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Labour ‘investigating’ new NEC left-winger – for agreeing with the United Nations – and the party’s 3 biggest affiliated unions

Right-wing’s abuse of process continues – as does pattern of targeting newly-elected/selected lefties

Newly-elected NEC left-winger Gemma Bolton

Labour is ‘investigating’ Gemma Bolton, who was elected to the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) only on Friday, for stating that Israel is an apartheid nation in a 2018 tweet.

In 2017, the United Nations condemned Israel for ‘imposing an apartheid regime on Palestinian people’:

A complaint has also been made for a comment Bolton made a month after her ‘apartheid’ tweet, in which she said that ‘BDS works’, referring to the ‘boycott, divestment and sanctions’ campaign that encourages organisations and individuals not to buy from or invest in businesses operating from Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel.

In making that statement, she was in agreement with giant, Labour-affiliated union Unison – one of Labour’s and Keir Starmer’s biggest backers, which officially supports BDS after a 2016 vote at its annual conference carried the following motion:

Unison is not alone. Last year, the UK and Ireland’s biggest union – and Labour’s biggest donor – voted to boycott Hewlett Packard products because the company provides the system that the Israeli government uses for its ‘population registry’, which a spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, described as:

the very instrument that enforces apartheid and racial segregation upon Palestinian citizens of Israel and ‘residents’ of occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem.

Likewise the GMB – Labour’s third-biggest union and another that supports Keir Starmer – voted as long ago as 2011 to:

take a lead in driving forward the boycott and divestment initiatives of companies who profit from illegal settlements, the occupation and the construction of the wall.

The union reconfirmed its commitment the following year and at the same time reaffirmed that it was ‘unashamedly’ affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Labour’s then-Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry – a member of Labour Friends of Israel – has also condemned Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu for ‘trying to turn Israel into an apartheid state’.

Supporters of Israel, unsurprisingly, label BDS antisemitic. The IHRA ‘working definition’ of antisemitism, which Labour’s critics support and which the party adopted despite criticisms even from the document’s creator of its potential for misuse, does not mention BDS, nor do its accompanying examples.

The targeting of Gemma Bolton is the latest in a string of attempts to sideline or expel left-wingers when they are elected to senior positions – or selected to contest them. Earlier this year, popular councillor Jo Bird was suspended over complaints of antisemitism, despite being Jewish – a suspension that was quickly overturned because the complaint had no substance. She was also targeted when she was in line for selection to represent a Liverpool constituency in the general election – and again as recently as this month, when she was standing for election to the NEC as a local government representative.

Labour is now targeting left-wingers elected to its ruling body for agreeing with the world organisation aiming to foster peace, justice and the rule of law – and with the three biggest unions backing the party.

Meanwhile, right-wingers who make genuinely antisemitic comments have been let off without disciplinary action by Keir Starmer.

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  1. I hope they’re investigating Josan Singh for passing a ‘dossier’ of evidence to a social blogger – in the company of a well known Tory – whilst the target of the dossier was subjected to a standards investigation, thereby ensuring the local media and general atmosphere was tainted against the victim! Disgraceful distortion and soiling of legal process – he is now a member of the NEC involved with legal process!

  2. Does this mean she is suspended from all party activities while the investigation process is under way. How many years is it now for former NEC member Pete Willsman?

      1. Oh yes, I forgot, it depends on luck. Clearly Pete, Chris, Jack, Marc, Tony and so many many others did not have any.

    1. Pete Willsman committed a cardinal sin – he wanted more democracy in the Party. Oh, and he upset the Zionists.

      1. Jack – That’s what we were all promised, a members led party.

  3. The suspension of Corbyn and now the targetting of Gemma Bolton is surely reassuring our Muslims brothers and sisters that the Labour welcome them.

  4. If Gemma Bolton is suspended, does it means that Ann Henderson takes the position?

  5. Gemma has done nothing wrong!

    She had simply stated facts. Israel is an apartheid state and BDS is the best way to support Palestinians.

