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Labour claims SOME members who resigned will have NEC votes counted – but explanation raises more concerns about untoward access to ballot system

The Labour Party has emailed candidates in its ongoing National Executive Committee (NEC) elections in response to a SKWAWKBOX exclusive that the party was trying to annul the ballots of members who resigned – to say that some of them will be counted.

But others will not:

We are aware that there has been speculation as to the eligibility of those who have recently resigned from the Labour Party to participate in the current ballot.  We hope the information below will reassure you as to the integrity of the process:

·       Those who voted when they were members, but resigned subsequently, remain eligible.  Their votes will therefore be counted.

·       Those who resigned from the Labour Party, but voted subsequently, are not eligible.  Their votes will therefore be cancelled prior to the votes being counted.     Thanks,   Ballots Team

NEC members have confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX that there is nothing in the election’s rules to require continued membership throughout the voting period – only that members must have been members at the ‘freeze date’, the past date decided by the NEC as the cut-off for eligibility. Initially, general secretary David Evans had reportedly told NEC members that the reports of annulment were completely false.

Labour’s admission that it will be intervening in the process to weed out votes that have already been cast raises serious questions:

  • how – and how accurately – will the votes of people resigning before casting their vote be identified?
  • how does the party justify interference in a process that is run by an external election company for a reason – especially when the contest’s rules do not require membership to continue until after votes are cast?
  • is it even legal for Labour to do so?
  • why has the external voting company given party employees access to its voting system or information about how or when members voted?

Voting closed at midday today and Labour’ HQ has been scrambling to process resignations. Results are expected tomorrow, but any successes for the right should be regarded with suspicion until Labour gives a full account of its actions.

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  1. Which we most likely not get our it joins the long list of topics they are trying to stop us from talking about.

  2. Very good questions. Given the leadership’s distrust of democracy and suppression of debate it is reasonable to conclude that it would have no more qualms fiddling the count than its agents in the bureaucracy did when they excluded tens of thousands from leadership contests and sought to disqualify Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership election.
    Party members, whether right or left, socialist or not must recognise that the Party is now being run by people who will burn the house down before they will concede democratic rights to the rank and file. It is frightening to think of Starmer et al forming a government.

    1. “burn the house down before they concede…”

      That’s the entryist cenrttist mindset to a T. They’re so self-centred and self-important. They have no respect for the Party, its members and purpose. The ‘new management’ think of themselves as the owners and controllers of the Party and use it the way capitalists use the planet’s resources and ecology. They think of themselves as bosses,, not stewards.

      Let’s never forget the thirdway centrists are actually capitalism’s imperial entryists, here to just neuter Labour’s democratic socialism. An invasion force.

  3. It is frightening to think of Starmer et al forming a government.

    I’d say that thought is sheer fantasy, meself. As likely as therese coffey appearing on page 3.

    Speaking of which, stammer is the political equivalent of ‘soft’ porn. People who enjoy hardcore porn hate it, and people who hate porn altogether hate it – so what’s the point of it?

  4. but any successes for the right should be regarded with suspicion until Labour gives a full account of its actions.

    Got an eternity, have we?

  5. Why are there still 3 Left Wing candidates contesting the Unison election
    Are they really all that thick

    1. Making the union more militant and less bureaucratic. Paul Holmes is a very attractive candidate to me. Who’s the favourite to win, Doug?

      But whoever wins, I’ll celebrate that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer’s tenure will be significantly reduced and that his ability to harm the party will be therby reduced.

  6. Not much trust in Evans/Starmer after reading:

    ‘NEC pressed Evans on the matter the day following Corbyn’s suspension he refused to divulge what rule the former leader had actually broken. “The fact is Evans didn’t trust disputes to suspend Corbyn,” one source told me. “The point was to get him out and work out any actual rule being broken later.” via @novaramedia

    1. BloJob’s Dominic Cummings • Off to spend more time with his “eye tests” •
      i won’t be surprised if he fits in a few or 200 directorships at … pharmaceutical firms … especially in Durham❓hedge funds❓ Consultancies ❓…
      PR Svengali for … ah Barnard Castle!
      That 🦢 is under promoted …
      That 🐟was in its beak all along!!!
      LESSON: Look and listen carefully. Don’t be hypnotised. Look. Look! The fish was there all along 🌹🌹🌹

  7. Is this the mechanism for removing votes?

    Terms and conditions of Secure CES Votes :

    How long will we keep this information?

