Breaking: Keir Starmer self-isolating

Oh the irony

Labour leader Keir Starmer is reported to be in self-isolation after a ‘member of his household’ showed symptoms of the coronavirus.

SKWAWKBOX wishes all the Starmers a full recovery. But if that household member is one of his children, there is enormous irony in the fact that Starmer has insisted, with Boris Johnson, that ‘schools are safe’ and even boasted during PMQs that his own children have been going to school ‘throughout’:

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  1. Johnson will be breathing a sigh of relief that Keir won’t be in the House of Commons this afternoon to challenge him on the United Kingdom Internal Markets Bill.

      1. The Toffee, were it up to me, i would give u a national award!!! Thanks 🥇🥇🥇

    1. Yeah, I expect BloJob’s really relieved – terrified of Spongebob I understand.
      Do we know who’s deputising – Rayner, Dodds or maybe Miliband, or are the whole shadow cabinet going to have to self-isolate?

  2. Didn’t think it affected invertebrates, ah well…

    stammer should be made to march around ringing a bell, with a sign around his neck saying ‘unclean’.

    I mean forever, not just for the time being.

  3. But is he? Or has he taken a leaf out of Johnson’s book and is “hiding in the fridge”?

    1. Yep, shame on us for the stammer schadenfreude about him sell-isolating when he’s insisted we put our own families at risk, eh?

      Like I said, there’s no evidence it affects invertebrates. We don’t even know he’s got it. I’ll bet if it IS his kids they’ll get a test at their own front door, pronto, and won’t need to travel 100 miles or so.

      Shame on me for thinking that, eh?

      Tell it to someone who gives a fuck, because stammer’s PROVED he doesn’t.

      1. Keir’s wife is an NHS Key Worker so they would have automatically have been entitled to priority testing. Their children have been attending school throughout the Covis-19 crisis because of his wife’s key worker status.

      2. And you think his missus’ job alone’d give them ‘priority’ and not his job?

        More fool you…But then again, it’s you, innit?

      3. Toffee – Some who post on here would argue that senior politicians shouldn’t be given any priority so I was simply pointing out that regardless of his political office the family would have been entitled to priority testing anyway.

    1. Yes, he was being fed lies … lines by Nicky Ferrara. Cosy chit chat about stamping out AS, lambasting Butler for supporting Print-works blockade… breaking the law and all that. Keith knows about law breaking / breakers.

  4. When popularity wanes self isolate and if necessary go into intensive care* oh and no intrusive media pics of entry and departure from St Thomas s as is usual(

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