Manafort worked with Israel to ‘concoct’ antisemitism smear against opposition leader

The decision of former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort to cooperate with the investigation into alleged interference by Russia in the US election campaign has led to a remarkable revelation that has been flagged by leading US journalists.

Deputy Washington editor of the New York Times, Jonathan Weisman, tweeted last night to highlight the fact that Manafort ‘coordinated with a senior Israeli official to concoct charges of anti-Semitism‘ against an opposition leader for political purposes:

weisman manafort.png

The text that Weisman was sharing is below:

manafort smear

Manafort’s confession bears a striking resemblance to footage filmed by an Al Jazeera undercover reporter that revealed Israeli embassy official Shai Masot discussing ‘taking down’ MPs considered unhelpful to Israeli interests:

masot graun.png

The Israeli embassy to the UK later denounced Masot’s efforts as ‘unacceptable’ – but the Manafort revelation suggests that Masot was not acting as a maverick.

The relevance of the Manafort revelation to the situation in the UK, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn smeared as antisemitic, is undeniable – but of course, Corbyn’s critics will still deny it and attempt to paint the idea as ‘tinfoil’ conspiracy theory.

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  1. This is real journalism from SKWAWKBOX.

    If there is anyone in the Labour Party who doesn’t accept that the antisemitic smears against Jeremy and the Party are either instigated or approved by Israel, they are incredibly naive.

    People such as Chuka Umunna are traitors, not just to Labour but to Britain for trying to prevent Jeremy Corbyn, one of the most empathetic and sincere politicians we have ever had, from becoming our next Prime Minister.

  2. I think that you are barking up the wrong tree here. While there is no doubt that Corbyn is NOT an anti-semite, there is no doyvt either that Tymoshenko was deeply involved wwitth the neo-nazis in Ukraine who were the motor behind the Maidan.
    So Manafort was simply, in a characteristically sleazy fashion, he is an American political operative after all, leaking news that ought to have put anyone worried about anti-semitism on giard.
    After all only last week the Speaker of the Rada, on TV, reaffirmed his belief in Hitler’s politics. For reasons that we all understand that doesn’t worry the Israeli government -a firm ally and arms supplier- a bit. But Manafort was right to think it might disturb decent public opinion- Jewish or not.

  3. Should any Labour MP really be allowed to become a friend of Israel, given what that country has been doing to Palestinians? Why are Labour MPs allowed to make excuses for the IDF shooting loads of unarmed protesters dead, without being disciplined?
    Maybe the answer is to ban all “Friends of…” groups for Labour MPs. I’d be tempted to go further and ban all internal groups, as I think they are inevitably divisive, but I know that’s not going to happen. If the party is inclusive enough, it shouldn’t need internal groups.

  4. Yeah, but that’s politics in the states for ya.

    Things like that don’t happen here. They couldn’t possibly. Ask berger, ellman, hodge, smeeth, ryan & co – they’ll tell ya.

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