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Video: Tories receive millions from Russians and hide Russian interference report – so MSM doorsteps JEREMY CORBYN about a bona fide report Labour found online

If anyone cherished any lingering doubts that the UK’s democracy is broken by a craven media estate, those doubts will be dispelled by events today.

Boris Johnson is still withholding a damning report into Russian interference in UK politics – few seriously doubt that this is because it incriminates the Tories, who have received many millions of pounds from Russian donors.

Johnson and other leading Tories – including the then-Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson – have sold themselves to attend events and even play tennis with Russian oligarchs and their families in return for more huge donations.

So today, the ‘free and fearless’ UK media have doorstepped… Jeremy Corbyn.

The excuse for this disgrace is a claim that a Tory trade document Labour exposed during the general election campaign was obtained by Russian hackers. It wasn’t given to Labour by Russian hackers – Labour accessed it online as did thousands of others – but was supposedly originally hacked by them.

And Labour were late to the party, exposing the documents in November 2019 – but the right-wing Telegraph newspaper had them four months earlier, in July 2019:

The facts are obvious and easily verifiable. Yet a video released by Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez today shows right-wing media ‘doorstepping’ Corbyn and demanding to know whether he ‘regrets’ using the document.

The document that he found online while Boris Johnson was busy burying the report on actual Russian interference in UK politics:

We are – and have been for a long time – well and truly through the looking glass and into the Orwellian territory on the other side, where Dominic Cummings bounces a dead cat to distract from Johnson’s guilt and the whole so-called ‘mainstream’ media gleefully collaborate.

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    1. It is important to make it clear that there is no evidence at all that the Russian state has any involvement in this matter. Why, for example would Putin want a psychotic russophobic government- the one behind the Skripal concoctions and full support for US aggressions- to win the election?
      No, the money at issue is that of the oligarchs who Putin has been trying to tame and pay their taxes, they are supporters of the City, the Tory party and extreme neo-liberalism. And most of them are committed enemies of Putin and the Russian peopole from whom they hsave stolen millions are stealing billions more.

      1. Doesn’t matter who the government is, Cummings is Johnson’
        s boss and he spent three years in Russia.

  1. Well said Howard Beckett. They will always find a way to get at Jeremy. Boris on the other hand could burn down a children’s hospital live on television and not hear a word said against him. The MSM are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Hell mend them all.

  2. I received this yesterday from a friend who is a more tech savvy than me and a former lecturer in IT and social media. I’m posting it because this speaks of one of the real Russia connections that links Trump, Bojo, Cummings and the Russian dark artists who inspire them. I had asked him to comment on the “Labour Together” analysis of the 2019 election.

    “…finally found time to read the Labour Election report, esp on Social media. I’d broadly agree; the approach was too silo’ed, i.e. focussed on ‘likes’. It notes the Tory campaign employed “a professional team who knew how to create quality content most likely to gain reach through algorithms and organic shares, as opposed to paid advertising”.

    2. This analysis .. “Towards the end of the campaign, Cons ramped up its Facebook advertising, with 7,000 ads in early December – 90 per cent of which contained misleading claims” is at the heart of things.

    3. It’s what the report doesn’t mention (perhaps it daren’t) that to me is most noticeable.

    4. Cummings is a ‘student’ of Vladimir Surkov, and the tactic of “implausible deniability” was in evidence throughout .. every attack/ criticism on Tory policy and deed was met by a barrage of denial by lies, every positive policy announcement by Labour was met similarly by a blatant dis-information campaign. The idea is to spread so many lies that voters simply end up not trusting/ believing anything, ergo “bloody politicians, they’re all the same” which of course they are not!

    5. The plan is to create ‘chaos’, in old money “throw enough mud & some will stick”. Mannefort, again guided by Surkov deployed exactly the same tactics for Trump in 2016. Perhaps Cummings was advised by Mannefort, we’ll never know. What is known is that he ran a great deal of test campaigns, trying out messaging and tactics previously, notably in Hartlepool in the run up to the Brexit referendum.

    Probably wise that Labour doesn’t cite this as its reason for losing, which of course was wc labour voters feeling that they were about to be betrayed over Brexit.

    But they have to realise that the rules have changed and be prepared to play as dirty as the Tories, and employ lets call it euphemistically, ‘a disruptive strategy’. It chills me, but the majority of former students (I no longer lecture) were woefully politically ignorant, and apparently some 60% of under 30’s rely on Facebook for the news.

    The red tops don’t sway many people anymore, and younger people don’t watch TV. So online is the new Emperor with new clothes on each and every day.”

    1. I agree 100% The section on our social media campaign was the most frightening pat of the report you cite. as part of it, the Tories identified the strain of rather nasty right wing,localist, populist web journalism that infests most of provincial Britain and saw to it that this strain was fed with a constant supply of bait in the form of news items and disinformation snippets – all faithfully reproduced and used to attack the sitting Labour MP / Labour Council. And it worked.

    2. Cummings is the mastermind-he is Machaevellian and gets results- from the Leave/Remain vote to the GE19 .This is the new political arena the Electoral Commission needs powers to act during not present a postmortem which results in fine but the result remains.

    3. I was trying to find Neil Kinnock’s full resignation speech after he was defeated in 1992, but couldn’t find it, but I found the following article….. here’s a couple of clips from it:

      In a sombre statement read out in the Shadow Cabinet room at Westminster, he pinned the blame on Labour’s demise firmly on newspapers sympathetic to the Conservatives.

      He quoted former treasurer of the Conservative Party, Lord McAlpine, who said in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph: “The heroes of this campaign were Sir David English, Sir Nicholas Lloyd, Kelvin MacKenzie and the other editors of the grand Tory Press.”

  3. MSM actually make me want to vomit
    Repulsive dangerous slugs

  4. Twas always thus and next time we get into power go through them like does of salts,
    Free press, yes please, where can we find one of them
    What is new is right wing of Labour party is finished
    Mark Howell
    Class Action against party, he is asking for donations of £10 to fund case
    Reading transactions of case Labour were forced to suspend some of those implicated to show good faith
    Which flies in the face of apologising to Panorama Drama Cockwombles
    That will hurt them when case resumes

  5. Beware the Neo liberals and the international money 💰 boys that unites them all regardless of nationalty religion or race ..Follow the money 💰 has never been more accurate than it is now.and greed supports them all especially the working-class that they terrorise from the position of real power that seeks to control everything.

  6. There would appear to be nothing wrong with ‘Russian Oligarchs’ or rich ‘Arab Oil Sheikhs’. The dominant football teams in the English Premier Football League depend on their oil rich benefactors, e.g. Chelsea v Manchester City. It seems acceptable that the Premiership is sponsored by a betting company, which must cast doubt on the integrity of any result, but it should surprise no-one that the Labour Party is also sponsored by a betting company. Ownership & control of MSM is dominated by rich & powerful individuals who by any reasonable criteria could not be described as fit & proper persons.

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