    1. Richard, correct. Israel is not just an apartheid State, it is a racist State built on the terrorism of Zionist militias which evolved into the current IDF. Starmer knows this and is at pains to protect it.

    2. Clearly the party is unsure of this Richard and as Gemma was echoing the views of our 3 major donors maybe we should refuse to accept a penny from them until they openly declare that there is no apartheid in Israel and that everyone is treated equally and with respect by the Israeli government.
      Likewise with the United Nations. Maybe Labour should be demanding that the UK withdraws from the United Nations for sharing the same apparently unacceptable views as our donor unions and our new NEC member,
      No chance of any of that happening. The Unions UN and Gemma are all correct in their reading of the situation in Israel.As far as I am aware the position of inferiority of non Jews in Israeli society has been formalised by recent legislation.
      The party won’t raise the issue with our donors or the UN. Instead it prefers to bully and name call a young woman who recently won an important election in the hope that she will resign or preferably try to defend herself – then they can then shamelessly expel her.
      Every day I get more and more disgusted by the party hierarchy. Our party is reverting to the old days and old ways of Kinnock Smith Blair and Brown. I despair I really do.

      1. Totally agree Smartboy. Very grateful for your clear logical argument with facts. I get possibly too worked up as it is all very distressing.

      2. I am afraid that the current Labour party are far more dangerous than Kinnock Bliar,and Brown…I was a member under all of them ,bliar being the worst,but this bunch now will destroy the Labour party if they havnt alrrady done so.Be in no doubt that the mob running Labour down are terminal if you don’t rise up and eject them.

      3. How would you suggest we go about doing that Joseph?

    3. Indeed, Richard

      I hate (for example) the x factor (and other such tedious, dumbed-down shite featuring those two talentless no-marks who are never off the screen).

      Oh, and that baldy bespectacled twott on the cooking shows (another who gets his grid onto eveything on Tv)…Plus dan fucking snow. clare ‘I’m a posh lesbian you know’ (Nobody cares ffs) balding and that other posh twat called ben…something-or-other

      They’ve monopolised the Tv screen betwixt the,….and all of it is unadulterated, wrath-inducing garbage that sends my boood pressure through the roof.

      Do I call for their extermination? No.

      I do, however, boycott their vacuous, wearisome bunkum, and have gone licence-free.

      And I strongly urge everyone else to do the same in the (folorn) hope that the Tv companies (Especially the tory mouthpice known as the state broadcaster) will actually make something decent or get someone with a modicum of talent and know-how to front their shows and deliver us our news.

  6. Or
    Make a counter claim
    Vexatious claims are hate crimes
    It is either anti semitic or it isn’t, this won’t stop until someone takes them to court and puts them out of business

      1. Rita, yes, McCluskey turned on him because CW supported open selection. Other union right wingers followed McCluskey.

      2. Jack – That simply isn’t the case. Unite had an agreed policy to support ‘mandatory reselection’. It was Corbyn who instructed McCluskey to change his mind at conference and fob us off with ‘trigger ballots’..

      3. Corbyn could not instruct his dog to bark. He pleaded with McC to throw the vote because he knew the right would split. Thing was, that was the point of it, to get shot of the Blairites. Duh. Now its splitting but the left is the loser, again and this time for good.

      4. Rita – “I only regret that the leadership did not make that clearer at conference, since doing so would surely have taken much of the sting out of the debate even if some delegates might have remained unhappy. ……….
        “……Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.
        If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons. The changes adopted may not be “mandatory reselection” as some define it but it is at the very least a “selective mandatory reselection” that will make it far easier for local parties to choose a different Labour candidate if that is their wish. That is probably why the Momentum national leadership joined nearly all trade unions in supporting it.
        For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership, something that brings together the vast majority of the party today. And it is about advancing democratic reform in the party hand-in-hand with advancing to government, and ensuring that we maintain the vibrant unity that has carried Jeremy Corbyn to the party leadership.

      5. SteveH, where is the evidence that Corbyn instructed McCluskey? Even if he did, McCluskey knew open selection was the right way to go and should have supported it regardless. Did Corbyn also tell McCluskey to support the IHRA definition?

