‘Don’t miss out’: donations of £8 – for a colouring set a pub carvery would give kids for free. This is Starmer’s Labour

Keir Starmer’s Labour is emailing members asking for donations of a suggested £8 – in return for a set of black and white postcards and some colouring pencils.

So exciting does Labour’s new incarnation find this offer that recipients are urged “What are you waiting for… make sure you don’t miss out!” – and offered a special price of ‘only’ £14 if they buy two sets:

The postcards, with their accompanying ‘little pack of colouring pencils too‘, are apparently ‘perfect for a quiet mindful moment‘ – presumably spent thinking about how low Labour has sunk under Keir Starmer and his acolytes and is now suspending elected officers for the ‘crime’ of expressing basic Labour values.

Or perhaps reflecting on the days when Labour stood for hope and had a vision of a better society that drew huge crowds and a mass of engaged and eager campaigners, rather than painfully cheap and embarrassing attempts to drum up cash after driving out thousands of members.

Just a short time ago, Labour meant a prospect of real change. Now it is offering tat for cash – and back courting wealthy donors and ‘quid pro quos’:

Now we know what Starmer’s ‘under new management’ means – a tone-deaf, excruciating and visionless shadow of what Labour should be and would have been were it not for years of sabotage, both by right-wing staff and their fellow-travellers on the Commons benches.

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  1. I used to create my own colouring in booklets when my son wanted to do some colouring in.
    It seems that previous begging letters have not had the anticipated success. I wonder why, no I don’t. But maybe that is something the ‘new’ management should do whilst colouring in their cards.

    1. How many working class people would pay 8 quid for a colouring book even if they wanted one? Its as if Starmer is sending a message : middle class liberal donors only!

  2. Where is he, to point out it’s: ‘Only a‘ suggested donation’.?

    I suggest they know what they can do with their their ‘suggestion’…either one at a time, or all at once, sharp end first. 😲

    1. I think the Starmerhhoid has weekends off, unless they pay overtime, or, its a zero hours contract where he must perform 24/7 – typical of New, New, Stasi Labour.

      1. hahaha even better Chris , rofl , a good chucckle and start to the Sunday morning ,

    2. LOL !!! very good The Toffee , Iamsure the little sock puppet will be along soon , just a soon as his little hamster wheel stops spinning

  3. I got the email. I have bought the last two manifestos, a Labour hoodie, got Jennie Formby’s name on, and a ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ scarf, and various Labour badges. All when Mr Corbyn was leader. Also donated the odd fiver when the last two elections were run. No purchases since March though.

  4. So…thats what its come down to,. “Money s to tight to mention” cant seem to think who sang that little ditty?…..Maybe we will see Steve H selling copys of “The knights big issue” on street corners next.What they won’t be singing is Billy Bragg s “Things can only get better” . because it can’t with a labour party so degraded and sullied by right wing misfits and carrerest MPs.Unfortunately I made the correct decission to finaly leave the Labour party,but I did it quietly never thinking that it would turn into a stampede.IT looks like the dream of a socialist movement of mass membership is just that,but its better out of the tent than pissing at the revolving door.Solidarity comrades and enjoy the silence before the coming tsunami.

      1. Hels bells 2022 ..thanks for that…just struck me that the name hellsbells was one of the classic and funniest of the “carry on films” .Maybe the knight could adopt the name and Title to front whats happening inside the Labour(carry on)Party at Hellsbells HQ.were Digger Evans is “simply blue” .

    1. ‘Simply Red’…..don’t know Billy (Dorset Boy) Bragg’s version of D.Ream’s ‘Things can only get bitter’.

      1. I heard that Brian Cox was re forming D’ream to do Starmer’s theme tune.
        “Things can only get beiger”

  5. Some very serious questions have been asked about how donations to LP funds -including mine – have been spent since 2015. I am not going to make any further donations (subs apart) until a satisfactory answer to all the matters that have been raised is given. I shall then make a judgement as to whether I wish to donate further amounts. I am afraid that the offer of a colouring book will not persuade me

    1. Albert = You could start by asking why all official Labour Party on potentially litigious subjects aren’t passed by the party’s lawyers before publication. This very basic failure turned out be a very expensive lack of judgement.

      1. correction – official Labour Party statements on potentially litigious subjects

  6. Ah. So a worse marketing strategy than your local Wetherspoons.

    Not content with exercising typical Liberal values of wishing to rely on your support and your money whilst also expecting you to know your place and shut up they’ve gone full vacuity and next it will be red baseball caps and foam fingers.

