to fight back and win.

    1. Joseph – Well that sounds all fine and dandy apart from the fact that you no longer have a vote

      1. Steve H….the rule of thumb is you don’t have to be a Nazi to fight them,and all socialists have a moral obligation to oppose the knight led Labour party and his misfits.

  6. Re the model motion. It’s the usual weak as piss bleating I’ve come to expect from the CLPD. Why not just say: Please Sir can we have Jeremy back on the team? Wake up. Starmer has again, emphatically for those at the back, declared war on the left. Corbyn has the money to take them to court. The SCG group can give Starmer grief. Just do it. As for the unions and CLPs it’s time for motions of no confidence in Starmer and his fellow conspirator Evans. They have trashed the constitution and the EHRC.

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