      6. Jack – I’m guessing you missed my comment above 7:17pm. As for the IHRA, I don’t know but if I find out then I will try and remember to let you know.

      7. SteveH and by the way I know for a fact it is correct that McCluskey turned on CW because CW supported open selection.

      8. Jack – I’d like to be able to read about that. Have you got a link so that I can see the context.

      9. SteveH as I said, McCluskey knew open selection was the right way to go and should have supported it. McCluskey spoke to one of our delegates and said he would support the motion if it gained a majority, knowing quite well that the vote had already been scuppered by the unions.

        The altercation between McCluskey and CW was privately filmed and it confirms my point. If it was up to me I would release it.

      10. Rita it must still be done. I’ve not even heard Chris on the radio all year. I expect busy somewhere. Not to mention heart broken by what has happened to him. Absolutely dreadful.

      11. Signpost, look for Chris Williamson’s ‘Resistance TV’ on YouTube and you can see what he’s up to and who is supporting him.

      12. Jack T. I do not understand what you mean but get the impression it’s a criticism. What are you saying?

      13. Thanks Jack T. I tend to avoid all TV. To me it does not allow granular analysis nor have as wide a reach as radio. Plus i believe our leaders need to be IN battle in the public arena ALWAYS, rebutting lies, demolishing myths of Tory competence etc.

        WE are insurgents not the occupiers. Think George Galloway’s US Senate showdown. George is a legend for that STILL.
        The battle is in the public arena. Proof Bernie and Jeremy. Out of the arena, out of the game. Fail to focus on the general arena and you’ve lost it. Perceptions evolve based on what people see and hear.

        I doubt any builder would tune their communal radio on site to a niche TV station. They have LBC and Talkradio on all day. Similarly the solitary gardner or carpenter, house husband, pharmacist, taxi driver… the broad electorate.

        I never knew of Jeremy. Have no memory of hearing him before the first Leadership debate. When people heard him. He was the obvious choice. IMMEDIATELY the Right Wingers realised he would win, they ACTED to smear him re IRA. That failed. But it was CLEAR they were determined to crush him, so I like hundreds of thousands joined to VOTE to support him.

        The inner circle assumed that Jeremy’s previous invisibility won it. NO! It was HEARING his views “wot won it”. Each long period of absence … silence, brought me intense concern. Other smears failed. Again the inner circle thought “stay hidden” it works. NO! It doesn’t. Think of it as a sand egg timer or seesaw. The Right wingers acted … changed attack to Anti-Semitism + Remain. Starmer knew he would gift victory to Cummings’ Johnson with that then blame the results of his plot on Jeremy. Starmer had already seen that the inner circle’s “strategy” was appease, hide, stay silent, it will blow away. AND – We will have 2017 plus, COMPLETELY BLIND to the OBVIOUS anger in our own base that we were prepared to take them for granted to appease the metropolitan set. Of course that was SABOTEUR STARMER’s grenade. NB we have not had that being hammered home by Jeremy and his close allies. Where are they all??? On CW’s TV channel???

        Sorry Jack T, we need new blood. People who realise that bunkers don’t cut it. Look at SWP, etc I met one once. People who realise we must pause to think then ACT. People who realise we cannot be above the basics. People who realise that repeating nice emptinesses to each other as “COMRADELY” is pathetic detached woeful blind and deaf self-indulgence.
        Winning is easy compared to SUSTAINING a victory. It takes critical self analysis and ALERT, flexible ACTIVE responses to MAINTAIN victories 🌹🌹🌹

  7. There is quite an edge to this Purge. It reeks of the Right, recently humiliated with exposure of their cold blooded sabotage of the Party, seeking revenge for that humiliation and Starmer having lost all control of what they do next. It looks as if the Right will get its way and the Oarty will never again seriously contend for Power. It’s leaving a very nasty smell.

    1. Paul, the “very nasty smell” was there a long time ago. Pre Starmer. The fact that we opted to ignore it, does not mean the stench was not there.