    At the conclusion of the electoral project, the personal information will be stored offline for a period of time, in case there are any queries or problems with individual votes or other data submissions. The information will not be kept for longer than relevant legislation permits, and will normally be erased no more than fourteen months after the project closes.

  8. syzygysue – i am suspicious but several ballots for different organisations have arrived CES. Disturbingly, the first time i used it last year, an EXTREMELY wide ranging survey was presented. Questions seemed more pertinent to the USA election.
    HOWEVER – as ever “belt and braces” approach – Take screenshots of your selections and note in the old fashioned way also, pen and paper diary.

    Use a secure browser on the securest settings😂 Yes, i know, overkill but what harm😅 what a trouble NOT😅 Guess what, i even use different search engines and browsers for different purposes eg for news online, shopping, etc. Clear your caches, of cookies and site data after each use… etc

    I look at it like this – of course burglars may break in, but why give up and leave all doors and windows open? Why make it easy for them? I hope WHICH? and other consumer and investigative groups INVESTIGATE CES. But always always vote!!! NEVER give up‼️ NEVER be defeatist‼️ NEVER allow twisted weird nasty forces discourage you and inject you with their potent virus of No Point, No Alternative, No Choice, They would not allow this, They wouldn’t allow that White Flag hogwash.

    We must ALWAYS be on the front foot. ACTIVE rather than always reactive. Make and dance to our OWN tunes. ALWAYS look for POSITIVE suggestions to improve. You can test people like that. What do they CLEARLY suggest we DO. If they fail to provide that, then tell them to sling their hook🌹🌹🌹

    1. ps i used it on Wednesday night for the NEC ballot. Took screenshots as usual. Everyone should always do that. Ps ps, i found more than six decent seeming people. So ranked as per the Momentum 6 then found nine others from the other left slate, plus Giles for Treasurer.
      So there is no shortage of people willing to CHANGE things in an ACTIVE way rather than dance to tunes of the right wing bastards.
      We just need organisation and the will. PLUS demolish the MYTHS of the Status Quo EVERYDAY EVERY WHERE INCLUDING on the MSM.

      We need to PROMOTE a NEW normal in the minds of the broad electorate not be forever consoling each other in never ending bunkers of weirdly crazed White Flaggery Can’ts. And limp calls for unity when it suits the Right Wing. We must NEVER unite with creatures that gave none. NEVER‼️‼️‼️

      THAT is the KEY change we need. NO “Broad Church” with those who “worked night and day to undermine Jeremy” and “Stop Corbyn”, openly threaten to “KNIFE JEREMY IN THE FRONT” and scream “You are a F ing anti-Semite” to the Leader’s face.

      It is White Flaggery at its worst that gives the message kick us and we will not respond so kick us again. Hands up, anyone who thinks that is a positive strategy.

      Only when we dump that AH defeatist atitude can we start developing our own expertise to SUSTAIN a VICTORIOUS governments. It is not easy but it CAN be done🌹🌹🌹

      1. Thanks new extraterrestrial SteveH, keep the other one locked up.😂
        Yes I agree though, years ago i found the encryption de encryption process for whole databases slowed down backups etc. Poss just me. Tech has progressed considerably however. End to end encryption and anything else should be used to make sinister forces spend as much time, energy and resources to steal our info … and worse use it for their commercial benefit, AND manipulate us agains our best interests.
        With gratitude for positive suggestions whatever the source, extra terrestrial or not😂😂😂

  9. I trust that the LP will be returning any balance that might be due on a former member’s annual sub if the former member’s vote is not to be counted. If member is paid up for a year and has voted in a party election but signified their desire to leave on the expiration of their sub their vote should be counted.
    One way or the other things could get very messy.

    1. the Labour left needs to study how they do this the learn how to defeat them
      obligatory Sun Tzu quote “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated”

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