Tories try to claim ZERO new C19 cases in England in last 24 hours

Reality – or even the government’s suppressed version of it – is different: 1,106

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed earlier, the Tories continue to withhold and misrepresent the rate of new coronavirus infections in England, making the official government data pages confusing and self-contradictory, with untrue claims at the start of the page and the real figures only on show to those who dig further.

But after a number of days of severely understated figures, the Tories have gone further – claiming zero new cases in England during the past 24 hours:

Those who scroll down to check further can see that the actual number is 1,106 (though in reality it is far higher):

The false claim is found in the data tables, not just in the graphical depiction:

A look at the trend, however, shows a clear upward curve in numbers – and infections at a 77-day high:

A pattern has emerged: when the numbers are bad, some graphs will portray ludicrously low numbers, some will be missing altogether and won’t be updated until several days late – and anything approaching reality will only be found by those who read several charts down.

After all, the Tories want all our children back at school and all the ‘plebs’ back at work, even though the government’s scientists admit it will drive infections up further and faster. Making the truth of the emerging second wave easy to find wouldn’t help the Tories’ goal.

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  1. It’s safe to go back to school, commute to the office on crowded transport, go to the pub, restaurant (here’s a tenner to help), and live life normally. The only thing that isn’t OK now is for MPs to go back to Parliament. Strange that.

  2. Nothing has ever been that safe
    Viruses have been wiping out the weak and the old forever and normally it was rhe kids who were the super spreaders
    To put it bluntly
    Little Jonny has traditionally been wiping out nana and grandad for a long time
    Its their choice to live as they see fit
    If your a bit of a snowflake then stay in your bubble, again that’s your choice
    Life goes on
    When I say life, I mean Cheltenham Festival

    1. He doesn’t believe in facts or figures. Be careful Doug or you will be threatened with censorship as well.

  3. I’m afraid that this is yet more garbage.

    If you haven’t caught up with what the term ‘cases’ means – derived from an inaccurate test that was never meant for diagnosis – then you know nothing in terms of pontificating about this non-epidemic.

    Beats me, this slavish adherence to the bollocks of the Scary Fairy government narrative.

    For a proper assessment of risk from a Nobel laureate who actually knows about numbers, I would suggest (particularly the latter half) Professor Michael Levitt on the disaster inflicted on society by incompetent knicker-wetters :

  4. Lost interest in life or living?…..join the new knight led libs or the knight led labs?…Need a title join either!and even get to meet the parasites for a bung of five hundred?Lib \labs labs lurking around every trough…..How did it ever come to this?

  5. When i say life
    I mean drinking a shed load of Guiness in my favourite boozer and being poured onto the last bus
    Done that one

    Talking to a vulnerable 85 year old in the pub, i asked him if he was not wary of Covid19, his response was
    ‘I dont give a f7ck about any of that bollocks’

    Heres another story from 40 years ago, the subject was condoms and Aids
    Auld fella, ‘never bothered with them things’
    What about catching Aids
    Auld Fella
    ‘At my age son I would be over the moon if I caught Aids ‘

    What’s happened to the old school

  6. What’s happened to the old school

    They found they’d given the old school pupils grades far higher than they’d actually earned so they closed it down and it became an academy.

    Ordinarily I’d suspect this to be a ‘divide and conquer’ between the old and the young, but as it’s you, Doug…I’ll do away with the suspicion…

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