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Corbyn proved right yet again as Bolivian socialists win landslide

Former Labour leader’s detractors mocked his support for win in 2019, but re-run delivers even bigger victory

Last year, as so often, then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was attacked by his detractors both inside and outside the Labour Party for his support for a socialist leader in another country.

Right-wingers in Bolivia – along with the ‘Organisation of American States’, which has a liking for recognising unelected right-wingers in South America – rejected Evo Morales’s winning 47% share in the 2019 Bolivian general election and approved of a military coup.

But in the new election that took place at the weekend, Morales’s left-wing successor Luis Arce has romped home with a 52% outright majority, according to polling company Ciesmori’s ‘fast count’ of the vote.

Reuters’ announcement of the news

Official confirmation is likely to take some days and there are fears that the right will refuse to relinquish power or try to tamper with the result, but Corbyn’s enemies again look opportunistic fools while the former Labour leader yet again stands on the right side of history – and on the side of the people.

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  1. Wonderful result for Luis Arce and Bolivia.

    The good news continues at home too. The longer Sir Keir Rodney Starmer stays Labour leader, the stronger will be people’s enthusiasm for Jeremy’s honesty and integrity.

    1. Here we go. Sanctions, riots and worse. Great result but we know what the devil’s will do. It’s heartbreaking, still the people have spoken. Maybe the opposing forces will find themselves over stretched. ☮️

  2. The fume from raab …Haha! get some, you pompous twunt.

    Small wonder his nose is miles away from his mouth with the amount of shite he spews from it. I’d be surprised if the divvy could even point to Bolivia on a map….Of Bolivia!!

    Meanwhile, I’ll bet dayglo donald and his mates are fuming too…Wonder what the pretext’ll be to drop sanctions on the Bolivians tomorrow, after trump waived aid restrictions imposed on them earlier this year?

    1. Toffee the sad thing about Trump is he’s a global capitalist,whos not part of the insane establishment in the USA.The swamp needs draining,but hes not the answer for the USA and neither is Biden and the corrupted democrats.Bernie might have been the answer ,but like Corbyn and anything for the people….ITs no way jose in both sides of the stinking swamp…Dont worry though the Mps and the queen parasites have got their payrises in the bag….So things are getting back to normal.

    2. Apparently half of Trunt’s voters think Bovrilia is where Bovril comes from.

  3. Labour’s incisive head of marketing, sadly still known as its General Secretary, David Evans, would like members to buy-up the party’s old stock of “Controls on Immigration” mugs so that the Party’s unspeakably naff new management can make sure that the people’s party is never quite as relevant and successful for the people of Britain as Luis Arce and his atrocious bunch of trots think they are to the people of Bolivia.

  4. Strange how the ‘right’ can never accept democratic elections nor referendums they have lost.

      1. Steve Richards – Why do you feel unable to answer my question?

  5. <b<I wonder how many of the newbie Red Wall Tory MPs will vote in their constituent's interest.
    Labour are calling on Tory MPs to defy Boris Johnson and back a “fair deal” for communities facing Tier 3 restrictions.
    Keir Stamer has tabled the crunch vote on Wednesday to try and force the Government to reconsider the amount of support on offer to areas suffering serious coronavirus outbreaks.

  6. fao SteveH……….because I try not to state the blindingly obvious even to the ‘right wing’ of the Labour Party.

    1. Steve Richards – Do you mean the right wing Tory Brexit referendum win that Jeremy Corbyn recently acknowledged was opposed by the vast majority of the Labour party’s membership.

      1. fao SteveH – No the right wing Tory Brexit Referendum that was supported by Blair & Starmer with their proposal to deny the result of the Referendum as agreed by all political parties & then deny support for Jeremy’s planned compromise.
        I have no doubt that the majority of Labour Party Membership voted Remain & also voted to elect Sir Keir Starmer. It is not surprising that Chris Williamson failed to gain support from his own CLP. & Dennis Skinner failed to be elected. New Labour is back in power & the promise of Socialism with Jeremy Corbyn removed. Must make you feel proud!

      2. Steve Richards – You neglected to mention that both Corbyn and Formby threw CW under the proverbial bus.

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