Number of schools hit by outbreaks passes 700 – one school day after hitting 500. England rising fastest

Disaster fuelled by Tory arrogance continues to accelerate

706 UK schools* now have Coronavirus infections among the school population – just a single school day after the tally reached 500 on Thursday night.

While numbers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have risen significantly, they have been far outstripped by the exponential rise in English schools, which opened three weeks later:

• England 488
• Scotland 111
• Northern Ireland 68
• Wales 39

The Westminster elite continue to put our children and our vulnerable in danger – and are covering up a testing fiasco that makes a mockery of the official levels of infection among England’s population.

* Compilation of local newspaper reports, NHS updates and school website statistics by @toryfibs.

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      1. lundiel – I’ve absolutely no idea, I left school around ½ a century ago.

      2. The problem is, you still sound like you are parroting your parents words, just as they likely repeated their parents words.
        Sad Steve.

      3. lundiel – Not in the least bit sad, I’m proud of what my parents have achieved in their lifetimes. I am quite happy to be called out for ‘parroting’ my parents’ values.
        Far better then the f’wit nonsense from discredited conspiracy sites and self styled diet gurus that many on here appear to rely on..

  1. Still haven’t caught up with the facts, about the Tory scam with PCR testing and the the obvious illogicality of the figuresI I see.

    What an embarassment!

    Do read a basic primer before getting your knickers even wetter :


    I can then direct you to the more difficult maths about false positives – if you’re up to it.

    1. Like magic up pops the Tory Bot RH with his lies and deceptions as soon as a story on Covid-19 is published! So don’t listen to this fool that doesn’t care about you or your kids.

      Bet he is sitting in his bunker under number 10 sending this shit out to god knows how many places. In case you haven’t noticed a couple of so called ‘people’ just post this endless drivel about the pandemic.

      According to them it’s all lies there are no deaths and no one is getting put on ventilators every day according to him. So trust the Tory bot he cares about you..! Just put on his courtesy toe tag to save time!

      1. lundiel – It doesn’t say much for either the varsity of your argument or your own confidence in it when you have nothing left but profanities.

    2. RH,

      Cut the crap mate, everything you seem to believe is proved incorrect when we look at the place I presently reside in, which is Hong Kong – 5000 cases in total and 100 deaths. Our education system remains CLOSED, large scale testing conducted past two weeks and, when our Public Hospitals give a PCR Test they use three swabs, all tested individually, which greatly reduces False Positives and False Negatives – simples really when there’s an actual WILL to stamp Covid-19 out.

      1. No ‘crap’ – just evidence and basic mathematical ability. Which latter ability would indicate that false positives aren’t minimised by re-testing. Doh! You just increase the number of tests and false positives.

        PCR tests are not meant as diagnostic tools, and the PRC is no example to anything on the democracy front.

      2. To which former quoted ability is mathematical ability latter?
        Do you recognise false negatives as influencing results, or only false positives – or do you deny their existence completely?
        If so, or if you believe false negatives are too few significantly to influence results, please cite your sources.

        “You just increase the number of tests and false positives.” – will they increase in proportion or not, and how will the validity of the test be affected in either event please?

    3. RH,

      I suggest you take your comments to Off Guardian, where they’ll be welcome – many left that site because of the views it was pushing – don’t post on Moon of Alabama though, you’ll be eaten alive – as for me, I’m happy to rely on scientific literature hailing out of South East Asia, which has a bit more experience than you I’m afraid to say. Maybe something to do the number of exotic diseases and pathogens we have in our neck of the woods,

      1. Off-G thin I totally buy into, what they think is a scam. The fact is, I don’t buy into either side of the argument. It’s only fanatics on either side who are absolutely certain they are right and those who don’t agree are wrong…… I include you in that cohort.

      2. lundiel – ….and yet you’re the one who has the hubris to presume to know what others contributors are really thinking

  2. Remember when British governments used to have the minimal humility it takes to send ‘fact-finding missions’ of MP’s and experts to learn from other countries that were world leaders in specific fields?
    Genuinely world-leading and not vacuous jingoistic braggarts like BloJob mouthing empty boasts I mean.
    I could have missed it but I didn’t see anything on the news about the dumb fuck sending experts to learn from any of the SE Asian countries that have outperformed the Tories so comprehensively on Covid.
    So comprehensively it would be suicidally embarrassing to anyone with an iota of self-awareness.

