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NI and Wales have led the way. Get lockdown done, Johnson

Welsh First Minister announces two-week ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown and Northern Ireland’s began last week. Now Boris Johnson must follow suit with no more delays – with schools closed and with a fully funded package for workers and businesses

Wales has joined Northern Ireland in declaring a two-week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown to end on 9 November. Northern Ireland introduced its own circuit-breaker last week and Scotland is expected to announce new measures in the next few days.

Since Boris Johnson is a fan of three-word slogans, here’s one for him:

Get lockdown done.

And it must include the closure of schools and be backed by a full package of support for workers and businesses.

Johnson’s lockdown delays in the spring cost tens of thousands of lives. No more dithering is acceptable now.

Get it done, Johnson.

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  1. Johnson’s problem is his Boss. Cummings won’t allow measures that might hinder mass infection.

  2. WHO says it has a seriously detrimental effect on health and welfare of working classes.

    1. link to said information by WHO and the context in which it was ( purportedly said ) i.e proof pse

  3. Does anyone honestly believe that after everything he’s got away with thus far, is gonna prey on his non-existent conscience and shame him into locking the gaffe down?

    He’ll do it when the mekon tells him to, and not a moment before. And when this all comes to pass, he’ll remain a free bastard.

  4. I’ve not yet heard an authoritative statement on the lower & upper limits of Covid’s incubation period – only guesses – and that’s clearly crucial to lockdown decisions.
    Anyone else know anything reliable and recent?
    The guesstimates of the scientists in the early days ranged from a few days to a few weeks.
    If it IS known that, say, 95% of infected people feel symptoms within 2 weeks, and that spread by the asymptomatic is a myth, then maybe two weeks might actually be worth a try.
    ONE try.
    If the incubation period were only two weeks though, I’d have expected the first lockdown to be more effective.
    If two weeks turns out not to be enough to create what they’re now calling a “fire break” it might well create far greater public resistance to any future measures.
    I’m not even certain that four weeks of half-arsed Tory lockdown would be enough to knock Covid back by more than 50 to 60% – and I suspect two weeks might only gain us 25%.
    If this is yet another stupid mistake on their part, as I expect, the Tories ought to wave the white hankie but that seems unlikely.
    If public resistance does grow we could be looking at martial law by xmas. There are too few soldiers and police so they’d have to be reinforced by irregulars – territorials and some kind of militia I assume.
    If it gets really dire one can imagine ICU beds being reserved for “our brave boys” – who will soon have carte blanche to abuse us without limit or consequence.
    Or I’m off my meds and it’ll all be over by xmas. Who’s feeling lucky?

  5. Lockdown? Only ‘partial’ closure designed to drag it out & infect the population slowly to achieve ‘herd immunity’.We will live with this for many years .A ‘Firewall’ needs to be complete not just ‘in bits’.

  6. As I now live outside a major conurbation called Liverpool, may I suggest a different ‘perspective’? This is not a young versus old, nor north versus south pandemic…….it is urban versus rural as Cornwall demonstrates. Lockdown only the towns & cities. I wonder if any politician or journalist would dare state the blindingly obvious?

  7. ……….& to continue my theme; we not only need to ‘Lockdown’ towns & cities, but build ‘Trump-Style’ barricades to keep the ‘infected’ in. I remember ‘chicken pox parties’ where kids would ‘get together’ to ensure we all got it. We could use the ‘Echo Arena’ for a similar function where people can rave & party to their hearts content, sending in food & alcohol parcels as & when necessary. Herd immunity ‘Let it Rock!’

  8. Talks on plunging Greater Manchester into Tier 3 lockdown are reaching fever pitch after the government set a deadline of noon today.

    Ministers issued a late-night ultimatum to metro mayor Andy Burnham to accept a deal – or have pubs and bookies shut, garden gatherings banned, and advice against travel, all against his will.

    Yet despite more than a week of talks, the government’s letter – leaked to the Mirror – shows it still hasn’t offered a firm final sum of money to cope with the pandemic.

    Instead the region had still only been offered a “p*ss-take” sum of £8 a head – the basic amount for Tier 3 anywhere.

    Mr Burnham today branded the letter “provocative”, saying the “late-night ultimatum” was “a bit odd” when the government hadn’t yet concluded talks over funds.

  9. The BBC has just announced there have been 241 Covid-19 deaths reported today. Up by 100 from last Tuesday’s figures.

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