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“3 Bellends” – Merseyside pub rebrands in ‘honour’ of Johnson, Cummings and Hancock

A Merseyside pub has been rebranded in a dig at the dire trio at the centre of the UK’s disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic: Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock

The Wirral boozer formerly known as The James Atherton in New Brighton and before that as The Railway, owned by local businessman Danny Davies, has been renamed – including full signage – as The Three Bellends:

It’s a typically brilliant Merseyside response to the usual Tory contempt for their area – and habitual arrogance, incompetence and downright malignancy.

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    1. “The Billionaires Advocate” is having a forensic effect on my sobriety tbh.

      The Bellends were always going to shaft us, but the slippery billionaires’ yes man and his centrist gangsters, inebriation just isn’t enough to make him palatable (or electable).

      1. Terry Alderman, CJ Hopkins (your link) is full of shit – he, she or it ‘warns’ against some of the typical methods by which cult leaders indoctrinate their followers.
        Warning against ‘false gods’ is part of the trust building phase.
        Then follows the attempt to indoctrinate (a percentage of) readers.
        A far larger percentage of regular readers than casual visitors will be vulnerable, clearly.
        Another dead giveaway is “anyone can fall prey to a cult, given the right set of circumstances.”
        Total bullshit.
        People who have previously “fallen prey” are the best subjects – giving them the confidence to believe they may not be gullible after all is another means of gaining their trust.
        Only where pre-existing mental deficiency – including but not exclusively that caused by religious indoctrination – is present can the critical faculties be progressively suppressed to the degree seen in cults and conspiracy theories.
        Unfortunately religious upbringing does deprive its victims of access to logical discrimination, usually for life – without religion there would be no Tories and no 1%.
        Those unfortunates lacking certainty in the impossibility of gods, devils, ghosts and ghouls, heavens, hells, ‘the paranormal’, homeopathy and unicorns are vulnerable to cult leaders, conspiracy theorists, ‘African princes’, Tories and every other kind of charlatan.

  1. One of those “I wish I’d thought of that” moments.
    Looks like a fight’s about to break out over who gets to play Widow Twanker in this year’s Christmas Parliamentomime.

  2. I would sooner see them on a “Wanted dead or alive” poster.They are no longer a laughing matter just a bunch of psychopaths unleashed by the Conservative and unionist and on the British people.

    1. From the home town of yours truly….

      Now for the Ring O’ Bells pub in West Kirby to try to fit the entire cabinet on their sign and change their name to The Bunch o’ Bellends’….Except it’s torysville around there and they’ve no sense of humour neither.

      And just a quick shout for Danny Davies, a local lad made good who has done more to regenerate the Victoria Rd area of the town in the last 3-4 years than the council has over the last thirty…And he insisted on local labour to so so.

  3. Coming originally from Liverpool myself I have fond memories of visiting New Brighton, especially Harrison Drive outdoor swimming pool.
    Tory governments over the years have done so much to decimate the whole of Liverpool into submission in the hope they would return Tory MPs. As usual with the city this act of vindictiveness does not and will not work.
    Well done to the owner of the now Three Bellends in recognising and highlighting the sheer incompetence of the Johnson government in the handling of the current Covid crisis.
    How long will it be before some humourless lackey in the government complains about this and demands the local plod pay the pub a visit to remove the sign

    1. Iraq W.M.D. Blair & its Arsetair Campbellend must be gutted Blue Tories and Blo John Job for whom they “worked night and day” got a pub named after them but with images of the Blue Tories instead. They must be spitting anal polyps. Iraq Blair & Arsetair Campbellend LOVE being centre of attention so much, don’t be surprised if this very minute, they are BEGGING billionaires everywhere to name anything after them. ANYTHING will do… pubs, pigs, public piss pots… anything.

      1. Arsetaire Campbell, spitting anal polyps and Blow Job Johnson, you’re in great form today Signpost. Good to see you here again.

      2. Thanks qwertboi, always look for to your views too 🌹🌹🌹

  4. Below is the joint statement of the GM Mayor, deputy mayors and all local leaders declaring their opposition to government plans to put the area under highest level ‘Tier 3’ restrictions.

    Today we communicated our clear and unanimous view to the government: it is wrong to place some of the poorest parts of England in a punishing lockdown without proper support for the people and businesses affected.

    To do so will result in certain hardship, job losses and business failure. It will cause harm in a different way – to people’s mental health – and is not certain to control the virus.

    Last night, the deputy chief medical officer told Greater Manchester leaders that to bring the infection rates down any regional lockdown would require widespread closures way beyond pubs to stand any chance of working and would have to be done in tandem with other neighbouring regions. And, even then, it would not be certain to work.

    But here’s the point: the government is not giving city-regions like ours and the Liverpool City Region the necessary financial backing for full lockdowns of that kind. That is why we have unanimously opposed the government’s plans for Tier 3 – they are flawed and unfair.

    They are asking us to gamble our residents’ jobs, homes, and businesses – and a large chunk of our economy – on a strategy that their own experts tell them might not work. We would never sign up to that.

    While this is not necessarily Greater Manchester’s view, the only thing certain to work, as the DCMO told us last night, is a national lockdown. But the government told us this morning it is unwilling to do that because of the damage it will do to the national economy. And yet that is what they want to impose on the North West.

    So that was our conclusion from the No 10 meeting this morning: they are willing to sacrifice jobs and businesses here to try and save them elsewhere. Greater Manchester, the Liverpool City-Region and Lancashire are being set up as the canaries in the coalmine for an experimental regional lockdown strategy as an attempt to prevent the expense of what is truly needed.

    The very least they should be offering the people of Greater Manchester who will be affected by these closures is:
    A full and fair 80% furlough for all affected workers;
    80% income support for people who are self-employed;
    and a proper compensation scheme for businesses.

    So far, they have not been prepared to offer that. Imposing damaging regionals lockdowns in this way won’t work. It will level-down the regions and make recovery longer and harder.

    To those who say this is all politics, let me remind you that, ten weeks ago, myself, the two deputy mayors and all the leaders become the first to work with the government in accepting regional restrictions and people here have been struggling under them ever since. This is an important moment. Greater Manchester will stand firm. We are fighting back – for fairness and for the health of our people in the broadest sense.

  5. Yes Terry, we can learn some things from the French. Thing is our police are part of the problem, just check the record of Cressida Dick who given a Dame-hood by Theresa May after a parade of catastrophic deaths incl JC De Menez. Problem though even before the Covid-19 cash cow for Serco, G4S, Roche, Deloitte etc etc etc we don’t have the prison space of the Tory bandits Blue AND Red. The prisons are full of people without much money or much melanin. NB no “Labour” governments gave given ANY worthwhile attention to those pernicious judicial and policing travesties here.📌📌📌

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