      We got an EXCELLENT lucky break because Margaret Bekkett thought Jeremy would lose. We had the leadership, the NEC and drew the largest membership of any European Party. BUT at every single turn… EVERY SINGLE turn, we failed to use it.

      Until we face that and CHANGE, it will happen again. No matter where, no matter when. There is no other planet. No other time.

      I can only say as i find as a newbie. Early o’clock i detected a REFUSAL to deal with urgent BASIC matters. There is an “inbred” DESPERATE PATHETIC indulgent CULT attitude THROUGHOUT the “Left” in and out of the Labour Party. You see the same with the Limp Dims, TINGEs, CUCKS and Greens etc

      They are all stuck. Blind and deaf to realities, and refuse to detect stenches too. AND are divorced from logic in a remarkable way. The night before the last election, a fellow phoned LBC or Talkradio in the evening. He, with deep sincerity and passion said though he knew and agreed with the presenter that voting Labour was the best opportunity to attend to what he was most concerned about, he would vote Green “to give animals a voice”. “Giving them a voice” was more important than taking a practical step where Labour could have one. I listened in awe.

      The virtue trumped effectiveness. It also trumped facts as the GREENS were fanatical about the EU, yet FAILED to campaign as they should to increase their good number of MEPs. They allowed the disreputable Limp Dims who still bray bigoted chants at their conferences. Moreover the EU allows mink farming in the Netherlands and Greece where they are now being gassed before their eventual PLANNED gassing. The mink suffer an horrendous slow death by suffocation just to preserve their pelts. All hail the GLORIOUS EU ANIMAL WELFARE STANDARDS.

      But that fellow indicated the mismatch all of us can have re VIRTUE and IMPLEMENTATION … the basic practicalities. It is a cult trait. The closest the Tories cane in modern times was Margaret Thatcher who deposited WMD Blair. Even monsters need to defecate.

      BUT, we must not be a cult. We must not block our eyes, ears and noses to obvious threats. Fail to act against the threat then moan that threats did what threats do.

      The “many” need a decent government now. POSTERITY will CURSE those who hope posterity will value their being right yet despite abundant opportunities, chose to appease the unappeasable… to “Do EVERYTHING they asked” for FOUR years, in return for four years of humiliation🅾️🅾️🅾️

    2. He has lost so much control the Leaked Report has never been mentioned since. What happened to the report on the report?

      1. They announced in the summer that they had been over ambitious with their timetable this summer and that the publication would now be put back to before the end of the year. They also asked for additional evidence and comments during the summer. Not long to wait now, hopefully.

      2. Could anyone explain why Twatson was nominated for a peerage ? ? ?
        That is an enduring puzzle… and at the END of four years of awful wicked lying sabotage.
        WELL MEANING PEOPLE, is meaning well enough??? We have SERIOUS problems but it seems turning up at protests to beg rulers for crumbs satisfies. Is that the purpose of the “Left” ? ? ? To protest for a lifetime then retreat and wait for crumbs ? ? ? See almost ZERO success yet forever trumpeting WORTHLESS solidarity for one and all yet choose to enable people who MADE IT PLAIN that they HATE our values ❓ ❓ ❓

        Those who got us to this sorry state MUST stand up and speak out EVERY DAY against Starmer & Co. Who can stand more of the same DEAFENING SILENCE❓ The ABSENCE? And WHERE is McCluskey, McDonald, Burgon, Piddock, RLB, Skinner, WHERE ARE THEY❓❓❓

      3. They initially said that the inquiry would be completed by the middle of July, but you can be 150% certain that they had no intention of doing so, and they will be stretching it out as long as possible. I mean if Forde and Co concluded initially that the investigation would take about ten weeks, how is it that in a matter of weeks they’re then saying the end of the year. How could you possibly get it so wrong!

