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Girls 10-19 biggest age group in new COVID infections – with boys in same group 4th largest

‘School is safe’ myth blown apart by new PHE data – but no acknowledgment or admission from Tories or Labour front bench

New data from Public Health England (PHE) have blown apart the myth – stubbornly clung to by both the Tories and Labour’s leadership – that ‘school is safe’.

The figures show that of new infections last week, the biggest group affected was girls aged 10-19 – and boys of the same age were the fourth-largest group. Younger children were reported at low levels – but with young children likely to be asymptomatic in a vast majority of cases and testing only being done on symptomatic children – and in a huge number of cases not even then – the real numbers of younger children affected is likely to rival the high rate among their older siblings.

The numbers show beyond reasonable doubt that schools and universities are the main driver of the second wave – as even the government’s own scientists warned. Yet the Tories continue to pursue the hospitality industry as if that was the engine room of the pandemic and are obstinately refusing to even consider calls for schools to be closed again.

As long as they continue to do so, no efforts to get on top of the second wave have a hope of success.

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  1. ITs shocking and frightening and its becoming a war of ignorance and rumour whilst the government absolve themselves from government and responsibilities..The elderly and vulnerable are aceppted fatalities and now the virus is claiming more lives amongst our most precious part of the family our children and grandchildren.With no longer any Opposition to the walkaway government its time for real opposition to come together and remove the tyrants..Despite draconian measures by the government its time to bring the argument too the streets and fight back.Parliament is not the answer,the answer to this is in our hands.

  2. What seems more significant to me is that the equivalent population pyramids of cases and deaths for April and beyond are upside down compared to this week’s – almost no cases or deaths back then for the <5's, 5-9's and 10-19's.
    I hope I live to see the Tories held to account for these child murders at least – even if they get away with the care home deaths.
    I actually think a pitchfork and bonfire party is already justified – because the FIRST RULE OF ADULTHOOD is – we're ALL responsible for keeping EVERBODY'S children safe.
    Letting children die of neglect or even just incompetence is unforgivable.
    I think there may even be case law from the times social worker neglect has contributed to or caused the deaths of children.
    If you care about doing it legally that is.

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