Tories quietly change map to hide scale of their COVID second wave catastrophe

Change to map key masks real extent of second wave

The Tory government has tried to mask the scale of its mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis by making an unannounced change to the key of a map used to show the level of infection in different parts of the country.

The map for the week up to 27 September shows dark red across the north of England and lighter colours for the south to reflect a lower incidence of infection:

The Tories map for late September looked bad enough…

The map for the week beginning the very next day, however, shows an apparently improved position, with much less red across the country and even paler colours in the south:

Spot the difference? The map for the following week

But the ‘change’ is a mirage – one created by an unannounced change to the colour key used in the later map. While the colours for more severe levels of infection remain the same, the numbers associated with those colours have changed by a factor of five to almost eight:

While in the first map, dark red means a rate above forty-five, in the later version it means greater than 335 – and even the palest blue areas would be likely to fall into the second-darkest red. This means an honest map would look something like this:

The Tories have already been exposed cooking the books to protect Tory heartlands from the economic damage of lockdown – and now they’re covering up the extent of their dishonesty and the catastrophe and needless deaths their actions, inaction, delays and policies have caused and continue to cause.

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  1. ‘Second Wave ‘ = normal seasonal mild rise in respiratory disease, with mortality staying at the lowest levels for 27 years!

    Skwawkbox needs to get into the market for artificial insemination and plant fertiliser with this amount of wank and bullshit!

    Stupidity I can perhaps forgive. But complicity with the Tory/Labour establishment at the expense of jobs and society? No.

    1. RH – The ONS disagrees
      “Stark new figures reveal that three times more people have died from coronavirus than flu and pneumonia combined so far this year.

      Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that by August 31, there had been 48,168 Covid-19 deaths in England and Wales – compared to 13,619 due to pneumonia and 394 due to flu.

      And statisticians have said that Covid-19 fatalities are already higher than any annual flu and pneumonia death tolls on record.

  2. They’ll never be prosecuted. And just about the entire nation knows for certain that that’s nailed on if- IF stammer was ever to become PM (Yeah – me an all).

    But no matter who’s running the shitshow in the aftermath of this current clusterf**k (NOT stammer) It’s also a racing certainty that there won’t be ANY charges brought against ANY toerag, crony contractor or corporate(s). And, of course, IF there’s a whitew….Sorry – ‘inquiry’ into the abject corruption of contract awards, or/as well as criminal negligence – they’ll all be offered immunity.

    …But that’s IF they CHOOSE to testify…They won’t be forced to.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they tell us there’s ‘No magic money tree to pay for any ‘inquiry’. And people will just accept it, yet again.

  3. The lack of a bold type announcement of the change is a stupid omission, but the upscaling of the colour grading was necessary to show hotspots when numbers are growing almost exponentially. If it gets worse there’ll have to be further upscaling..
    A map with only one or two shades of dark red is pretty uninformative, obviously.
    They couldn’t really expect to gain anything from this so I suspect on this occasion stupidity beat duplicity by a mile.
    Unlike most Tory events where it’s a photo finish..

    1. You don’t upscale, you add more colours! If the original key had five (5) entries with five (5) colours, you double it (or treble it even) so you have 10 entries and 10 colours (or 15…)

      1. Either way, Richard, it makes little real difference – a change is a change is a change.
        What matters is that the change and the reason for it are made clear.

  4. Good spot SKWAWKBOX. It confirms what many of us living in the North and Midlands suspect that there has been very little coverage in the MSM of what is happening in London itself and surrounding area so as not to upset hose who handsomely contribute to the Tory coffers.

  5. There is near civil war in the Tory elite. One policy, the official one, is protect business but Lockdown, if in doubt or in the North and Labour held, should be enforced with fines that might impress even a toff but big enough to impoverish the working family. The Unofficial Policy is to sabotage the official line and break ideas of Lockdown. Cummings, Leader of the Unofficials, had a great start with the Eye Test to Barnard’s Castle wheeze, displaying his genius in news management. The whole LD idea was hit below the water line. The backers are the hard core Brexiters who appear to be basically winning with Track and Trace non-existent, Promises to keep schools open and students paying the fees are hostages to fortune but every new restriction now is wrapped in caveat after caveat. Confusion undermines the whole notion of Lockdown. Hard to see this conflict not coming to fruition before Christmas? There is now an official opposition by the 5 Mayors as well as the grass roots rebellion that is already well evident. It’s a policy designed to self destruct so an opposing faction can step into the space. The current Front of House Guy, Johnson, would be fine to just carry on doing the old routine that everybody adores.

  6. Paul10/10/2020 AT 6:03 PM
    There is near civil war in the Tory elite

    Now, where have I seen, read and heard that before?
    Ah that’s right…for the last 40 years, quite singularly regarding the EEC then the EU. And they really were at war with each other, post referendum.

    Unfortunately for labour, there’s a malignancy called a starmer which prevents and prohibits any advantages to be garnered and utilized from toerag implosions.

    In fact, from his point-blank refusal to prosecute green and green…sorry green and shapps, to colluding to sabotage an election, to openly bragging of his supporting of this shower’s multitude of balls-ups during the pandemic starmer has been nothing short of their ‘fixer’ whenever the shit has hit their fan… So now you know why the slimy bastard stinks to the high heavens.

    1. Correct. Notice how the Tories increased in popularity last week and Labour fell two points.

      1. Paul – It is also worth noting that Keir’s approval ratings are consistently positive whilst Johnson’s are consistently negative. Currently BJ’s approval rating is 28 points behind Keir’s

      2. It seems likely toxic Pol Pot Boris will be visited by men in dark suits (1922 Gang) long before the next election and somebody more acceptable is in place? Sunak for example.

      3. Will you just fuck off with your constant stammer adulation. Nobody, here on on the street finds sramner anywheres near remotely acceptable.

        And that’s against THE direst, THE most incompetent PM who, while being hated across the board now, was still more popular than stamner’s labour – stammers labour which started the second he shat on democracy and bulldozed through the 2nd ref HE KNEW would see the toerags win the overwhelming majority of the marginal seats in leave voting areas.

        For you to bang the drum knowing all this shows what shithouse rats you, stamner and the rest of his flunkies are.

        Get out and see for yourself. Ask REAL people instead of relying on interweb op-eds and bliarite friendly opinion polls.

      4. I don’t get you. Did Labour lose 2 points last week or not? I’m lost as how this represents ‘banging a drum for Starmer’! You appear to rather confused.

  7. Why did University students return to campus when ‘Open University’ courses from home would suffice? Perhaps the Universities wanted their £9K ‘pound of flesh’? Aren’t there any ‘foreign students’ to swell the coffers?

  8. Paul @ 6.39pm – the toffee was responding to SteveH our resident stammer idoliser and not yourself.

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