    1. David….I am sure that many of our MPs would love a Fact finding tour to South East Asia,but if the record of most of them like VAZ and co need to be taken into consideration.They won’t be studying disease control here,but will be sampling the many attractions and exploiting them too the full .Pigs at the trough come to mind and beware letting these villains after “Dark” .

  3. Today’s updates on new Covid-19 infections
    The number of daily coronavirus cases has soared again – rising by 3,330 in the last 24 hours.
    Cases topped 3,000 yet again, in the highest Sunday rise since mid-May.

    Next weeks figures could be scary when the reported figures catch up with the usual weekend backlog.

    1. Why are you updating people on stats when they can look them up for themselves?
      Are you that desperate to appear to be on the winning side? I ask this because you seem to hope next week’s stats are worse. You are a very strange creature.

      1. lundiel – Perhaps because some like yourself seem to be woefully ignorant.

  4. It really concerns me that there is an increase in Covid cases in schools. I am aware that school children are unlikely to die as a result of infection but many children particularly those from poor or Asian backgrounds live in multi generational households so if they become infected they can pass on the virus to the older people with whom they live. Few older people don’t have an underlying health condition of some sort and therefore they are more at risk of dying if they become infected. Additionally Black people seem to be more likely to be badly affected by the virus than people of other races.
    I hate to sound cynical but as the potential fatalities will be mostly be the old,poor and people of BAME origins I don’t think the government or those who pushed for reopening schools could give a damn about the risk this poses to them.

    1. Or perhaps they factored the medium and long-term savings into their decisions.

      1. Steve H – wouldn’t surprise me – money has always been the motivator in everything this government does

    2. Smartboy
      It was always the case, bairns wiping out grandparents,
      Whats changed and how do people propose we live with it, the flu virus mutates every year, kids are super spreaders of the dreaded lurgy
      If your vulnerable its your choice, kids, pub, match, shops and on and on

      1. Don’t entirely agree Doug. Of course as you say vulnerable people make choices about going to the pub etc but what I was getting at was that some people have no choice. If you are sharing a house with your spouse, children, parents and even sometimes grandparents then if your children return to school too soon they could bring back the virus and wipe out the older generation of your family – but it seems to me because the families most likely to be affected are poor and/or BAME then the government and their echo chamber (otherwise known as HM Opposition under Keir Starmer) care little or nothing about this.

      1. lundiel – I subscribe to and follow a wide range of publications from right across the political and geographic spectrum. You should try it.
        You may find it enlightening to broaden your horizons outside your bubble. Unless you are worried about your own gullibility there is no reason to be frightened of reading stuff you think you might disagree with.

      2. Behave, the Guardian became the security services No 1 mouthpiece, replacing the Mail and Telegraph, when Viner took over. No one else would pay a cretin like Luke Harding or a fake like Owen Jones, Marina Hyde, Suzanne Moore etc.

      3. lundiel – I guess you must have missed the bit where I said that I read a wide range of political views. There is no compulsion to agree with everything you read.

      4. What you read isn’t a “wide range of views” it’s political propaganda and you don’t even recognise it as such.

      5. lundiel – Some of it is, but how are you in a position to judge from the narrow perspective that exists within your self imposed echo chamber.

      6. For instance, how can you read a publication that calls the president of Belarus a “dictator” but says nothing about the president of Macedonia who’s been in place for 30 years and is as corrupt as they come? You don’t even realise when you’re being played.

      7. lundiel – Forgive me for being confused but are you now saying that you DO read the MSM. I do wish you’d make your mind up.

      8. Oh come on. You buy into MSM propaganda on all major events/NATO policies. When have you ever dried that Russia interfered in our or America’s elections? When have you ever got really angry over Cameron, Clegg, Obama, Clinton and Sarkozy’s murder of Gaddafi, destruction of Libya,? Or America’s founding of Al Qaeda, as a proxy army or allowing Isis to flourish, or the bogus colour revolutions, or the ongoing Balkanisation of Syria, the hybrid wars against Russia, Syria, China, Iran and Venezuela? You’re a Liberal interventionist who hasn’t even got the balls to admit it.

      9. lundiel – There is little point in continuing a conversation with someone who professes to know me better than I know myself. As you claim to know all the answers it would be a pointless exercise and a boring waste of time. I was going to say that you really don’t want to know what I think of you, but them I realised, that according to you, you already know.

      10. lundiel – Perhaps you could provide a link to one of your own “really angry” comments so that I can see an example of what “really angry” looks like.

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