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Please support the SKWAWKBOX. Here are 12 reasons why

By design, the SKWAWKBOX relies entirely on voluntary donations to ensure that the information it provides is always freely available to those who need it – and pays extra to its hosting provider to ensure there are no ads cluttering its pages.

In turbulent times, there is no shortage of weathervanes, but there are not too many signposts. The SKWAWKBOX aims to fulfil that function for the left as the movement not only resists attempts to obliterate it, but rallies and prepares to fight back.

Here is just a little of the SKWAWKBOX’s recent output on behalf of the left and those representing it:

  1. SKWAWKBOX warned readers that the right was attempting to have the Corbyn fundraiser page taken down and that some donations were being returned, so the left could push back and ensure it remained up
  2. SKWAWKBOX exposed that the Tories had tripled mortuary capacity in anticipation of a second coronavirus wave in the autumn – while they pressed ahead with lifting lockdown. Cases have now begun to increase sharply
  3. as the Tories lied to the people that they were testing hospital staff for coronavirus, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the government was telling hospitals not to test staff
  4. SKWAWKBOX brought its readers an exclusive recording of Tom Watson’s former driver and fixer boasting of arranging a loan of over £25,000 to prevent right-wing MP Naz Shah being barred as a parliamentary candidate – a loan Shah did not declare – and revealed that Shah had twice faced bankruptcy proceedings
  5. SKWAWKBOX exposed the reality of claims of huge numbers of antisemitism complaints against Labour members: 90% of evidence was so poor and flimsy that the party’s ultimate disciplinary body was forced to reject it
  6. SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Tories were telling people with suspected coronavirus infections to go to work and shopping
  7. when Keir Starmer used antisemitism as an excuse to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey from her post as Shadow Education Secretary, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the pair had had a huge row over Long-Bailey’s refusal to join the rest of Starmer’s front bench in pushing for children to return to school and ride roughshod over unions trying to protect their members
  8. before the full story of Dominic Cummings’s lockdown breaches were public, SKWAWKBOX revealed his second trip
  9. when Keir Starmer responded to the leaked Labour report by targeting staff he suspected of leaking it, SKWAWKBOX kept readers aware
  10. when Labour’s regional office protected right-wing councillors mounting a ‘racist coup‘ against London’s only black council leader, SKWAWKBOX exposed what was happening – and the right abandoned its bid to topple him
  11. SKWAWKBOX revealed that Keir Starmer’s token ‘diversity panel’ consisted of only white advisers close to him
  12. when Jon Lansman arranged with ‘Momentum Renewal‘ to stand down from elections to Momentum’s ruling committee in return for their support for his bid for Labour’s NEC, SKWAWKBOX revealed the details – and that ‘Renewal’ was in fact a front for the Momentum old guard, run by north-west ‘fixers’ close to him. Change group Forward Momentum won every available position

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Thanks for your solidarity so SKWAWKBOX can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.


  1. I used to make a monthly subscription to SKBX but I cancelled it after a number of episodes, namely 1) your refusal to disassociate the site from the AWL, SWP and other sectarian trots plus an underlying sense that you are anti-communist 2) Your seeming abandonment of Chris Williamson 3) Your ham-fisted and often ill judged attempts to intervene in Trade Union elections & 4) my benefits were cut.

    I think the Skwawkbox provides an extremely valuable service but it can only do so if it is not tainted by sectarianism or opportunism/cronyism.

    If I can be reassured that these provisos are met I will happily resume my (pathetic) contributions.

    1. What a very strange set of comments, labrebisgalloise. What is you evidence that Skwawkbox in any way endorses the multifarious (and often directly mutally contradictory) positions of either the SWP or the AWL, or any other tiny Left sect ? None at all I suggest. Since, for instance, Skwawkbox’s position on Brexit, ie, that Labour should respect its 2017 promise to respect the Referendum result, is in complete disagreement with the AWL’s totally uncritical pro EU position, I fail to see how Skwawkbocx can be said to be in any way ‘pro Trot’.

      What on earth do you mean by your ‘underlying sense’ that Skwawkbox is ‘anti-communist ? Provide evidence for such a nasty smear. The term ‘communist’ can mean many different things to different people, unless explained – just like the ambiguous term, ‘Zionism, for instance. If by ‘Communist’ you mean the gross , oppressive , murderous, totalitatarian bureaucratic dictatorships of that total perversion of socialism that once ruled the USSR and its captive satellites, and China still, ie, stalinism, then well done Skwawkbox for being ‘anti-communist’. But nowadays only that ageing tiny grouplet of old tankies around the CPB and the Morning Star really believe the Stalinist tyranny that emerged with the usurping state bureaucracy in the civil-war devastated and internationally isolated USSR during the 1920s, and thereafter, was anything to do with genuine socialism at all, or indeed Lenin or Trotsky’s socialist politics. The Stalinist travesty of ‘communism’ was, and is, the gravedigger of workers power-based socialism.

      Skwawkbox never ‘abandoned’ Chris Williamson in any way . There is no evidence of this smear at all. Do youperhaps want Skwawkbox to be isolated down that diversionary ‘Left’ political rabbit hole to be concerned only with ‘Zionism’ and it’s tiny group of Left icon martyrs ? Probably – but the rest of us want out of that diversionary Left bubble ideology, to discuss and campaign on issues that masses of working class people are concerned with. That is what Skwawkbox has done – whilst still covering the Labour ‘anti-Semitism’ smear issue very fully. And it is quite legitimate for Skwawkbox’s to campaign for Trades Union candidates it thinks fit the needs of the times. You might disagree with Skwawkbox’s choice, but so what ? Get over it – It is Skwawkbox’s right to support particular candidates.

      Your entire nasty little post is nothing more than a series of , fact-free, empty smears, against one of the few remaining shining lights of Left journalism, in an ever-darkening night of MSM capitalist misinformation

  2. Just set up a small monthly donation Skwawkbox, with the proviso that you keep right on doing what you’re doing.
    Solidarity, brother.

  3. Well said jpenney and David McNiven. I, too, have set up a small monthly donation to Skwawkbox. And, labrebisgalloise – you’re wrong in all you say, but I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain it to you

  4. It’s generally a good site Skqwawky. You’ve lost support in Liverpool though for your refusal to run an article on the Wavertree 4. You correctly highlight injustices and treachery within the LP but the absence of the Wavertree 4 scandal is like the elephant in the room.
    LP Exec members have been suspended and accused of ‘racist bullying’, including the Bame rep on the Exec, for merely writing a polite letter to the MP. It’s all over social media, a campaign now running, and many can’t understand why the details aren’t on here to warn others of what’s coming their way soon.
    I’d have thought, like others, that the warning signs of the LP hierarchy dismissing any notion of natural justice, democracy and it’s own rule book should be displayed here in full.

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