        And given that it was initially stated that the investigation would be completed by the middle of July, it is rather odd that the former staffers (named in the leaked report) didn’t get their ‘riposte’ (to the leaked report) in to circulation until the August?! Surely you would have been making such claims in the days after the leaked report hit the headlines, and not waited more than three months before doing so and submitting them to the Forde Inquiry. Here’s what they were claiming (from a Guardian article):

        Labour staffers named in a leaked internal party report that claimed to show their private hostility to Jeremy Corbyn have alleged that the document misused private messages to falsely make them seem racist and sexist, an inquiry has been told.

        It has also been confirmed that officials accused in the report of insulting pro-Corbyn colleagues in WhatsApp groups are seeking damages from the party for misuse of data and libel, among other complaints.

        In a formal submission to the inquiry, seen by the Guardian, lawyers for the accused officials say the WhatsApp messages were used selectively and edited to give a false impression. They also say the inquiry should be abandoned given the damage already caused by the leaked report.

        The 11-page submission claims that some WhatsApp messages sent months apart were joined together to create a false narrative, and others were removed, “so that by such editing a deliberately false impression that racist and misogynistic conversations had taken place”.

        What complete and utter bunkum, but it probably explains why the Forde Inquiry was suddenly extended and was gonna take more than twice as long – ie so that the former staffers could work out their propaganda tactics to discredit the leaked report! And release it to the MSM of course!

  8. The more they deliberately attack the left of the party they hope more will leave, don’t stay and start fighting back.

    Starmer pretending he wants to unite the party is getter sicker by the day.

    For a so called lawyer I don’t think I have ever seen a more inept one in my life time, what’s more he doesn’t give a toss, False claims can only be challenged in court this despicable creature hopes people won’t have the resources to so.

    Lets start looking at legal action against him for bringing the Labour party into disrepute.

    1. You shouldn’t forget that the current disciplinary procedures were set up and put in place by the previous administration.

      1. I’m not sure I see the relevance of this. Chakrabarti’s recommendations have never been put into practice and the few that were were immediately undermined by the unions – the ban on all involvement with the party for j’accused, until then they could attend meetings, speak and vote.

      2. Rita – If that is the case why didn’t Jeremy assert his authority.

      3. Best to ask him, and while you’re ask why he never stood up to the AS shit show, Hodge, Watson, McNicol, Streeting, Mann, Woodcock, Austin,Kinock, Smeeth, Phillips, and all the bastards I cannot now be bothered to remember then there were all the backstabbers we all paid for (twice) that Corbyn now claims they always knew about.

      4. Reply to Steve H
        Disciplinary procedures are there to be invoked when a breach of discipline occurs. They are not there to be used to force out successful candidates elected to the NEC because their faces and their politics don’t fit.

      1. The legal fund was set up with a very narrow remit, basically to defend himself against the threatened action by the Panorama bloke (can’t be bothered looking up his name). It cannot be used for anything else until that threat has gone.

  9. Surely all these made up rules can’t be legal?why is none of them taking it to court or at least a unfair dismissal tribunal?

    1. No such animal for private groups. Courts cost a tonne of money and their decisions can usually be easily circumvented. If necessary simply change the rules. Chris Williamson won and the party knew he would, so days before the hearing they invented some new complaints which the court could not address. He won his case with extensive costs is all. Starmer simply handed out £600,000 of your money to gag the truth from getting out.

  10. The caving in to signing the biassed BOGUS and NOT universally accepted shackles of free speech was one of the many causes of this. Capitulation with out rebuttals hoping problems will disappear.

    “We did EVERYTHING T H E Y asked” John McDonald whined. Who were the “THEY”? And WHY did John McDonald feel it right that any UNELECTED and WILDLY UNREPRESENTATIVE well organised, and extremely aggressive and vocal groups should be granted that which is denied EVERY other groups❓❓❓ WHY❓❓❓
    Has it helped us, or put all of us at the mercy of unsubstantiated solid evidence❓❓❓ What next???

    1. McDonnell lost his bottle a long time ago. He is nothing more than an wimp pandering to whatever crumb he thinks will mollify the right. A sad case.

  11. It’s not for me to say it’s time for the unions to beat Labour with the big stick – but I will say it’s time for them to at least SHOW Starmer the stick.

