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Well-distanced Johnson and advisers take press briefing questions by VIDEO – but it’s ‘safe’ for kids and workers to be back in classrooms and workplaces

Actions speak louder than words…

Boris Johnson and his chief science and medical officers still took questions from journalists by video link in his press briefing on Wednesday afternoon – despite ample room for ‘social distancing’.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that he thinks it’s safe:

Actions speak louder than words, Bozo. You’re heaping guilt onto the already towering pile atop your head.

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    1. Our Christian Drosten has debated that in his podcast before he took time out in July. Have downloaded podcast, can give you the date if necessary.

  1. Haven’t de piffle and twitty supposedly already had the bug?

    Of that’s the case twitty can safely go back in de piffles arse pocket, can’t he?

    Whaddaya mean – “he always has been”?

    1. And – in a sort of russian doll style – they can BOTH go back in cummings’ arse pocket.

  2. I was laughing at the pathetic dummy trying so hard to embed his “rule of six” bullshit into the public consciousness this afternoon it completely distracted me from the fact that he was simultaneously indulging in a bit of “do as I say, not as I do.”

  3. The following clips are from an article reposted on JVLs website:

    Dangers of the US trade deal – and how to fight it

    When Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn held up pages and pages of blacked out trade documents during last November’s general election debate, it became clear why the government wanted to keep them secret. They confirmed widespread fears about its willingness to capitulate to the US corporate lobby.

    Now even the Daily Mail is expressing concern about the threat to UK food standards from a US trade deal, as British farmers mobilise to protect their livelihoods……

    “The US trade deal is not really about importing more American products,” explains Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden. “It’s about importing the American economic and regulatory model.” It would undermine food standards and public services and give US corporations special legal powers to challenge the policies of our national and devolved governments…….

    Genetically modified crops, chlorinated chicken and vegetables containing much higher levels of pesticides would all find their way onto our supermarket shelves. A recent report shows that American apples are allowed to contain 400 times the amount the UK allows of some insecticides linked to serious health conditions, and grapes 1,000 times the amount. In a recent test, 95% of US baby foods contained toxic metals.

    1. I was just on Aljazeera’s website searching for a documentary related to the above, but couldn’t find it, but I came across The Lobby in the process, so I’m posting a link to it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (it’s in four parts):

      It’s essential viewing!

      1. Needs to be seen as far and wide as possible Allan, so good to know it’s still on Al Jazeera.
        All 4 parts are still on YouTube too, but whether they always will be is anybody’s guess.

      2. On the Pelosi assurance, I’d still worry about the ‘fudge factor’ – if they have to redefine the words ‘violates’ or even ‘deal’ to get around it – would you put attempting that past Trunt or BloJob?

      3. Everyone should pray they do violate it than. With apologies to the people of northern Ireland.

  4. I very much doubt the DUP,Ulster unionists or many in the conservative and unionist party will be too worried about Nancys warnings.The Unionists have breached the international agreement on many occasions and never been punished…On the Republican side their are those in a minority who will never aceppt a deal that leaves most of Ulster still occupied by British forces.The police are armed and still operate from Barracks,some still with sandbags in front….The Labour party helped to deliver a deal that no other party in Britain could have.ITs now time for the Labour party and the knights followers to stand up and fight to stop the whole Legacy being trampled into a whole bloody nightmare that will drag us back into what could possibly unite the civilized world against British imperialism in the island of Ireland.The Old Conservative and unionist party have form in dealing with Ireland and the Irish.Let no one doubt that the most powerful nation on earth will stand with the Irish on this.the Good Friday agreement.

      1. Yes, I think Starmer who is now Zionising the LP should take note. He is obviously trying to give the impression that by supporting the racist concept of Zionism he is in some way protecting Jews and Judaism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Zionism encourages and needs anti-Semitism for it to survive, it has no connection with Judaism, one of the world’s classic religions.

