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Video: Blairite MP loses it over Jeremy Corbyn ‘best PM’ poll

Toby Perkins bemoans Labour ‘brand’ but can’t accept Corbyn’s popularity with good grace

Right-wing Labour MP Toby Perkins lost his composure when Sky’s May Burley asked him why Labour aren’t ahead in the polls against a dire Tory government – when former leader Jeremy Corbyn had just been voted ‘best Prime Minister the UK never had in Times Radio poll.

Perkins’s gums flapped as he tried to dismiss the poll, as Burley countered that the opinions of those voters were as valid as his own:

Corbyn, meanwhile, accepted the result humbly in a tweeted video and, typically, used it as an opportunity to turn attention back onto the needs and aspirations of the people:

Perkins’s reference to the ‘Labour brand’ encapsulates the lack of vision and popular authenticity of the ‘new-New Labour’ he and his fellow disciples are so eager to restore. Meanwhile, the left continues to look for ways to connect to the people and communicate a vision and an alternative that will inspire and bring hope.

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  1. Oh dear. If only Mr Perkins and the rest of the shadow cabinet (available for the rich at £500 a time per shadow minister) could show the same animosity towards the actions of the Tory government that they do to their former leader.

    Maybe Mr Perkins should have resigned as an MP if he thought the Labour Party was so bad from 2015 to early 2020?

  2. His name’s ‘Toby’ ffs.

    But that’s by the bye

    Now, just imagine the shit lost by steve h if Skwawkbox was to host an: ‘Is stammer PM material?’ or a ‘Who makes the better leader – Corbyn or stammer?’ poll on here.

    1. UK Labour did it on Reddit, only an 840 slice, but more than big enough on an unbiased platform and by the Party Platform itself 25/07/2020!
      https://www.[remove this for link]
      Read the Comments, they are BRILLIANT Neocon “Centrists” looking like Dali Clocks!

  3. Never heard of him – what’s he ever done?
    What’s Starmer ever done come to that?

      SWEET F ALL!
      For his Elite Masters: Julian Assange, Jeremy Corbyn, Starmer is the most dangerous MP EVER to sit in the HoC! There are a few good articles on WSWS about the man himself, the other one no idea! Probably had his head too deep up Blair’s arse to be noticed!

  4. Blairites don’t accept anything with “good grace”- they don’t know what it is.
    Their hate filled rants about Jeremy did not go down well with voters and as a result many of them lost their seats- which of course they then said was Jeremy’s fault. So deep was their animosity towards Jeremy the greatest PM we never had that they worked tirelessly in the background or in the open to undermine Jeremy and bring about a Tory victory.For this they will not be forgiven, ever.

  5. I wonder who the ‘couple of others’ were who perkins said he’d voted for, ahead of Corbyn…In the poll that he said wasn’t a poll…

    This all sounds incredibly familiar…I’m certain there’s someone posts on here using the exact same M.O. about polls and democracy🤔

    1. Just bliarites, Doug?

      Or is stammerism and bliarism unequivocally compatible? (Rhetorical)

      1. The Toffee
        The visceral hatred is barely concealed, by your man, one thing we can all agree on is its the end of the broad church

  6. Oh, KAY Burley, not May – her I vaguely remember.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a complaint w[h]inging its way to Sky – she seems to have a talent for hitting the jugular.

  7. Well, he’s (a) right in that it was a twitter “write in” and not a poll, and (although he didn’t name anyone) (b) one of the ones who didn’t make the cut although on the initial was Robin Cook who definitely was in my book the best PM we never had. BTW Tony Benn was on that initial list too.

    1. I regretted that Cook didn’t stand for leader in 1994 despite some of his earlier decisions, like supporting Healey for deputy over Benn.
      [I’m] “Insufficently attractive” I always took as a sideswipe at Blair’s superficiality but I never read of him articulating that.
      He was twice as smart as Blair and the rest of them.
      Sadly missed – wasn’t even 60, poor fella.

  8. I doubt they would have done this if they thought it would produce this outcome.

      1. Attlee also gave us nuclear weapons, participation in the Korean War and plans to overthrow the government in Iran.

      2. Yeah, but apart from that – whad’de ever do for us?

    1. Too right, that is why Tobster insists this is not a Poll, The ELITES owned Pollsters alongside MSM, Alexa, Cortana, Hello Google etc can split us Demographically person by person never mind Age, County, Income, etc, etc, etc! With Hancock selling off our NHS Big Data, I dare say the Pollsters know more about us than we do! People really do not know that those things they talk to are actively harvesting their Family’s Data 24/7!
      Your Mobile, PC, Tablet all do the same, people REALLY need to turn the damned things off when not in use, There are GREAT Linux/BSD/UNIX alternative sadly many of them had to turn Corporate or bust, we need to support the good projects and pay what we can when we can!
      A friend of mine’s Disabled son lives in a Supported living shared house, the owner gave a couple of the Clients small responsibilities as form of employment but only 30 Minutes per week, he had an interview with the local paper and mentioned the lads he had “Employed” under a week later my friend had a pretty nasty DWP letter, threatening to stop benefits because they were not informed….. anyhow as it was only 30 min per week they were all safe! That is not someone at DWP spotting a snippet in the Local paper and taking immediate action, that is Big Data, it really is 1984! That is why they are petrified of independent Polls, because they speak the truth and they have no control over them yet!

  9. Anyone else got a horrible feeling that Starmah’s just a placeholder until they can parachute Blair junior into a safe seat and shove him in the top job? Maybe I’m just getting paranoid in my old age.

    1. They can do what they like when they leave the party and mate with yellow and tartan tories

    2. IIRC they wanted to parachute bliar jr into a Liverpool seat (Might’ve been Bootle if memory serves) a few years back. Think it was just after ed moribund became leader.

      Anyway, as you can guess, they were roundly told to GTF.

      1. As I understand it, Luciana Berger was parachuted into a Liverpool seat on the strength of her being a friend of Euan Blair’s girlfriend. And we all know where that led to.

  10. Toby you have no class mate take a lead from a humble man who just oozes it. He has the one thing you’ll never have: The People!

  11. “Blairite MP loses it over Jeremy”
    “Perkins’s gums flapped as he tried to dismiss the poll,………”
    This article typifies why Skwawkbox and the few so called Labour supporters that comment here are so out of touch with reality. Infact ‘out of touch’ is not enough. This article is a complete fabrication of the truth. Its a lie. Plain and simple.
    I listened to the clip of the interview and at no time did Perkins ‘lose it’. He replied when asked to comment on a silly and insignificant twitter poll. And at the end of the clip he made a glaringly obvious point; Labour should be looking forward now, that looking back to lost battles is pointless.
    But there is a deeper and more profound issue here. The article is, as usual a pathetic piece of tittle tattle. But look again at the last para,

    “Perkins’s reference to the ‘Labour brand’ encapsulates the lack of vision and popular authenticity of the ‘new-New Labour’ he and his fellow disciples are so eager to restore. Meanwhile, the left continues to look for ways to connect to the people and communicate a vision and an alternative that will inspire and bring hope.”

    That is exactly the division CCHQ wants to see within the LP. Those two sentences could have been written by CCHQ. I would not be surprised in the slightest if some of the comments on Skwawkbox these days are not from CCHQ. Just to keep the pot boiling.

    1. We could be like the Tories and hide our divisions – but then we’d need the Tory media backing us up with their silence, wouldn’t we?
      Think if a bunch of left wingers infiltrated the Tories they’d keep quiet?
      Grow the fuck up.

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