Anger and calls for LBC/Sky’s Nick Ferrari to be sacked after presenter asks black British colleague, “Why do you stay in this country?” #BlackLivesMatter

Thousands respond angrily to conservative presenter’s repeated question

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari has sparked a storm after demanding of black colleague Afua Hirsch, “Why do you stay in this country?”, after Hirsch dared to challenge the racism of historic British figures.

As ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests continue around the world and statues of characters associated with racism are brought down, such as slaver Edward Colston in Bristol and the ‘Butcher of the Congo’ Leopold II in Belgium, Hirsch suggested that the UK needed to look at “other hugely problematic figures we continue to glorify, such as Horatio Nelson, Cecil Rhodes and, yes, Winston Churchill”.

The look on the faces of the other protesters was a not very flattering picture – but Ferrari launched into an attack on Hirsch’s writings in which he challenged her to explain why she stayed in the UK if she was so offended.

After all, why should a black person be offended by historical racism, let alone dare to raise it as a topic for discussion?

Hirsch responded after the show on Twitter:

In the thousands of mostly supportive responses to her tweet were a number calling for Ferrari’s sacking:

It’s not the first time Ferrari has been involved in such controversy. The presenter was ‘censured’ in 2003 for alleged incitement

Mr Ferrari has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Ferrari is a nauseating/racist toxic Tory toad; Hirsch is a middle-class, private school/Oxbridge educated, idpol-obsessed Guardianista. I’m not sure why you bother…

  2. Unarguably a sacking offence. Not just now in the middle of BLM, but any time. Blatant racism, and sadly a comment that most black people in the U|K will have had hurled at them at some time or another, probably multiple times. It’s a standard racist comment, straight from the ‘How to be an ignorant racist’ manual. No argument, no excuses.

      1. Can’t say I did. But then again I smear so many (millions of) people all the time, and then have sanctimonious twats annoying me about it, it may just not have registered.

      2. And what’s sanctimonious about calling someone out for denigrating and smearing several milion people. Nothing, of course. Funny that you should post a comment about Johnson and his racism, because racism tends to stem from a feeling of superiority, often as not (which people like Johnson and Trump know they can exploit), and YOU obviously think that you are superior to the people who are duped and deceived by the Establishment’s propaganda machine – ie the corporate media and the semi-corporate MSM – and, as such, resort to calling them gullible and uninformed and ignorant.

        The reason I referred to ‘several million’ people is of course because YOU were speaking specifically about those who were duped into voting for the Tories in the last GE, but TENS of millions are duped and deceived on occasion (WMD, for example) and, as I have said before, to denigrate and vilify those who are the victims of propaganda – as Steve H did when he descibed former Labour voters who voted Tory as ‘fuckwits’ – is totally dispicable and out of order.

        Instead of being negative and divisive, try being constructive and doing what you can to expose the deceit (to those who have been duped and deceived) by the Establishment’s propaganda machine, as in this fake and fictional survey by the Sun, concocted and designed to have their readers believe that junior doctors are hypocrites:

      3. GE 2019
        I have always voted Labour but I cant vote for Corbyn
        Who did you vote for in 2017
        Labour I always vote Labour
        I’m with Steve H fuck em
        But then again we have those on here who think leaving the Labour party is the answer fuck em 2
        No time for bottom feeders and prospective Darwin award winners

  3. Jonathan Cook’s latest post (and talking of propaganda, as I was in a thread earlier!):

    ‘The US and Israel hope to scare the Hague war crimes court off from helping Palestine’

    The court is considering examining widespread human rights abuses perpetrated by US soldiers in Afghanistan, and crimes committed by Israeli soldiers in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially Gaza, as well as the officials responsible for Israel’s illegal settlement programme.

    An investigation of both is critically important: the US has crafted for itself a role as global policeman, while Israel’s flagrant violations of international law have been ongoing for more than half a century.

    The US is the most powerful offender, and Israel the most persistent.

    Bensouda [Fatou Bensouda, the ICC’s chief prosecutor] has warned that her office is being subjected to “misinformation and smear campaigns”. In January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the court of being “antisemitic”.

    1. “the US has crafted for itself a role as global policeman,..”
      And the world knows what Policemen do in the USA.

