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‘School is safe’ Starmer IS self-isolating because one of his children ‘at school throughout’ showing C19 symptoms, say insiders

Labour insiders have told the SKWAWKBOX that Party leader Keir Starmer is self-isolating because one of his children is showing coronavirus symptoms.

The ‘mainstream’ media have reported only that ‘a member of his household‘ has symptoms.

The news sheds an unflattering light on Starmer’s insistence on agreeing with Boris Johnson that ‘school is safe’ and his boast that his ‘own children have been at school throughout’:

But it makes Starmer’s decision to side with Johnson against unions – and the advice of ‘SAGE’ scientific experts – on masks and the safety of returning to schools all the more inexcusable.

The SKWAWKBOX hopes all affected make a full recovery.

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  1. And, according to the beeb, he WON’T be taking part in the post-brexit debate

    The Labour leader will not be speaking in Monday’s Commons debate on the government’s post-Brexit plans.

    Strange, that. The biggest remain protagonist does not intend to debate post-brexit plans. Not even via zoom or whatever it’s called. Nowt in it for him anymore, see? He’s reached his zenith.

    But I’m sure de piffle’s mightily relieved, eh?

    1. I feel sorry for Starmer’s child if it has the virus – it is a horrible disease and can take weeks and months to treat. This will maybe make him realise how wrong he has been advocating a return to school policy. However I am inclined to think there may be something in what Toffee says – it is very opportune that Starmer should go into isolation on the day major and far reaching Brexit legislation is being debated in the House of Commons. As Toffee says Starmer has not even attempted to join in remotely.Very fishy indeed but sad to say quite typical of the man and the Labour party nowadays – totally gutless.

    2. Toffee: “according to the beeb, he WON’T be taking part in the post-brexit debate.”

      I STRONGLY suspect that’s his self-isolation is SOLELY to avoid participation in the parliamentary debate on tory bee shut.

      The man is a charlatan! He is in the pocket of David Rockefeller et al at the trilateral gangster group and actually couldn’t care less about Britain’s withdrawal from the EU (which, of course, is a gold-plated opportunity for multi-national corporates to profit more).

      His previous pro-remain posturing when Corbyn was leader was SOLELY to escalate and action the centrist anti-Corbyn positioning re withdrawal from the European Union.

      He’s a centrist low-life. A charlatan. A runt.

      1. Indeed.

        The toerags are about to break the law – once again; and the former DPP with a record for letting toerags off the hook completely is – once again. – allowing them to do as they please unhindered unscrutinised and with impunity.

        Gary Gibbon: ‘It’s ILLEGAL, isn’t it?’

        shithouse stammer: ‘Well, it’s wrong’

        (From 4:07)

        …Also, get on stammer’s Antisemitsm bullshit…fatberg watson was the A/S side of the ocin in the Corbyn era – shithouse was the brexit side…Right up until he usurped the keys from Corbyn, THEN it became antisemitism, the utter shitbag.

        One slimy, oleaginous piece of shit, that.

    3. Check my posts including one about 4 weeks ago. The Remainiackry which Keith the gell stuffed toss pot headed SIR, helped force on Jeremy, was to hand the Election to BloJob & Cons. Stoma’s plot worked a treat… as was predictable AND predicted.

      Stoma dumped his Remain zealotry once he was allowed to drag the party to defeat. He knows Renainiacary was and is an election loser. It was mainly meant to make Jeremy uncomfortable + lose the traditional Labour voters who exercised their right to vote Leave.

      While BloJob was ill, i would not be surprised if the truth is Keith Starmer is hiding from the EU debate this evening.

      PREDICTION – After this debate and any immediate fallout demanding leadership, honesty and integrity, Keith and his household will miraculously be totally free of Covid-19, with ZERO need to isolate.

      NOTE WELL – Parliament and many other people have been using online meetings. PLUS, Stoma was well enough for his love in with Ferara this very morning. The tosser sounded fit enough to spout rubbish all day. SO, why can he not continue to spout with the Remainiacs this evening, online ⁉️⁉️⁉️

  2. Will anyone know he’s not there to command his sinking ship ,crewed by neoliberal misfits and has beens.Who are the Opposition and were have they been hiding?.I think the ship has sailed for captain pugwash and his pirates.

  3. Can Starmer please explain why he cannot take part in the debate remotely?

  4. Is it too much to ask for Keir to self isolate at the North Pole for the next 20 years?

  5. From 9:07

    What a snivelling, lying shithouse.

    Everyone but EVERYONE KNOWS that stammer’s gripe was the second referendum plot tghat he ALWAYS KNEW would lose votes; he said fuck-all about a/s, allowing fatberg twatson free rein with that particular snide tactic…Until fatberg fucked off, and brexit was done & dusted.

    …ONLY THEN did the slimy bastard change tack.

    korea stammer – toerag apologist, enabler and facilitator. Same goes for anyone what still puts up a case for it.

  6. As I have said on this website before and I am going to say it again ” Starmer is a clampit “.

  7. What goes around, comes around. Test; Test; Test? No local testing………not even ‘Care Homes’ can obtain tests. Have the older members of the electorate been informed about BoJo’s contempt?

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