    1. the unions won’t. Don’t hold your breath. The appease fest continues. Nothing has been learnt.

  12. Id love to tweet this but twitter has blocked my account because I criticised the Daily Mail.

  13. Why so much trust in courts? So many Lawyers; Judges; QCs; Barristers & Solicitors who are part of the circus charade that provides an illusion of Justice. I’m sure that Julian Assange is impressed

  14. It is a complete surprise that the socialists within Labour cannot have 20% of left leaning Labour MP’s bring about a leadership challenge and unseat the Zionist leader of Labour, Haredim Kier. Labour needs to return to its socialist roots and bring dignity and humanity back to the UK.

    1. As is the TUC which this year supported the motion that Israel is an apartheid state and once again support BDS. So the Labour movement is schizophrenic: the industrial arm says Zionist Israel is racist and should be boycotted while the political arm says to even hint at such a suggestion will see you condemned and expelled.

      1. Rita , I’d say that the Labour movement far from being schizophrenic is to large extent honest and truthful , the Starmer Party IMO is by en large a pile of dishonest , duplicitous lying bastards , i.e Tories masquerading as Labour MPs

  15. Given the intense trawling of social media you would have thought these accusations would have been revealed earlier. Do the the likes of the CAA sit on stuff like this and then drip feed it out as and when it is opportune.

    1. What kind of person trawls through millions of social media posts, likes and recommends, in the hope of finding something that can be vaguely accused of whatever today’s big no-no is? Unless someone is paying them to do it of course ………….

      1. Joe – I take your point but the reality is that they get the computer to do the work for them.

      2. JoeRobson – “What kind of person trawls through millions of social media posts” ❓ People who were allowed to get control of our party back. Worse is to come. These are the fruits of appeasement. It is odd to be surprised. Harold Shipman murdered elderly people. Would you have sent your grandparents to be treated by him, knowing his record❓ No. Me neither.

      3. JoeRobson, – yes tons of money is spent on the trawls. Lots of IT really… funded with lots of money. Thereafter nasties like Sir Starmar and Evans do what nasties do. It is there nature. They have been dancing for Herod and usurping his adulterous wife and their daughter for ages.
        Evans and Starmer share the beheading. They proudly parade with severed heads. They know it pleases their masters. But they would joyously behead one million Johns without instructions. It is their nature. Salome is no match for any of those globules of sulphurous slime. She was a spoilt child. Whats Starmar, Evan & Co’s excuse❓❓❓

    2. SH – “Do the the likes of the CAA sit on stuff like this and then drip feed it out as and when it is opportune.”?

  16. In ther NuNuLab party, merely being accused of anti-semitism is a de facto statement of guilt!

      1. JoeRobson, the “Left” in my CLP are extremely well read but seem unable to extract anything to guide our progress.
        There is nothing new under the sun. The menu of life’s choices are eternal. It is up to us to choose bravely and not make excuses. From present circumstances, Kafka and everything else has been read by most but the reading failed to inform and direct action. We need clear eyed action🌹🌹🌹

      2. SteveH so what are you doing about it?

        By the way, I would say it increased the self esteem of those who were suspended/expelled for bogus reasons but it shattered their respect for those in the Party who have no regard for democracy.

      3. Jack – Not a lot at the moment apart from having had discussions with my MP.
        Unfortunately we are all in limbo at the moment waiting for see what emerges as the new and independent service.

      4. SteveH, there is no need for an independent service. Proper democracy and open discussion is all that is required. Proscribing the JLM and the LFI would be a good start.

      5. Jack – If only that were the case.To date the party’s made a bollocks of it and we are where we are. As Keir stood on a platform that we would have an independent process (whatever that means) I imagine that’s what we’ll get.
        There could be distinct advantages all round in having a clear demarcation between our Executive and Adjudication Body. A separation of powers.
        I also wonder if the BoD will end up being locked out of the process because the EHRC couldn’t be seen to endorse religious interference in an independent process.
        Whatever your opinion of the EHRC (ffs, have you seen the new commissioners they appointed on Friday) if they give the new system their ‘seal of approval’ it will be much more difficult for external or internal bodies to attack the party.
        I agree that religious affiliates have absolutely no place whatsoever in the party. Their very existence is an anathema in a secular party.
        Yes I do know that I am just wishing on a star and guessing but that is all any of us can do for now.

