Breaking: Carden dramatically resigns over Starmer’s whip to abstain on vote to legalise domestic crimes by spies

Party leader Starmer had whipped MPs to abstain again on ‘Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct)’ Bill

Labour front-bencher Dan Carden has dramatically resigned as Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury in protest at party leader Keir Starmer’s insistence on whipping Labour MPs to abstain on the Tories’ ‘Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct)’ Bill.

The bill will give any undercover intelligence source, including civilians, to commit any crime in the pursuit of intel and is widely expected to be used against unions and left groups, as well as giving a free hand to security forces for a repeat of behaviour like that which led to the ‘spycops’ scandal.

In a statement, Carden cited concerns about the impact on human rights of the ‘abuse of state power’:

On this occasion I am resolute that as a matter of conscience I must use my voice and my vote on behalf of my constituents to object to legislation that sets dangerous new precedents on the rule of law and civil liberties in this country.

As a Liverpool MP and trade unionist, I share the deep concerns about this legislation from across the labour movement, human rights organisations, and so many who have suffered the abuse of state power, from blacklisted workers to the Hillsborough families and survivors.

The resignation is a huge blow for Starmer and his tactic of avoiding voting against the Tories whenever possible in the hope of not offending Conservative voters.

Well done to Dan Carden for taking a stand. If only his party leader would follow suit.

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    1. You are right of course. What a truly disgusting party Labour has become. How can they sleep? Good luck to yourself and the rest of us. Who knows what more little surprises are just around the corner? ☮️

  1. Perhaps a quid pro quo as a compromise – if spooks are allowed to murder people, people should not face punishment for murdering them? No? Any takers? Perhaps not…

  2. The mirage of “unity” predicated by Starmer is disapearing fast. Solidarity Dan, well done.

  3. Looks like a bit of “Sinking ship syndrome” …Licence to kill and not surprised that its only a minority that have the morality to object in our compliant Opposition Labour party.

    1. Sinking ship. But its Sir Keir’s billionaire-loving centrist “rats” that WILL NOT abandon the trilateral billionaire adulterated Labour Party ship.

      Under Sir Keir’s new management, the Labour right are more like “pigs in a poke”. Like their Change UK colleagues before them, they know that their vile centrism makes them completely unelectable and indistinguishable from old-style Liberals. It’s the Labour Movement branding that makes them electable.

      1. qwertboi – “It’s the Labour Movement branding that makes them electable.”
        This also applies to ‘the left’, as CW found out to his cost when he lost his deposit at the 19GE.

      2. Very true SteveH. That’s why I’m continuing to pay my membership fee. This is ENTIRELY a feature of the anti-democratic FPTP electoral system.

  4. If Barry Gardiner and Clive Lewis think of standing for the leadership of the Labour Party in the future, they could well consider breaking the Labour whip too on this occasion.
    Personally, speaking I wouldn’t vote for Leader from any one that follow the Labour whip on instances such as this.

    1. Zara Sultana should be the next leader. Did you listen to her speech on the spycops bill? Typical of her – brilliant, sharply briefed, and highly principled.

      1. Yes Sandra, I listened to Zara Sultana and I like her the same with Nadia Whittome, I really like both ot them. No sure either is ready for leadership yet.
        What I am sure is that I would support both Nadia and Zara to retain their seats. Both of them are standing in Labour marginals and we cannot afford to lose either of them. The same applies to Olivia Blake also on a Labour marginal.and another that voted against the whip.

  5. The Squawkbox should be honoured for their caption showing our knight on bended knee…..If only the sword could have moved a couple of inches to the left we might have a real Opposition party.

  6. Surely what actually lies at the heart of this is the wider issue of the proper regulation and governance of when, where and how covert operatives can be used.
    Attempting to regulate peripheral issues is obviously proving to be fraught with difficulties and impractical. Unless the central issue of governance regarding the use of covert operations by the state is sorted then nothing will really have been resolved.

