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‘School is safe’, says Boris Johnson, but pupil’s pic shows shocking reality

‘Bubbles’ were always meaningless, but reality behind them is horrific – and is driving the second wave

An image posted by a pupil at the Harris Academy shows the horrific reality behind Boris Johnson’s insistence that school is safe – and the madness of his determination to keep them open.

The image shows hundreds of children packed like sardines into a corridor, with no masks or visors:

Within a day of this image being taken, Harris Academy saw new infections, along with others in its area.

Johnson’s supporters might try to excuse his stance based on the image being taken in a school in Dundee. But if Scotland – where masks are mandatory in ‘communal areas‘ like corridors and Nicola Sturgeon’s management of the coronavirus response has outclassed Johnson’s – is unable to prevent scenes like this in its schools, then the situation in under-resourced and confusingly-instructed English schools can only be worse.

Schools are the driver of the second wave. Even good and well-thought-out measures, if they exclude the closure of schools, are doomed to failure.

And the Tories’ 3-tier sham/scam is anything but good or well thought out.

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  1. School is safe. Really Bojo. They said the same about the Titanic.

  2. Deliberate wickedness. That photo fills me with worry and sadness.

  3. Was talking to a lovely 6th former working at a shop I was in today, she was so worried as she and her friends are having to act in an unsafe way every day at school, then go home to their families, she is sad the media are portraying the young as selfish and ignorant, deliberately spreading the virus, and is so stressed about taking exams as normal in January despite all they’ve missed
    I feel so sorry for her generation
    I also feel for frontlines like teachers
    I feel for those on the bread line,
    I also feel for the elderly and vulnerable who are being thrown under the bus, and for those in care, and their loved ones. Ppl with covid can be admitted into the homes where elderly ppl can’t see their loved ones in case of infection…..
    C orrupt
    U seless
    N arcissistic
    T ory
    S pivs

  4. My wife worked at a school on Barnet. A teacher went off with Covid19 & all the white staff were sent home to self isolate, leaving the class to a an overweight Indian male Teaching Assistant – & therefore vulnerable on 3 grounds. My wife is Pakistani & has now left. She was working with autistic teenagers who have no concept of social distancing & would often hug her having scratched themself until bleeding.
    It continues to be a mystery as to why so many BAME people have been diagnosed woith covid.

  5. I always turn to Skwawkbox for a sour laugh – it’s the Corporal Jones of the Tooting Brigade, lapping up the Tory schtik, looking the other way whilst the deaths and destruction from their lockup policies stack up and deaths from the virus continues to be an event of little consequence in the list of mortalities.

    Buggering the NHS (350,000 cancer referrals ditched as just for starters) and workers’ livelihoods trashed. How incredibly ‘left wing’!

    Actually – it’s not that funny. More ‘pathetic’.

    1. How tediously repetitive you’ve become.
      I’m almost sure you used to express opinions on the various subjects of Skwawkbox’s posts, but now you seem to be completely fixated on CV denial – a position that daily events prove ever more ridiculous.
      It’s embarrassing to observe your decline.

      1. And your grammar and composition are for shit.
        Have you had a stroke?

  6. Brandon Lewis, a man who never missed a meal in his fat life, is on Marr trying to defend saving a few million quid by starving schoolchildren over the holidays.

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