    1. A few notes on Kafka’s the Trial…

      The underlying story of the Trial is of a man arrested for a reason he never discovers; faces a “trial” which never takes place; and is executed without ever discovering the allegations against him.

      There are no rights to a fair trial; a higher authority has deemed guilt before arrest; and it is unknown for anyone to be acquitted.
      People are not told of the allegations against them
      Documents are not disclosed.
      A judgement “evolves” over a period of time.
      People are judged on their mannerisms.
      No-one is ever found to be innocent, the “authorities” don’t make errors.

      Spot any similarities?

      1. Jack – I really can’t believe that I thought that the current disciplinary process had been been designed and put in place by JC’s team so what you are saying just can’t possibly be right, please tell me it isn’t true

      2. Ah SteveH I see what you did there but what you are ignoring is the LP is now under the control of a dictator and a mini dictator who in turn are doing their best to tailor the membership of the Party to the requirements of their Israeli overseer.

      3. Jack – What I’m not ignoring or forgetting is those that were unjustly thrown into the gutter with their reputation and self esteem in tatters.

      4. JoeRobson – “A judgement “evolves” over a period of time. People are judged on their mannerisms.”

        Superb quote. Laser accuracy re human nature – A judgement “evolves”.

        If the MSM etc pronounces “judgement” HOURLY everyday, yet a choice is made to remain for FOUR years, above it all… so far above … barely visible, barely audible, then “judgements” PERCEPTIONS do evolve.

        That is obvious and can be seen throughout history, children’s stories, the theatre, BOOKS, everywhere. I remain intensely puzzled … indeed disturbed as to how certain “choices” were repeated for four whole years DESPITE the results and the offer Twatson a Peerage, sit on the internal report and to date barely a word about it from our side??? The whole business is beyond me. I am fine until i think of it. But what’s bizarre is the weird cultish attitude of refusing to find out what we have done wrong to get our party back. Extraordinary.

      5. What many of you on here forget is Steve H is making lists that hes paid to do by dear leader and there are many more dangerous people who sell out for profit.

  17. MariaVazquez, sadly, the “suspension of Corbyn” and MANY other Starmer atrocities eg Spy Cops vote, have nothing, ZILCH to do with any brothers and sisters.

    Be they Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Jedi, Levitating Eunochs, Unitarians, Pentecostals, Shango, Rastafarians, Whirling Dervishes, Margot Fonteyn devotees, Maria Callas’ Everlasting Fan Club, Carlos Acosta groupies, Those who worship Leontyne Price’s Magnificence, those who worship as Kathleen Battle does, our Welsh miner brothers and sisters in harmony with Paul Robeson… even those who prefer Janáček to Hindemith… MariaV these atrocities are purely and simply about MONEY and POWER. The atrocities are ONLY about sucking up even more of the worlds wealth and control for and by a tiny tiny few.

    The emotional brigade ie man made religions etc are USED by the 1% to DEVIDE and RULE. The religious leaders and devotees often have ZERO regard for ANY devine being. Were Moses or Christ here now they would be caged like Julian Assange by Sir Starmer because they threatened the Status Quo. What did the Church do to those who insisted that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe? Either way it had nothing to do with how “brothers and sisters” were treated.

    The profitable Status Quo, GLITTERINGLY profitable for a few has ALWAYS been their Devine being of the religions. The defeated and ruled huddle in a swirling echo chamber with no fresh input. Learnt defeatist excuses swirl around and down to new defeatist. It is a culture of defeat. Not a nice feeling. Thus the defeated get engrossed in comforting positions that makes them feel righteous.

