Breaking: Failing Grayling fails again – quits Intelligence and Security Committee

Tory Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling – or in this case perhaps, Bailing Grayling – has quit the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. Grayling, whose record of failure in every role has been unblemished by success, had recently lost out on the chairmanship of the committee.

Julian Lewis was elected as chair in his stead – and was stripped of the Tory whip by a furious Johnson. Grayling therefore achieved the unique distinction of losing out on a role that had been rigged for him to win.

It seems the embarrassment of serving on the committee was too much even for a man accustomed to routine humiliation.

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    1. Off topic but I am told that the 2so called opposition parties are now led by 2 knights of the realm..ITs historic and shameful for British politics to be represented by the Titled and the conservative and unionist party by a entitled Public schoolboy who like all of these parasites live off the backs of the working class.21st century and going back to the Victorian nightmare..!

  1. This Julian Lewis?
    “This is former Labour MP Denis MacShane on the new chair of the House of
    Commons Intelligence and Security Committee:
    ‘Julian Lewis first entered politics in the 1970s, when he secretly
    pretended to be a Labour activist in order to infiltrate the Newham Labour
    Party. He was acting as a secret agent of the well-financed Freedom
    Association, which funded strike-breakers and clandestine operations
    against the Labour left and communist [sic] Party.
    Newham militants were getting rid of a rightwing Labour MP called Reg
    Prentice and the young Lewis, then a graduate student at St Antony’s
    Oxford, decided to save Prentice. He failed in that task, but a taste for
    conspiracy and secrecy entered his soul.’52
    St Antony’s College, Oxford again. 53
    It was presumably during Lewis’ attempt to take control of Newham
    Labour Party that he met Brian Crozier. Crozier was a founder member of the
    Freedom Association and in his memoir, Free Agent (London: HarperCollins,
    1993) he writes of that period: 54
    ‘To avoid the delays implicit in formal [Freedom Association] Council
    meetings, a small group of us decided to function as an informal action
    committee, without reporting to the Council.’ (p. 118)

    1. Had a brief look at the lobster magazine link. Never having watched the X Files show it hadn’t previously occurred to me that it might be responsible for a rise in conspiracy theories among the “intellectually incompetent.”
      When governments cut back on education funding an unknown proportion of people are left ill-equipped to discern bollocks from not-bollocks.

  2. Resigning because you aren’t the Chair (the boss). Truly pathetic and childish. These are supposedly people put in place to govern us! Grayling may be one of the worst, but he is far from being alone (and I include all major parties in that).

    1. Grayling was Johnson’s/Cummings’ man, most of the rest of the committee belong to the Dicky Dearlove school, especially Lewis, it was pointless for him to remain on the committee…..the Tory party made its decision and Johnson/Cummings had to bow to their wishes. So we still have a rabidly anti-Putin, pro-NATO defence’ committee ensuring security services funding is paramount.

    2. “Resigning because you aren’t the chair” – maybe that wasn’t why he quit.
      Committee members probably all see him for the wanker he is.
      I bet they keep handing him coffee mugs and saying “Two sugars please.” I would – wouldn’t you?

      1. If you sent that gormless whopper to make the tea, he’d come back with a packet of crisps instead.

  3. The Intelligence and Security Committee isn’t fit for purpose. Craig Murray took the ‘Russia report, and the “expert” testimony it was based on, to bits in his blog on August 12th.
    The security services and armed forces will be delighted as even more money and effort will be diverted to fighting their hybrid war against Russia. What’s really laughable is the only people to actually get in bed with Russian oligarchs are the Conservative party and a certain Boris Johnson who couldn’t get enough of them in his time as Mayor of London.

    1. Yes,Russian oligarchs that fled Russia with their il gotten gains years ago and now hold British passports.

  4. Why was grayling ever appointed…In fact, what sort of divvy actually votes for someone as manifestly useless as that?

      1. True enough, but whoever paid for grayling really ought to demand a refund.

  5. I was just researching something, and the following came up in the list of results – ie Wes Streeting making a complaint to Impress about Skwawkbox. And the funny thing about it is that Wes Streeting says the following regarding Impress having found in his favour:

    “I welcome this adjudication from IMPRESS, the independent press regulator, following my complaint about The Skwawkbox. Through its actions, The Skwawkbox has shown that it is not a credible source of news, but since it masquerades as such it is right that it is held to the same standards expected of more serious publications…….”

    Now I wonder who on earth he could mean when he refers to “more serious publications”? The Mail perhaps, or the Express, or maybe the Sun? Or how about the Telegraph or the Times or the Guardian? Right, so THEY are all a “credible source of news” are they! Yeah, of course they are!!

    What a joker!

  6. Poor weaselly screeching. You (don’t) have to feel sorry for him.Late 30’s and his balls still haven’t dropped.

    And that IS his real head….Not some sort of Frank Sidebottom papier mache one.

  7. Fayling will be setting up his own intelligence committee just as soon as he gets some inteligence himself.

    1. Obvious, innit? Turned his face too fast and his head couldn’t keep up – centrifugal force spins the blancmange outwards, ridge on the walnut in the middle shows through the balloon.
      Don’t you know anything?

    2. Yes, grayling’s bonce has evolved to fit the proverbial dunce’s hat he’s metaphorically worn throughout his life.

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