Exclusive video: after Starmer’s R4 discs claim, here’s Corbyn actually dancing to Stormzy – and laughing as artist says ‘F*** the govt, f*** Boris’

Labour leader claims he’d take a Stormzy track to a desert island – but Corbyn’s the real deal

Labour leader Keir Starmer has told Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs programme that he would include a track by Grime artist Stormzy among the discs he would take with him to his hypothetical desert island – a claim many are finding hard to reconcile with Starmer’s image and persona.

But footage has emerged of Starmer’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn dancing to a Stormzy tune at an MP’s party:

Corbyn can also be made out laughing as the lyric ‘F*ck the government, f*ck Boris’ blasts out across the dance floor.

And the admiration is not a one-way street. Stormzy famously sang ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn‘ during his 2017 Glastonbury set, echoing tens of thousands of young people to whom the Islington North MP became an icon.

Meanwhile, Labour is reduced to excruciatingly asking members to donate £8 for a cheap colouring set their kids would receive for free in a budget carvery.

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  1. Heard only the last 15 mins so only heart some of the deceiver’s deceits. SIR Starmer the deceitful plotter, admitted for the 1st time of any of the plotters, that in our traditional base it was HIS REMAIN stance that came up on the doorstep. Not their A/S trumped up disgusting lies. “People’s Vote” grenade is what cost us the election.

    He reiterated that the BREXIT VOTE IS NOW SETTLED. Yes Starmer has now discovered that the debate is now settled. I revealed a few months ago on Skwawkbox.org that he was going to dump his Mr Remain stance because they had achieved their aims – make us hand the election to Johnson and Cummings, then claim we lost because the people found Jeremy too “far left” and A/S.

    Starmer said he worked very well with Jeremy on that stance. So he worked “VERY WELL” in pushing ANOTHER referendum GUARANTEED to cost us the election, with the same Jeremy he and his band of parasites called an ANTI-SEMITE.

    Starmer the saboteur also flipped flopped on what he rubbished in an old R4 interview around his knighthood by the Status Quo Guards. Starmer now claims he is a Socialist!

    Pull another one SIR SABOTEUR Starmer. Pull another one. You can only fool those who are blind to the fact that the “Broad Church” “Unity” has NEVER benefited the “Left” nor any who care for the many.

  2. I would have to be in solitary confinement for several thousand years before being so bored as to resort to a SpongeBob colouring book.. I would sooner claw my own eyes out.

  3. Oh Jeremy Corbyn ❤

    Keith Smearer admits
    “Of course I acknowledge this came up on the doorstep in different ways across the country,” he says. “In the North West, North East and parts of the Midlands it came up in a negative way, I’ve got to accept that and that’s a fair challenge. Obviously i have to acknowledge that…..but I think the important thing now is to recognise we’ve left the EU. Leave – Remain is over”

    Job done

    Stormzy needs to remake that song
    “Fu$k boris’s bezzie”

  4. As Haredim Kier continues to flush socialists out of Labour and into the gutter, who do I vote for now; as a socialist, at the next election? Neoliberal Conservatives or Neoliberal Labour?

    1. Don’t vote for ANY of the above. Only vote tactically to UNSEAT every single parasite who “worked night and day” “to Stop Corbyn” and “woke up everyday thinking of ways to undermine Jeremy”.

      Return Saboteur Starmer’s brand of “loyalty”. Then and only then we stand a chance of stopping the “two cheeks of the same backside” REPEATED abuse of the electorate. We must grab this opportunity to learn from the past. DUMP for good failed methods. DUMP them. We have a chance to learn from what happened despite a huge passionate WILLING membership, control of the NEC, huge social media presence etc.

      I have long thought, EXACTLY as Bernie Sanders showed TWICE that energetic social media campaigns, funding, NB TINGED CUKS “Peoples’ Vote”, are all overrated. Vast able troops and good intentions are nothing when combined with capitulation. How could that be? I suggest that it is due to decades of infiltration, on both sides of the pond of discouragers and distractors. Operators who heavily police against any NEW ideas that threaten change.

      The bait is persistent dangling of causes to which decent people will be attracted. All focus on effective of achieving the cause is suffocated. Dangle the issue like bait, then suffocate any focus on actually being the agents of EFFECTIVE change.

      NB – Blue Torys are naturally lamentable re membership and social media yet win elections because they exploit the electorate’s justifiable IMMEDIATE priorities.

      And they, exactly as the Red Tories did as soon as the election results were confirmed, were all over the MSM radio pumping out their narrative. They did not retreat EVEN in victory to moan about the MSM. I did not hear a single PLP or Union ally of Jeremy turn up to defend him to the GENERAL public. Not everyone sits about digesting twits, faces nor TV. Almost everyone of the “Many” listen to the radio at work and rest. Victories are best pursued on ALL FRONTS at once. MSM radio was naively neglected.

      The GENERAL public … “The MANY” do NOT interact with SOCIAL MEDIA SILOS as the silorati think. Real life supplies an infinite array of competing interests. In a noisy world, WE need to reach out everyday.

      WE need to speak clearly to the people OUTSIDE the social media silo. The silo induces a feeling of security and comfort. One is in an echo chamber of nice virtuous agreement while being COMPLETELY divorced from the daily concerns of majority of the electorate. We can stop this failure to change. When whats at stake is considered, repeating the same errors yet expecting a different result, is nothing short of irresponsible, indulgent, detached and disgraceful. We MUST change NOW and DUMP appeasement of the Right Wing

      1. I see signpost is churning out his daily dose of poisonous falsehoods and smears again! Only paid shills with an agenda repeat things over and over and over again! The idea being of course that if you repeat a lie – or lies and falshoods – often enough, people will come to think/believe it’s the truth.

        It’s NOT!

      2. I see you have had a response from half wit Howard snw, if you are getting a negative response from him it is a fair indication you are on the right track.

      3. Says Mr Thatcher defending a lying little fascist shill. Funny, isn’t it John, that you should defend someone who came out with the falsehood about Robin Lees taking legal action against Dominic Cummings AND then praised Robin Lees for doing so, and then fraudulently discredited Jeremy Corbyn by making a comparison.

        And THAT is just ONE of a number of examples of signpost concocting stuff so as to then discredit whoever!

        My point is of course…. who but a fucking shill would defend a lying little fascist piece of shill shit like signpost!


        The following is an expose of signpost lying through his teeth about Robin Lees AND his reaction on being outed:


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