Video: Intelligence and Security Select Committee reveals string of lies Johnson used to delay release of Russia Report until after general election

Abuses of democracy and accountability rife. Small wonder Johnson tried to install ‘Failing Grayling’ as committee chair ahead of release of report

Intelligence and Security Select Committee members deliver damning verdict

MPs on the Intelligence and Security Select Committee – including it’s now-independent Chair Julian Lewis, stripped of the Tory whip by Boris Johnson for beating Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling to the position – delivering an damning assessment of Boris Johnson’s conduct concerning the report into Russian interference in UK politics.

The MPs listed a string of lies told by Johnson as he withheld the report, which should have been released to the public before December’s general election:

Johnson and his cheerleaders have also tried to claim that the report found evidence of Russian interference in the Scottish independence referendum – but none of interference in the Brexit referendum. However, intelligence sources and experts have said that this is because the investigating officers were told not to look for it.

Meanwhile, former Panorama investigative journalist John Sweeney’s documentary on Johnson’s activities on ‘the mountain of the Russians’ in Italy has begun to circulate afresh. The documentary reported that Johnson was considered a security risk by the intelligence services:

In the days when the UK had a democracy, either set of revelations would have been enough to trigger the downfall of a prime minister and his government.

But so disgraceful has the UK’s political fabric become that it’s entirely possible that Johnson and Cummings are now using the Russia report scandal as a ‘dead cat’ to distract from the fact that their MPs voted on Tuesday not to protect the NHS in any UK-US trade deal.

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  1. If my comment about Johnson and the dead hooker turns out to be prescient I’ll be delighted – but I claim no personal knowledge of any sex parties attended by our then London Mayor or Foreign Secretary or Prime Minister.
    It was just a guess based on nothing but the man’s complete lack of character and judgement, his known proclivity for ‘a bit of strange’ and the known use of prostitutes by the KGB to entrap and blackmail foreigners.

  2. their MPs voted on Tuesday not to protect the NHS in any UK-US trade deal

    So Corbyn is vindicated once again and last week’s Russia smear exposed as another dead cat. If Trump loses in November, Johnson had better watch his back. Tory knives are surely being sharpened even now…

  3. ANNNNNNDDDDD …….. nothing will happen , the effin morons in the UK will still vote for cuddly Boris
    The death of the NHS is now complete and arse licker Starmer … not even a whimper from him over it , Right Wing Labour doin the Govts dirty work as usual , just like BLiar , Thatchers greatest achievement !
    Time for a new real true through and through socialist party

    1. stammer’s too busy discussing how big the reward’s gonna be for the liars on the panorama programme…

      Not even gonna contest a bit of it. Just gonna perpetuate the myth because he’s a snivelling, greasy shite.

      Well, it got him what he wanted, and he gave the 70% what they wanted; so I guess all’s good in their world, eh, steve & jack?

      1. Keep up Toffee, I have been warning against Starmer from day one, but you in your eagerness to protect the Zionist traitors have tried to deflect from what is the main threat to Britain’s democracy i.e. the racist State of Israel which has it’s spies and place men/women in every area of our land. The leaders of Labour and the Tories are both Zionists i.e. racists and consequently our ‘democracy’ is dictated by Israel, as it is in the USA.

      2. Jack T I describe it as our democracy has been annexed by Russia, USA and Israel the rise of the far right, our Govt are nothing more than puppets it just shows why so much was thrown at Jeremy Corbyn he really would have been a massive pain in the proverbial to corrupt leaders/countries

      3. Yes jack – and that’s why you said and did piss-all when starmer was openly plotting against Corbyn and the party policy of respecting the referendum result.

        And NOW look at how strong the grip the zionists & israelis have on the party…But when you were warned, you went into one and told anyone who’d listen that I was spreading pro-zionist & faragist messages and wasn’t to be taken seriously…

        Well yours & stammer’s big ideas went down a treat with the electorate, didn’t they?

        Warning against stammer from day one – my arse,

      4. Toffee, was Specsavers closed when you last tried to get your eyes tested? You won’t find one instance of me supporting Starmer. Grow up and get your head out of those Brexit clouds.

