Video: As Corbyn conquers #Glastonbury2017, May booed in #Liverpool

The contrast in fortunes and stature of the leaders of the Labour and Tory parties could not be more pronounced.

Jeremy Corbyn has appeared to huge crowds, huge cheers and the now-famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant – which has been sung with huge enthusiasm at the music festival even when he’s not present – and has spoken with complete confidence and passion to a crowd of over 100,000 people, many of whom had left gigs by world-famous bands to come and hear him:

Image by @rachael_swindon

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke had joined in the chant the previous evening when it sprang up in the band’s huge audience, while Grime star Stormzy led it on Saturday evening:

Even neutral media commentators couldn’t help but be impressed:

Corbyn conquered Glastonbury – and looked completely at ease doing it.

At the same time, Theresa May was – in another ‘sack those advisors’ moment – visiting Labour Liverpool. The locals gave her a ‘warm’ reception in a sense she will not have welcomed as an uneasy-looking Mrs May arrived for Armed Forces Day, booing her and calling ‘shame on you’, in spite of the best efforts of a handful of bussed-in Tory supporters to make it appear she was being cheered:

May’s discomfort was impossible to disguise:

may liverpool.png

But what did she expect? Liverpool has been the scene of some of the most impressive crowds for Corbyn, even before the media filters fell away during the General Election campaign, with tens of thousands turning out to cheer the man and his message of hope and change in fair weather and foul:

corbyn st georges.png

May’s bleak and soulless message and robotic persona were never going to meet with anything but derision from Scousers – who were among the first to recognise in Corbyn the Prime-Minister-in-waiting that the rest of the country is now seeing.

And clamouring for.

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  1. State of the obese, self-promoting, self serving odious porker.

    Made up he got knocked back in favour of Dan Carden. A wise choice from Corbyn because anderson is your archetypal wannabe career politician.

    Scrupleless and self-promoting. He owes council tax payers £90k – plus interest – as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I know nothing of Mr Anderson, but to use “career politician” as a criticism is strange.

      Joe Anderson – 29 years since first elected to office; about 50% of his life.

      Dennis Skinner – 47 years since first elected; about 55% of his life.

      Jeremy Corbyn – 43 years since first elected; about 63% of his life.

      1. Did I say ‘career politician’?

        Apologies, I meant: ‘Obese, self-serving, tyrannical megalomaniac’

        What you fail to mention is that Skinner & Corbyn have remained principled. Indeed, it’s their principles that have seen them elected to Westminster time & again by their electorate.

        Lardy will never get to Westminster, because he’s A/ Unprincipled, B/ un(trust)worthy, C/ Incapable. and D/ Insincere.

      2. Oh, and I used the term: “WANNABE career politician”.

        Happy to put that right.

      3. I’m confused – what proportion of one’s working life must be as an elected politician before emerging from the “wannabe” category? Like him or loathe him Mr Anderson seems to have been elected many times.

      4. Not been elected to Westminster – to get his snout firmly entrenched in the trough, though, has he?

        And as a result of not being selected for the ‘Metromayor’ candidate or being the shoe-in he thought he’d be for Walton MP, in a sulk he’s withdrawn his officers who were seconded out to the regional authority from Liverpool council.

        Disgusting fat mess that he is.

      5. So “career politician” only comes into play on election to Westminster?

      6. Even Peter Kilfoyle – Former Liverpool Walton MP, and Bliar’s “Witchfinder general” despises anderson and has ‘got his number’…See for yerself.


        Hated by the left AND right of the party – I doubt he’ll get another term, either as mayor or councillor. People are sick of him.

        The man’s as unpopular as may. And like may, he craves power.

      7. I get the vague impression that you’re not Mr Anderson’s biggest fan.

        Still in the dark about the definition of career politician though.

      8. Graham, just go away you antagonising, contrary, pedantic gobshite.

        You know exactly what I mean.

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