Public sector pay deal means CUT in public services

The Tories’ public sector pay increases – which exclude nurses – mean an automatic cut in public services.

Rishi Sunak has accepted the independent pay review boards’ recommended increases for the public sector – as of course he should – but has said that the increases must come from existing departmental budgets.

Budgets already desperately short of the cash they need – and this means that there will be less money for services.

As ever, when the Tories even bother to give with one hand, they always take away with the other – except when it’s to their wealthy individual and corporate donors, of course.

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  1. ”Public sector pay deal means CUT in public services”

    Who’da thunkit?

    But plod got theirs again…And when the disorder starts because of further cuts (And it WILL), they – along with the MPs – will get a whopping bunce more at everyone else’s expense.

    1. If challenged I suspect the Tories will point to the April 2018 ‘New Pay Deal’ which was supposed to increase nurses’ pay by 6.5% over three years and say they’ve already given the nurses an inflation-busting deal.
      They’ll probably get away with it too, since 6.5% will seem generous to people outside the NHS who’ve lost their jobs.
      There’s not much solidarity in the UK workforce.

      1. ”There’s not much solidarity in the UK workforce.”

        Is there ANY, these days?

        All’s I see is other workers complaining about being ‘inconvenienced’ when a different sector to theirs walks out. Sure, you’ll get the mealy-mouthed words of ‘support’ from union bosses, but what good’s having serwotka or prentis pretending to be on your side?

      2. Actually I’m in no position to talk about lack of solidarity in others.
        As a brash 18/19 year old I forced my way through a picket because of the aggressive way one of them braced me out of nowhere in torrential rain, pushing his sign in my face.
        I felt outraged and justified for about five minutes and embarrassed for fifty years.

  2. And of course, apart from the insult to nurses after being left out of the settlement, there is total refusal to look at action to improve wage rates in social are (both residential and domiciliary) which are delivered overwhelmingly by private sector employers, most of whom (grudgingly) only pay the minimum wage.

  3. OT, sorry.
    ISC “Russia Report” publication statement on BBC News just now puts the blame squarely on “successive UK governments” for “actively avoiding” enquiring into or addressing the threat from Russian interference in UK elections – they stop short of naming the Conservatives but it doesn’t need any interpretation when they’ve been (ir)responsible since 2010.
    The implication is inescapable that successive Tory governments welcomed the Russian interference because it favoured them.

    1. ISC member just aligned himself with MI5’s recommendation for amendments to the Official Secrets Act to make it a crime for anyone in the UK to act on behalf of a foreign government.
      Somebody should report them to the EHRC.
      Clearly it’s antisemitic to prevent Israel from interfering in British politics or to demand the JLM and BoD be jailed for acting as agents of a foreign power.

  4. Systemic change
    Stop saying government and say Conservative party
    Or even better cheap and nasty Tory party
    Also stop Boris lying to us, tell MSM and toilet papers to stop repeating lies
    40 hospitals 30,000 nurses and 20,000 police
    We go with cheap and nasty Tory party have a visceral hatred of public services in general and the NHS in particular
    By how much has the NHS been run into the ground since 2010
    Has Uncle Festa taken the NHS off the table yet
    Methinks not
    Russian influence, anyone for tennis, would love it if we can show Blair taking money from dodgy regimes, oh fuck

  5. Plod gettin a payrise for all those coronavirus fines they extorted out of people. Of course, this’ll become another cash cow in future,

    Except when it comes to actually doing some actual work (by breaking up illegal raves for example) they either sit on their arses and eat doughnuts, or just run away, the useless bastards.

    I wonder how much VFM Joe Public’ll get from the plod when ‘shit gets real’ , as it will do?

  6. It’s quite ironic that in the Government report it cites RT and Sputnik being Russian propaganda outlets forgetting of course that the BBC plus Panorama fulfils the same role. Moreover, it also talks about “ open source “ documents which in reality is information in the public domain. It also talks about misinformation etc, yet, conveniently forgets the misinformation which all major political parties supported about the WMD scam which led to an unprovoked war causing the deaths of millions. The New Cold War scam beckons and all that entails.

  7. Systemic Changes
    Allow opposition a reply to every government announcement across MSM and toilet papers

  8. Pompeo today congratulates the British government for its “principled response” (doing what it was told) on Huawei.

    Now all Boris has to do is get tough on China and Venezuela, speak up for Trunt every day through November and have the NHS tied up in a pink ribbon by Christmas.

    Then he gets back the pictures of him in bed with the dead whore.

  9. The whole announcement in respect of pay rises for some specific public workers is just a distraction tactic. Some media providers have misleading headlines which make it look like this applies across the whole public sector. The reality is very different with public sector workers in some departments still waiting for their 2019 pay rises which are negotiated separately. Then there is the public sector pensions contribution and discrimination case. Bearing in mind many public sector workers are key workers and have worked through the pandemic they are definitely not receiving inflation busting pay rises because as the government percives to give with one hand it takes more with the other.

  10. Murdoch empire
    Good news is James is heir apparent, so look forward to the ‘rags to rags’ happy ending, is there no beginning to that boys talents
    Unfinished business, Leveson 2 and putting the band back together (Mosely, Davies and Grant) to finish the job through regulation
    So much to look forward to

  11. Gov’t: “No evidence of SUCCESSFUL Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.”

    No vapid news bunny has yet displayed the minuscule insight necessary to ask the question “What proof of the success or otherwise of Russian interference could there possibly be, you moronic fucking Tory?
    The point is, was there interference or was there not and why did you do fuck all about finding out?”

  12. In the Riddle of the Sands novel, it was part of an orchestrated propaganda campaign by the disciples of Cecil Rhodes, Milner etc to construct a narrative that Germany was the boogie man threatening the peace and stability of the world. Which meant of course in reality pointed to the money making schemes of the elites in the British Empire. Now, we have a new orchestrated propaganda campaign to resurrect the “ Cold War” to deflect from the 40 years of fleecing the ordinary people of the West and it’s failing paradigm to bring prosperity to most people. Nothing new under the sun.

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