  4. No enquiry because Tory government more interested in not rocking the Brexit boat than in whether UK democracy may have been compromised by the actions of a foreign state. It’s really that simple. Also the Tory Party is heavily funded by Russian oligarchs, and Johnson as Foreign secretary traipsed off to a party weekend at an Oligarch’s Italian villa without his security, to bonk Russian hookers and have an unimpeded good time. It’s a joke that everyone is scratching their heads and wondering why there was no enquiry. When the truth is inconvenient, Johnson and his government just don’t want to know it, or more to the point, they don’t want US to know it. The delays in the publication of the report tell us all we need to know. This government is corrupt to the core, and barely attempts to hide it anymore. It’s great success is in so accustoming us to this that we no longer have any expectation that it will act in any other way, such that whatever they do there is no outrage and it becomes more of the same. It’s a central plank of fascism to heavily manipulate information and
    normalise the unacceptable. Johnson and Cummings are fascists.

  5. Britain is threatened by two foreign powers and is awash with their agents and spies inside all major political parties and all ares of British life; unfortunately for MSM narrative, those foreign powers are not Russia and China, who are largely two-bit players in the big scheme of things, but the USA and Israel. Confirmation of the former was amply provided by Raab’s abject brown-nosing of Pompeo yesterday and of the latter by the Labour Party’s craven surrender to Israel later this morning at the high court.

    More generally, the British people are not really under threat from Johnny foreigner; the main enemy of the British people remains as it has always been – the British and international bourgeoisie. The current flood of obfuscation and frenzied orchestration of xenophobia is a desperate attempt to keep the working class onside at a time when the scales are falling so rapidly from so many people’s eyes. Killing russkies and chinkies with your mouth might have worked at one time but when you’re so obviously a bunch of congenital liars responsible for the deaths of thousands of poor and elderly people and trampling the health service and its workers into the dust, it won’t work as a stratagem this time.

  6. The U.K. is fucked and WE fucked it. The Tories were elected with a 50 seat majority and WE did that.

    1. Be prepared for a massive shock as a result of the idiots who urged adoption of the IHRA definition.

    2. Cameron Osbourne Swinson Sturgeon and the eminent Shadow Secretary for Brexit are all culpable for the current No Brexit position.Not forgetting the propaganda machine.

  7. Panorama drama students settlement, I’m assuming none of them work for party or are members
    So how will it stand up in court when class action comes to trial
    Support Mark Howard through Crowdfunding website, a tenner takes away a lot of stress when you do something about whole shitfest and the thought of driving out Quislings and Bad Actors is quite comforting to

    1. No Google results for “crowdfund Mark Howard” and there are lots of crowdfunding websites.
      Can you be more specific?

  8. Also what will be response when he does this and brings back Cockwombles
    Say it again there are no giants on the left but would settle for vigorous resistance

  9. So anyone in the MSM going to join the dots for us on this one?
    A vicious right-wing government in Russia wants to have us elect a right-wing idiot, not to mention leave the EU in order to weaken the UK. And what happens? Exactly that.
    No wonder Boris Oblenskyvitch Johnson – the Muscovite candidate – doesn’t want it looked into. Unfortunately for him, his boy Failing Grayling once more failed to hush it up completely.

  10. ‘Russia Report’…….those pesky Russians did what? Russian interference in elections in USA & GB (especially Brexit & Scottish UDI but where is the proof; just countless accusations on ‘Western MSM’ making the lie become the truth? BBC accuses ‘RT’ & ‘Sputnik’! It seems George Galloway is just a Russian Agent like all Socialists.

    BBC always asks the wrong questions; follow the money right into the House of Lords. BBC No Comment.

  11. Why aren’t questions asked about the large sums of money donated to the Conservative Party? It seems as if Russia has the best of both worlds; they get rid of the thieves and allow them to bribe the UK govt using the money they stole.

  12. According to a BBC interview evidence (with names) of members of the House of Lords having inappropriate cosy relationships with Russian oligarchs was presented to the enquiry. Nary a peep in the report.

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