      2. Jack – “Labour Friends of Israel this week doubled our number of vice-chairs with the addition of six colleagues to our parliamentary officers group. I’m delighted to welcome them. Together with our existing group of LFI officers, they demonstrate the widespread support for LFI that exists across the Labour party.
        Read the whole article, it may make you angry but it is informative

      3. SteveH. First, there is no widespread support across the LP for the LFI, they are a Zionist group who made it their mission to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, an anti-racist through and through because he expressed support for the Palestinians who have been terrorised by the apartheid racist State of Israel.The LFI and the JLM have destroyed our best ever chance of having a true Socialist Labour Party and it would be a blessing if they were both expelled from the LP.

        Second, contrary to the article, the left does NOT have a fixation with Israel, why on earth should it? Speaking for myself, I have utter contempt for the Zionists from Europe who had no link to Palestine, who colonised it with murder and force and then proceeded to infiltrate OUR political Parties to manipulate our processes with their lies about wanting a Two State Solution when they and YOU know that a democratic State for all is the ONLY solution. The nonsense about the left having a fixation with Israel is yet more spin to try and avert the eyes of the public away from the atrocities which Israel is inflicting upon the Palestinians and which ALL Socialists should abhor.

        Paraphrasing a quote which I saw recently but made some time ago by Miriam Maceba the marvellous black South African singer: ‘The difference between South Africa and Israel is at least South Africa admits what it is’.

        Israel is a rogue racist apartheid State and has even codified it in its recently passed Nation State Law. It tries to protect itself from criticism by clothing itself in the mantle of Judaism whilst at the same time persecuting not just Palestinians but Israeli Jews who do not support Zionism and are regularly beaten physically, by the thugs in the Israeli police/army. Many of those Jews, unlike the colonisers, have lived in Palestine/Israel for generations and predicted that the Zionist colonisers would bring nothing but trouble – how right they were.

        So next time you feel like welcoming the LFI and the like, just think who you are getting into bed with! They are a bunch of racist charlatans intent on making use, for their own reasons, of useful idiots who believe their lies.

      4. Jack – I’m quite surprised that reacted as you did. I didn’t approve the article in any way what-sover and I agree with much of what you’ve said in response to reading the article. I linked to it purely to inform you of the expansion (increasing influence?) and the policy direction that LFI are taking.
        I didn’t expect you to endorse it, just be informed by it.

      5. SteveH, by the way, I noted that the article was written by Steve McCabe, chair of the LFI, one of those detestable right wingers who is anti-Corbyn, what a surprise!

      6. SteveH, I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say you were surprised by the way I reacted.

        I have seen umpteen articles like this, they are par for the course hasbara. If you inferred any criticism of yourself from it, could it be that even knowing how much of a fraud Starmer is, you still support him? – Yes, I know you may have said he is/was the best of a bad bunch but he is now proving he is even worse than many of those who had their doubts in the first place thought he would be.

        And don’t forget, you have been somewhat intemperate in your responses to some of my comments in the past!

        Politics is a tough old game.

      7. Jack – I posted the link because I genuinely thought that given your views on Zionism its contents might interest you, particularly the expansion of LFI’s infrastructure, somebody has made a serious financial commitment to this project and it appears that nobody is in a position to challenge it.
        Personally I find it disturbing that a self appointed body within the party with questionable links to another state can exercise so much influence within the PLP. Membership of LFI is beginning to look like a protection racket – join or else.

      8. SteveH. What surprises me is that you appear to have only just noticed how influential and how mendacious the LFI is. You must have seen the ‘Lobby’ documentary showing how they had access to £millions of Israeli cash to help spread their malign influence in the LP. Now they have Starmer as one of their useful idiots, they know no bounds. This is just the beginning, Corbyn should have got shut of them and the JLM when he had the chance.

      9. Jack – The fact that LFI had just doubled their numbers of lobby staff would have been news to most, maybe even you. You can either just accept that I posted the link in good faith or not, I’m past caring one way or t’other.

  5. A member of Rees-Mogg’s household apparently has CV so he’s not in the HoC today.

    1. Also surprised to hear a female American voice from the chamber. Clearly I haven’t been keeping up.
      Joy Morrissey apparently – any relation to Misery Morrissey?

  6. Been hearing about something called “Project Mooncheese” which the Tories seem to think is going to solve the global cheese shortage if I understand them correctly.
    I think they’re trying to piss up a rope.

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