    Smart enough to help the Tories destroy any hope of holding the government to account in 2019, but not smart enough to exercise basic marketing skills.

    Well, the boundary commission rollout will be fun then, but maybe we can sell some commemorative porcelain plates with Wes Streeting on them and no one will notice we threw the only way out of political oblivion.


  7. How very very retro. Lets go back 50 years and go colouring. Kids will be giving aways their game consoles everywhere. Quaint and shit

  8. I was even more puzzled by this offer than I was by the ‘Ed-stone’… It’s beyond shoddy. It falls so far short of any sort of successful fund-raising campaign that I’ve ever seen before. 8y old Brownies would be too self conscious to put it out.

    The thing that is becoming clearer every day is that Starmer/Evans/RW and Centrists, are not very good at running the LP. All that stuff about being ‘professional’, ‘forensic’ and electorally successful is in their self-centred imaginations …. unless of course, this is another ploy. Just embarass the Left into resigning from the party.

    1. Yes, I have been thinking the same for a while but hadn’t thought of your last sentence – this pathetic offering might just do the job, it’s so excruciatingly embarrassing!

  9. At a time when even the ghastly Daily Mail is now getting stuck in to exposing the now historically unprecedented criminal heist of public money perpetrated by the Tory chumocracy, under cover of the (totally incompetent) non-scrutinised or open-tendered private provision of PPE and mass testing programmes by their chums and party funders , Starmer’s NuLabour is , as Skwawkie says, dead in the water as a ‘Party of active opposition’, and more concerned with flogging duff junk to what it hopes is a brain-dead, gullible, membership, and replacing member subs with dodgy bungs from billionaires – as in the Blair/Brown era !

    Starmer’s NuLabour are simply open collaborators in the full-scale robbery of the UK’s public funds, and equally complicit in , over the last four years of constant sabotage, destroying the only chance we had in our lifetimes of a Left-led Labour government – that would have tackled covid19 in an organised , state-led, efficient, manner , AND saved our NHS and other public services. Any socialist who seriously thinks there is any left route to a better society through a totally corrupt ‘Broad Church’ Party infested with Starmer and his cronies, is delusional.

  10. The idea that Red Tories are any better than Blue Toriez at running a bath is a sick joke
    Will members please hold their fire, let’s see what happens next, if they are living close to the edge, then it won’t take much to push them over
    Then we get our party back for very little effort

  11. But hey, guys – the money will go to battleground constituency campaigns!
    Remember the last time that happened & we had to pay £600K to buy off the 5th columnist who organised it?
    Maybe a coach outing to Starmer’s Grotto for Wes Streeting, Euan Phillips & Lee Akehurst ?

    1. This new expose of the crony-based utter corruption of the Tory Government, from The Guardian, ably reveals the gigantic heist of public funding the bandit toffs of the Johnson administration are carrying out under cover of the covid19 emergency legislation that has abolished all effective oversight of both the allocation of public contracts and public appointments.

      And Starmer’s NuLabour priorities ? Trying to sell overpriced tat to the membership , and demanding draconian internet restrictions on the discussion of covid19 issues (yep, a lot of mad conspiraloon stuff about covid19 and vaccination circulates on the internet – but the answer to this utter nonsense is to respond with authoritative, solid science-based, FACTS, not censorship !).

  12. “Princess Nut Nuts” – yeah, sure it was…
    Pound to a penny it was “Princess Fucknuts” and the press bowdlerised it to spare her blushes.

    1. Unfortunately this will probably turn out to be a good news story for Boris, many will identify with this reaction to his partner being insulted.

  13. Steve H…Nice caption of you I presume you.,didn’t realise that the rats run 🏃is part of the moniker of the knight and his misfits…..Maybe you should consider a change of job and apply to the cheap and cheerful marketing campaign.before the money runs out.?

    1. Oh come on Joseph, is that what passes for entertainment nowadays. I’m disappointed that you couldn’t manage to come up with something a little better than that ‘effort’.

  14. Sir Keir (“by appointment to the trilateral billionaires) NEEDS to make sure thast the Labour party children don’t play connect the dots (join the dots, dot to dot) instead of filling in their colouring books – or we might start realising that his trilateral billionaire backers club is actually THE ANTITHESIS of democratic solcialism.

    Sir Keir Rodney should probably not even be IN Labour, and certainly not its Leader.

    1. qwertboi- Keir comes from a solid working class family and has been an active member of the Labour Party since his teens.

      1. I know, I listened to the pravda service yesterday and heard the Establishment party-line on Desert Island Disks.

      2. qwertboi – It is gratifying to hear that you are broadening your horizons.

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