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792 schools now hit by virus

Including Keir Starmer’s child’s school

The number of schools now hit by coronavirus following the reopening of classrooms has shot to 792* – and rising continually:

As usual, the rise is driven by a surging increase in England:

  • 553 England
  • 115 Scotland
  • 69 Northern Ireland
  • 55 Wales

The schools affected include that of Keir Starmer’s child. The Labour leader is self-isolating from today after one of his children came down with symptoms.

Boris Johnson and Starmer have been in lock-step in claiming schools are safe. Today, Israel became the first nation to return to a full lock-down after the virus ran wild again when schools there were reopened in full.

Starmer’s agreement with Johnson on schools being safe included a boast that his own children had been at school ‘throughout‘ the pandemic.

*Compilation of local newspaper reports, NHS reports, and school websites by @toryfibs.

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  1. Funny, isn’t it, that there’s no actual Covid to match these massive fictions? Just the odd cold and sore throat – as usual.

    But I guess the wet knicker brigade enjoy their thrill – it’s cheaper than the fairground.

    Of course, the serious side is that children are being severely affected by the incontinent dimwits who can’t tell Tory propaganda and stupidity from reality.

    1. Tell you what’s ‘funny’ dicky, and that’s you claiming there’s no cases of covid on schools and that they’re all colds; and all the while you provide ZERO evidence yourself

      Ok then, come on, how many have you personally tested?

      It’s NONE, isn’t it?

      And you go on about ‘fiction’ and others ‘being unable to tell stupidity from reality’ while arbitrarily plucking figures from your arse , you sanctimonious pub bore.

  2. RH,

    I see you are at it again, now suggesting kids in school are immune to Covid-19, that basically Covid 19 does not exist – evidently its all a conspiracy.

    As I keep requesting, please explain to us pig ignorant posters why kids are immune to Covid-19, which will be news to most medical practitioners and virologists in Asia, who, as you are aware, take a different opinion about kids and C19 than you – of course, we are aware that the impact of C19 is very much age related, we also know those 55 and over at most at risk, and we also know that in a small number of instances C19 impacts health in kids quite seriously.

    Further, we have yet to enter the Influenza Season, and, strangely, are aware that Influenza and C19 combined is a rather dangerous dance as far as its spread is concerned – no doubt this fact too is bollocks in your opinion.

    Could you also explain to us pig ignorant Posters, why in places such as Hong Kong, we have, like South Korea & Taiwan, been able to test nearly 25% of our population over a 17 day timeline and uncovered a number of infections – so i take it these clinically and laboratory confirmed cases are fake, that is they have a mild cold.

    May I also enquire how ‘alleged’ Tory Propaganda can have such a considerable impact in Asia, given the Tories detest most persons who ain’t got white skin, or practice Communism as in the case of China and Vietnam?

    Do keep up the good work and thank God we don’t have conspiracy theorists like yourself espousing bollocks in publications in my Region.

    1. Don’t be such a condescending prick. If you want to read coronavirus deniers go to for the equal, opposite view to those who are terrorised by the media and tame boffins. I’m warning you though, some of them are right nutters…..just as some of the terrified are.

  3. And what’s the level of inequality in the likes of Gothenburg and Norkopping, when compared with Glasgow and Nottingham?

    What’s the average class size in Sweden compared to the UK?

    Sweden betters, or at least has the advantage over the UK on just about every table, index and coefficient you can think of.

    Give them a UK conservative government, however…Or even a stammerite (pretend) labour one, for that matter.

  4. Slightly off topic but a technical issue with the platform used by Public Health England left them unable to update the dashboard which tracks coronavirus cases in the today.

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