  4. Perhaps Afua Hirsch should have asked Nick Ferrari why he doesn’t go back to Italy or Switzerland where his father came from. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

    1. If you read any of her stuff in the Guardian it’s like she is very bitter and hates all of uk society for letting her down as it’s not a perfect place for her to live. But most of all she seems unhappy with herself. Ferrari seems to like himself (while being very knowledgable of his considerable faults and inadequacies) and likes the people of this country, warts and all. He seems to think that although we are less than perfect, our hearts are in the right place and we try to do good for our fellow man and woman, irrespective of their colour creed or orientation. This is not good enough for ‘the woke folks’ as anything less than perfection here is a disgrace, but all sins by others can be completely overlooked.

      1. Can you link to an example of this bitterness (in the Guardian), just out of interest.

        As for Ferrari, he is first and foremost a bully.

      2. Plain bigot and another broadcast by the conservative and unionist party

      3. I’m not sure which Ferrari you are depicting. The one I have been listening to unfortunately for the last 4 years is racist, full of himself, rude, very right wing and extremely dismissive to to thise that do not share his views. He also likes to have a giggle with Boris and only ever invited Pro Israel journalists, politicians and writers to paint the antisemitism narrative around Corbyn Hes a nasty belligerent little overweight man.

      4. Plain Citizen

        Using the phrase ‘ woke folks ‘ gets you your own special label !

  5. Change the language
    Are you a supporter of the National White Peoples party, are you a racist, what’s with the Whitewash, is your leader a racist, were your previous 3 leaders racists, do you condemn police violence, were Churchill, Rhodes and Nelson racists
    Ferrari is a pound shop Katy Hopkins, but until we regulate and close down the billionaire MSM and toilet papers then democracy is a joke and direct action is justified

  6. He’s a mouthy, fat Tory gammon. What else do you need to know? Why listen to him?

  7. Bigoted, prejudiced moron reckons de piffle’s ‘choice of words was unfortunate’ when calling black people ‘piccaninnies’ and muslim women ‘looking like letterboxes’…

    That’s when he’s not going into a tantrum about Corbyn on trains; which is something else he got pwned on but refused to apologise for – or even acknowledge he was spouting bollocks (as per).

    Infantile oaf.

  8. …But in fairness no more infantile than calling for Nelson’s column to be dismantled.

    Views like that will only make people from the opposite end of the spectrum demand ‘quid pro quo’
    and want mandela statues torn down because he was a ‘terrorist’.

    That’s an argument some’d like to go away; but it simply will NOT – Not if demands like dismantling Nelson’s Column or renaming Trafalgar Square are being made.

    As I’ve asked before – where will it end?

  9. Hirsch, a tasty bit of beef, is about as bitter & twisted as it comes……apart from Ferrari; but then they often share a platform on Murdoch TV.

  10. Having not heard the broadcast myself I cannot pass objective comment. However, if someone asked me why I stay in Britain I’d have to be honest and say that it’s because I cannot afford to emigrate. For the record, I am white caucasian, and am vehemently oppsoed to racism in any form.

  11. The rest of that panel are political morons who I think populate that simplistic discussion programme, without a politically original thought in their heads but perhaps it’s really entertainment and not for serious thinkers.
    The Rhodes statue at Oxford should definitely go to the dustbin of history or better to The Villains of History section of a museum, and The Morning Star wrote well about Churchill’s gushing praise for Mussolini and his system!
    But of course history is made by movements and if Mr C had never existed someone else would have come along, but bourgeois history loves its ‘Great Men and Women of History ‘ and perhaps they want us to to be dependent on them as though we NEED them?
    And of course Tory Wilderforce abolished slavery alone (actually the British realised their transportation of slaves was becoming unprofitable as they were actually supplying and aiding their competitors and hence the u turn given to Wilberforce to lead – see the brilliant C.L.R. James, ‘The Black Jacobin.’)
    Footnote – what’s going on in the World today is Far Right US billioniares funding Far Right groups & individuals around the World as their shock troops who attempt to set diverse working against each other and they feel emboldened by the likes of Trump and thus help the rich and powerful; the small fry are the useful idiots of the rich.
    What was heartwarming the other day was that it was a multi-ethnic crowd that dumped that repulsive statue in the harbour.
    All power to diverse working peoples history!
    Socialism or Barbarianism!

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