    Alas we almost always take the dangled illuminated emotional baits and are caught used and disabled. Look at history. Look at actions. On this very page you can read of Starmer’s atrocities that go uncensored and unmentioned, except by us. He and his repellant gang have no care of ANY religion. They have no care for any country, ours nor ANY other.

    The sooner we realise and clarify that we want a better world but have failed miserably to asses the problem of parasites , then set priorities and perfect methods the moaning of defeats will continue. One problem is little acceptance of what the likes of Starmer are. You can tell from the tenses people use. Eg Starmer is BEGINNING to smell when he has ALWAYS had a bad smell. I detect that many really expect Starmer to change DESPITE his abysmal heartless disgusting record.

    I’v often meant to mention that even after Jeremy’s expulsion, the response of the “Left” was one of surprise and belief that Starmer will welcome him back because he fears loss of membership dues, numbers and losing the election. He and his gang is not the least bit concerned. MILLIONS of $¥€ are at the Right Wing’s disposal to use in EITHER party. Even more is now available as the ultra monied will no longer expect the likes of Ummuna, Berger nor Swinson are as shiny, persuasive nor PM material.

    That lot, devoted to their mirrors, BELIEVED what their mirrors commanded so were emboldened to convince some. Why?Because of the effect of standing up, being heard and being visible. Of course they had nothing worthwhile to stand for, nor say nor anything attractive substance to show. But, they are proof that we MUST be seen, be heard PROPERLY, assertively and EVERY DAY. We are the insurgents. We do not have the luxury of being in charge. We cannot hide. The inner circle confused the favourable response of 2016/17 as being set in stone. No it was a response to the POVERTY of the other candidates. They all admitted that they agreed with Jeremy’s policies. Even Starmer deceived his dirty way to pollute the leadership by lying that he will follow Jeremy’s vision. They realised their emptiness would not convince so devised the REMAIN push. BASIC. OBVIOUS

    Another basic is this, until we flush away the dim witted out of touch dead weight political theorists who LOVE harping on about their PhD’s but DESPISE the working classes, we are doomed. People preach about Marx re class consciousness yet scorn the rational of classes they consider beneath them. Well I despise the scorners. There is more common sense in the bath water of the working classes than an army of lawyers, PPE spouters and CLP Branch careerists.

    Number of members is of ZERO consequence. Cummings’ Johnson took our victory because we had the members but insulted the electorate on the OBVIOUS key issue BREXIT. We had the members and public support but handed EVERYTHING to Starmer, Twatson, Hodge, Bliar, Blunkett etc. We virtuously weep over democracy denied abroad, yet insult our own base with “Constructive Ambiguity”.

  18. Steve H. 7.49
    The US is bust working in the ‘China problem; in the past week they have declared the Turkmen Jihadis, largely Uighur’s who have some 7000 fighters occupying a town in Idlip, no longer International Terrorists. They are free to go – especially via Turkey back to China to raise trouble there, Jihadi style. The Americans know no shame as even now they ferment another sectarian bloodbath to unsettle those they decide are rivals. (Al Monitor today).

  19. The Party is becoming more and more a democracy and socialism free zone… Erosion of core values and selling-down-the-river of our principles. Dr Faust (Goethe) at his worst. There are very poig ant parallels.

    1. “is becoming” ❓It is ‼️ Those who we trusted have vanished🔴

    2. “The Party is becoming more and more …” Sabine❓It is ‼️ Those who we trusted have vanished🔴 Have you heard or seen them❓

  20. The Pantomime Dame matrix
    The management must have the power to sack someone on the spot, at end of day they are employees of the party
    By all means let CLP’s select and deselect but when it comes to managing the party ultimate power will always lie with the Executive
    Discipline and Dismissal is key, ask the union’s
    Message is clear, your no one special, we are all in it together, do the day job fighting cheap and nasties and you have little to worry about

    1. Doug… Why do you speak in riddles…say what you mean,and mean what you say.With a pill popping illiterate NEC kangaroo court and a leader off his trolley what will you do if it is difficult to translate what you mean.and even more to understand what you actually want…Plain English Will do..!

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