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Breaking: Starmer’s embarrassing u-turn on appointment of former Blair aide to fix Labour ‘culture’ after complaints from senior party figures

Nita Clarke supported formation of ‘Tinge’ party, called Corbyn unfit to govern and was part of press for remain that destroyed Labour in GE19. But Starmer appears to have now cancelled her appointment to fix ‘culture’ of Labour Party

Labour sources say that Keir Starmer has now ‘cancelled’ the appointment of Nita Clarke to ‘look at the culture’ of the party.

A letter from Labour general secretary David Evans had confirmed the ‘immediate’ appointment of Clarke to fix the party’s culture and ‘tackle’ its issues:

But party sources say that Starmer has now reversed the appointment after complaints from senior party figures. Ms Clarke’s social media history includes comments supportive of the rival (now defunct) ‘TIG/CUK’ party (or ‘Tinge’ to many after a racist comment by one of its defectors just after its formation). Labour’s rules forbid support for electoral rivals.

Clarke had gone further, tweeting that that it would be ‘morally bankrupt’ to back Jeremy Corbyn and, according to the Times, imploring author JK Rowling to set up a new party and attacking Labour for ‘deliberately’ preventing Luciana Berger – standing for the LibDems – from winning a seat in the 2019 general election.

Tweets by the woman Keir Starmer wanted to appoint to ‘sort out’ Labour’s culture.

The impartiality of the former Blair aide was also in doubt given her public comment about the need for ‘root and branch reconstruction’ to purge the party of the ‘immense damage’ of Jeremy Corbyn:

Ms Clarke also, when Israeli snipers killed large numbers of people during Palestinian ‘Nakba’ protests, repeatedly intervened in social media threads asking people to blame Hamas:

It seems that Starmer has now bowed to pressure and u-turned on the appointment, but many Labour members will take a dim view of the fact that, after running for the leadership on a unity pledge, he had been about to put in place someone with Nita Clarke’s views.

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  1. Imagine a party led by Jess. Yes please. Somebody find one for her.
    What did she say to Diane Abbott?

  2. She should never have been considered in the first place. This brings in to question the competence of the General Secretary and he should resign.

    1. I don’t know about competence Christopher, but it’s certainly further evidence of his – and Starmer’s and New New Labour’s – political bent. But yes, it was a somewhat naive of him, given her form, not to have forseen the backlash that would inevitably follow. Or arrogant of him!..

  3. This is their idea of labour ‘culture’…clarke’s (initial) appointment is what some on here thoroughly advocate….Nay, lead the cheers for.

    And they’d like me to pay to put up with this sort of abomination? Do they think I fell to earth in the last rain shower, or something?

    They can bleedin’ well shove it. They’ll neither see a round penny from me; nor can they ever expect to count on my vote.

    1. Toffee – As you also weren’t a member of the Labour Party during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure it is doubtful that the party is going to miss your continuing absence.

      1. There was me thinking that people were flocking to the party; at least according to you they are…I for one am not…And you’d best begin to appreciate there’s more people like me than there is like you in the ‘electoral gene pool’.

        So as for whether the party will miss my continued absence…well they ain’t gettin money or my vote or my recommendation, so yes – they will and they are.

        Does that compute?

      2. Toffee – The fact is that you didn’t even flock to the party in the JC years and if you are seeking to portray yourself as a typical voter then of course it’s bloody obvious that there will be more voters who are not members of a political party than are. We don’t live in a totalitarian state (yet).
        However it is worth bearing in mind that on average 1 in 80 of the electorate are party members.

  4. Apart from the fact that he was even considering her appointment, Evans’ letter displays a command of managementspeak combined with a scary vacuity that might qualify him for a senior role with SERCO but is hardly the stuff needed by a serious socialist party that seeks to transform Britain in an era of unprecedented crisis for capitalism, the globe and its people. It confirms that Starmer is a mendacious, reactionary and highly dangerous MkII version of Blair, but with even less charisma. The party membership have been had big time.

    1. It confirms that Starmer is a mendacious, reactionary and highly dangerous MkII version of Blair, but with even less charisma.

      Once generally thought to be scientifically impossible; now an inescapable, sobering fact.

    1. And who owns the New York post, you guessed it Rupert (friend of Trump) Murdoch. I smell a smoking gun but not the one you’re writing about.

    1. Something needs to be organised that wld allow a hundred thousand or more members to DEMAND it. Ideally a web site that can verify membership numbers. Failing that, a Skwawkbox page?

    2. Sabine – The support of 20%+ of the PLP is required to trigger a leadership challenge. This relatively high bar was put in place during the Corbyn’s tenure to protect him from further challenges.

  5. …………but I agree that Campbell should be allowed back into the Labour Party, as long as the same criteria is applied to every other member who has been expelled for the same reason, otherwise you may be accused of being a hypocrite. Surely you are not a hypocrite Sir Keir?

  6. It’s pretty long, but it’s well worth taking the time to read it, and it exposes the Campaign Against Antisemitism for the repellent Israeli black propaganda outfit that it is:

    JVL Complaint to the Charities’ Commission about the Campaign Against Antisemitism

    Earlier this year Jewish Voice for Labour called on the Charity Commission to remove the Campaign Against Antisemitism ( the CAA) from the Register of Charities

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