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Breaking: Northern Ireland ‘fire-break’ lockdown incl schools brings hospital admissions in hotspot down by almost HALF

Derry and Strabane was one of the UK’s worst-hit coronavirus hotspots – but Stormont NI-wide lockdown has already succeeded in bringing down hospital admissions

The foolhardy refusal of the Tory government to institute a nationwide ‘fire break’ or ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown in England has been highlighted by breaking news from Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland previously had one of the worst overall rates of infection in the UK – and Derry and Strabane were among the worst-affected in Northern Ireland. Yet already the effect of Stormont’s decision to apply a ‘breaker’ lockdown has caused hospital admissions to fall, while they continue to rise in England:

Crucially, Northern Ireland also closed its schools, which Johnson has refused to countenance, squandering the opportunity to use the half-term break as a natural opportunity to close schools alongside workplaces and non-essential retail.

Johnson’s wilful blindness ignores the fact that schools are now widely acknowledged to be the key driver of the second wave – far ahead of the hospitality sector that the Tories have been all too happy to close again in ‘tier 3’ areas of England.

The news from Northern Ireland comes as scientists warn that the rest of the UK should expect 500 deaths a day and 25,000 patients in hospital at any given moment and death rates very similar to the worst of the spring, by the end of November.

Johnson already has the deaths of tens of thousands on his hands from the first wave. Now he will be to blame for more.

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  1. Expect Tories to say the opposite of whatever helps the vulnerable, reduces illness and preserves lives. Expect Tories to say “stop being chaotic”, “shop at M&S”, go to Cheltenham horse racing, pay yourself & chums shedloads, sod everyone else.

  2. I truly believe that the Conservative and unionist party believes that they can do whatever they want with the population and get away with it.The DUP had to be dragged kicking and screaming into a Lockdown,thanks to a real Opposition Sinn Fein.Whos going to stop johnson?Maybe its time to get real with these criminals…What say you knightly?ever thought of joining a Opposition party?

    1. Joseph, why wouldn’t the Tories believe they can get away with anything?
      History is full of examples of them getting away with everything.
      Even when Labour wins an election it’s still subservient to them, except for that short-lived couple of decades after WWII when there were thousands upon thousands of trained killers, CND activists and stop-the-war hippies all demanding a better share for the people.
      Where we slipped up was in not establishing in law the principle that everything governments do must always work towards generational improvements in the lives of the many.

  3. That fat, lying slob intends the huge surge of Covid deaths to happen as the government will not have to pay out so many State pensions and benefits. Aktion T4 in action. To cut the death rate close schools and universities, tech. colleges etc.

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