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Video: Defence Sec Ben Wallace ignores distancing en route to Cabinet meeting. Another Tory puts public at risk – he must go

Tory Defence Secretary Ben Wallace was seen this morning – he did it in full view of massed media filming ministers on their way to today’s Cabinet meeting – completely ignoring physical distancing to shake hands with a colleague or acquaintance:

When Dominic Cummings was caught in multiple breaches of lockdown, his dangerous example meant that huge numbers of people felt justified in disregarding anti-coronavirus measures, putting the public in clear danger when tens of thousands had already died needlessly.

Now, as infection rates start to spike again and the Tories press ahead with the return to school and workplaces in spite of clear evidence that it will put children and their families at risk and drive the ‘R rate’ higher, Wallace’s behaviour cannot pass without action. He must resign or be sacked.

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  1. Getting him sacked from the cabinet doesn’t get the Tories out – what we need is a high profile whistleblower to spill the real beans on their CV incompetence.
    It’s almost certainly even worse than our suspicions.

    1. OT, sorry.
      Watching BBC Parliament and there appear to be roughly a quarter of MP’s present in the chamber for CV distancing.
      Yes, I do know it’s often nearly empty in normal circumstances but that’s not the point – they should all be able to attend.
      I’m sure the contractors working on the building would love it to be empty and the rest of the MP’s I assume would prefer to be present, so why not a temporary move to a building with a ‘chamber’ four or five times bigger for sittings? Zoom would be better employed in communications between MP’s and their support staff than between MP’s in the chamber.

  2. Sack him, and the one he shook hands with – who also brazenly flouted the rules.

    …And hurry up about it before we’re asked to believe wallace’s co-handshaker had gloves on that are coated with surgical-grade disinfectant , or other such cummings-style Stierscheiße

  3. Oh FFS!

    Is this the best that you can do to get into the Tories’ ribs? – ctiticise them for doing something norma in a non-epidemic l rather than for the stupidity tanking the economy, destroying jobs and creating massive illness and death with the shutdown of society?

    No wonder the self-appointed Tooting ‘Left’ are such a joke.

  4. Seems a bit trivial. Thousands of construction workers had to keep on working, as did many others, social distancing virtually impossible. Try hard manual labour while wearing a mask; it can’t be done.
    I think the issue of democracy, or rather the lack of it, not from the Tories as we’d expect, but from the LP. would be better splashed across these forums.
    We had articles about the Unite General Sec position, and Unison, with cries of ‘foul’ in the election process. Nothing about Wavertree where 2000 (approx) members were denied a postal ballot in the selection process for our current MP.
    Surely that should be reported somewhere? The individuals who organised that ballot must be either incompetent or corrupt. Take your pick, it has to be one of them.
    We were told ‘tough’ by the NW region, so obviously no semblance of correct procedure being followed, or democracy, or LP rules. Then nothing on Sqwarkbox since our newly elected MP has attacked some of her best supporters, with the help of sycophants.
    Why is that Ste of SB? If the LP expect people to campaign to get them elected then surely we have to root out the corruption. And that’s what it is.when a small group subvert democracy for their own benefit.
    I doubt the detail is known by the electorate, but the fact that the LP lost 7000 votes in Wavertree should at least make people wonder why, or mbe they don’t care as long as their snouts are in the trough.
    And why LP members would go knocking on doors or shoving crap leaflets through letterboxes anymore defies logic, which is presumably why Wavertree CLP has ceased to even pretend to defend the poorest in society. I suspect it’s the same almost everywhere.
    Meanwhile, the fascists are organising. Don’t rely on the leadership to counter this threat as they have the same attitude towards democracy as the fascists; they despise it. Start organising cmds.

  5. Off subject I know but I thought this was important enough to bring this to everybody’s attention.

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    1. Posted unashamedly and without any trace of self-awareness of your abject, infuriating hypocrisy.

      Just fuck off and die.

      1. Toffee – And yet it was me that posted the information whilst you sat on your arse and did FA.

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