      1. lundiel – I’m puzzled by your reference to Blair. You can search away to your hearts content but you won’t find any comments of mine expressing support for Tony Blair anywhere on-line. I guess you must have confused me with someone else.
        However, having said that, it is gratifying that you have grasped the gist of my comment.

  7. As a Liverpool MP and trade unionist, I share the deep concerns about this legislation from across the labour movement, human rights organisations, and so many who have suffered the abuse of state power, from blacklisted workers to the Hillsborough families and survivors.

    Good lad. Dan!!

    I’d expect other Merseyside MPs to follow suit for this reason.

    Except there’s NO chance either of the (ill)eagles will. Ditto mcgovern….Who has a enchant for teary-eyed speeches when it comes to Hillsborough…I don’t think she’s the type to let those reasons affect her that much. Can’t see esterson doing so, neither.

    As for the new MPs…

  8. Good!

    At last a real issue and genuine litmus test for MPs, rather than rubbish about the minor dangers of Covid while the NHS and its patients are sold down the river and killed by default.

    1. More mad covid19 denier drivel from that serial troll, RH ! ‘Minor dangers of Covid’, he says – FFS you denier hack, RH, some of our NHS hospitals, from Northern Ireland to Liverpool, are ALREADY facing well-reported capacity overload, entirely due to the swift, accelerating, rise in new covid19 severe cases, at the mere beginning of the winter second wave ! You, and your small rancid nest of conspiraloon denier pals on Skwawkbox are as tiresome, and utterly WRONG, as you were last year with your constant fact-mangling, lying, bullshit claims that the majority of Labour voters supported Remain. You are all a total , tiresome, space-clogging, disgrace ! Go and write your crap denier stuff on the Daily Mail site instead – they are mad keen on the nonsense ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ bogus ‘herd immunity’ rubbish.

      1. No one in the north agrees with you Wolfie. You’re onside with the home counties and Sad Khan you liberal twat.

    2. I agree with jp.

      Unless of course you want to show me which hospitals are fully prepared to cope with a massive influx that’s gonna be here soon, in conjunction with a winter season that the NHS has had extreme difficulty in coping with for the last 10 or more winters, regardless of how mild/cold/wet they’ve all been?

      Or are you telling me there’s been no exponential rise in cases round here, and the rags are just locking us on Merseyside down, for shits and giggles and because we returned no toerag MPs?

      Bollocks…We have one of the highest infection rates in the nation. Our hospitals are rapidly reaching capacity and will most likely exceed capacity before the clocks go back.

      I’ll always choose my own and my loved ones health over pulling the tropes out of meself and putting meself and everyone at unknown risk for a fooking pittance just because some cnuts not satisfied with their obscenely enormous bank balance.

      Had the nation had a manufacturing based economy then perhaps I might think differently; bit it’s financial services dominated, and those (shady and criminal) transactions are still happening… How much are they paying to the economy’s upkeep, again?

      Yeah….that’s right.

  9. If you’ve got any principles (I realise that’s a problem for many in the PLP) you vote against this bill. These idiots think that this bill won’t affect them but it’ll bite them on their backside. Meanwhile trade unions, charities, and ordinary citizens will bare the brunt of this coming into law. How do you fight it? You vote against it and bring together likeminded people & organisations who are prepared to take on the government, whether politically or legally. Then you win!

    1. lundiel – Why would anyone attack him, unlike you he seems quite sensible?

      1. lundiel – Since you are making this claim then perhaps you could give us a list of the things you agree on.

      2. Perhaps you could stop asking me stupid questions in an idiotic attempt to get me to trip up. I’ve been very clear from the start. I’m not a denier but I also won’t stand by while people have their jobs taken away and I don’t want to see austerity imposed on the poor for the next 50 years.
        If you and the rest of those who are terrified of the virus and think we could all be at home having our wages paid untill a magic vaccine protects us all left me alone to post my opinion, I would leave you alone.

      3. lundiel – You needing a safe space is your problem, not mine.

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