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House of Commons deletes factual tweet saying Tories voted to defeat amendment to protect NHS from foreign control

Issues new tweet claiming it had to do maintain perception of ‘impartiality’

The official House of Commons Twitter account has deleted a tweet it posted to announce the government’s defeat of an amendment proposed by MPs in an attempt to protect the NHS from the Tories’ plans to include it in a UK-US trade deal.

The tweet quoted the wording of the amendment’s proposers to describe it as the defeat was announced:

However, the tweet has now been deleted and replaced by a new tweet saying that it had to be removed because of concerns about how the account’s ‘impartiality’ might be perceived.

So it’s a breach of impartiality to state a fact, in case anti-fact right-wingers take exception to it. It seems the House of Commons Twitter account has been taking lessons from the BBC. Fortunately, the tweet was preserved for posterity, but the state of this post-democratic country is an appalling one.

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  1. Thank you SW. Thank you Skwawkbox. Your journalism is essential.

    Socialist and activists should remain in Labour to protect and champion our NHS.

    W must undo a decade of disastrous NHS reforms

  2. BBC just deliberately cut off Jenny Manson of JVL when she was about three seconds from finishing the point she was making that antisemitism in Labour was no worse than anywhere else and that Starmer was a mewling, collaborating, back-stabbing surrender monkey, parting his buttocks for Netanyahu and the Board of Dipshits – pretty sure that was what she was going to say.
    Completely disgusting and unwarranted to cut her off for a pointless 60-second recorded BBC ident before Politics Live.
    Fucking twats.
    If Labour had threatened them with ex post facto legislation in 2018 like I said they should they’d be in government now.

  3. Does this mean that the Twitter announcement has fallen foal of some procedural point but this does not alter the fact that the ammendment was defeated???

  4. DAILY MIRROR: “Shadow Trade Minister Bill Esterson called for the “cast-iron” commitment, to stop US firms bidding for services or negotiating on drug prices.

    “He added: “The threat to our NHS is right at the top of the list.”

    “But Labour’s amendment was defeated by 340 votes to 251 after Tory ministers insisted it wasn’t needed – and blasted Labour’s claims as “myths”.”

    1. FWIW, I am DISGUSTED to discover that my own MP, ostensibly Labour, Alex Sobel, LEEDS NW, did NOT vote for the New Clause 17 amendment. Not pleased, not surprised either. 😬

      1. But qwerti, just like old people dying of Covid – sobel’s vote wouldn’t have mattered in the grand scheme of things.

        …In’t that reet, dicky?

  5. *Now* is it obvious where the non-existent Panicdemic comes from – and why the Mengele school of public health (experimental injections for all) get so much sway and airtime? Time to join up the dots as the deaths from the Lock-Up shut-down mount and the virus disappears with no help from gob nappies.

    … and whilst chewing on that, clock this other bit of grovel :

    “The Labour party has apologised “unreservedly” and paid out a six-figure sum to seven former employees and a veteran BBC journalist, admitting it defamed them in the aftermath of a Panorama investigation into its handling of antisemitism.”

    1. I sincerely hope this will now make up the minds of all waverers to quit the party. It’s certainly been the straw that broke my camel’s back and I will be cutting up my card and posting it to party HQ. They can count themselves lucky it won’t come enclosed in a steaming box of horse-shit. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY am I going to let these corrupt scum pay out compo with MY money to those appalling non-excuses for human beings.

      I hope at least half the membership feel likewise and vote with their feet.

  6. Starmer’s a mealy-mouthed wanker settling a case that could have shown up the antisemitism scam for what it was and is.
    I’ll risk what I can if someone has the bottle to challenge this in court.
    I hope British Jewry doesn’t come to regret the actions of those who dare to claim they speak for all Jews.
    “And Then They Came for Me” – ‎Martin Niemöller.

  7. Perhaps now is the time to have the IHRA to be scrutinised by the legal process and perhaps Kenneth Stern would avail himself as a witness.

    In a legal opinion on the IHRA definition of antisemitism that has received much exposure in recent months, Geoffrey Robertson QC notes that the law must be “formulated with sufficient precision to enable citizens to regulate their conduct.” Like many proposals to curtail free speech—including in the name of fighting misogyny and Islamophobia—the IHRA definition of antisemitism fails this crucial test of legal legitimacy.

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