Video: 6 months after mocking Corbyn’s universal-broadband policy, Blair calls for it

Speaking to Time, right-wing former PM shows no sense of embarrassment or even self-awareness

Not quite seven months ago, in the aftermath of Labour’s Blairite-engineered general election defeat, the founder of the faux-Labour ‘religion’ mocked the manifesto that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour presented to the people – reserving particular venom for Labour’s plan to introduce universal broadband to ensure that disadvantaged people and communities were fully enabled to participate in the technological revolution:

But the people weren’t fooled. They know life isn’t like that. And this loading in of free broadband run by government at the last moment was the final confirmation of incredibility.

Today, speaking to Time, Blair… called for universal broadband to ensure that disadvantaged people and communities are fully enabled to participate in the technological revolution:

It would be tempting to say you couldn’t make it up. But the unhesitating willingness of Blair and his acolytes to rewrite history to avoid any blame for the electoral disaster they created shows that such wilful and shameless pivots are entirely imaginable, because they are fully in keeping with their essential nature.

And Mr Blair just put it on video to prove it.

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  1. Farmer’s need more cattle stock, not broadband. It was NOT a vote winner and Corbyn is a complete twat about Blair and his TWO wins at the ballot box. No wonder Blair mocked him.

    1. Perhaps people should be aware of your history and condition Bioman as per your web page

      ” I am an unemployed waistral, drug soaked (in anti-psychotics) and disabled with a mental health condition called chronic schizophrenia, meaning I get lapses periodically. I live on the state in a council flat in Bath and this is about how I came to be here. I dispute my diagnosis, it is my behaviour, my choice, which has got me in trouble together with lies on reports which you will find detailed in the section called “Seductive Delusions”.

      One hopes that will put in context some of your comments .

      1. ooh Rob – have you something against Mental Health – that borders on a hate crime. Maybe when you all have stopped using your thumbs to play video games you will endeavour to start sucking more crap out of your hands. Signed M

    2. Bioman, Universal Broadband is one of well over 100 excellent policies in the manifesto. The Tory Covid-19 national tragedy shows beyond doubt that the manifesto though bloated, was a detailed short, medium and long term prospectus of EVERYTHING any country needs in 2020 and beyond.

      U arr either unable to grasp that or you pretend to fail. Many countries have been aiming for that, DECADES ago. The multi faceted benefits are crystal clear. No?

      Even here in the UK, forward thinking people have embraced remote working, since 20 or so years ago. Timely to read your post, as an acquaintance was speaking on the radio a few times in recent weeks. Hearing them reminded me of a chat after the funeral of a marvellous human being. They had never met their PA who lives near the border of Scotland. They found that arrangement to be brilliant. Just think of the time saved travelling, the reduction in stress, pollution, and increase in “family time” and efficiency,

      Countries with more broadband subscribers and faster speeds than we have, outpace us in many indices eg productivity and life satisfaction. In 2017, we were way down at # 13 re Broadband subscriptions. Re speed we fared even worse at # 30 just behind Thailand.

      Ages ago… 20 years or so, many in remote rural areas in very poor countries, saw the sense… the tremendous usefulness of mobile phones, for not just social communicate but for commerce… sending and receiving money, paying for and receiving payment for their produce… one could go on Bioman, but above may be enough evidence that your – “Farmers need cattle stock, not broadband.” – is undiluted Bioman twattery. The twattery is all yours Bioman.
      p.s. Please excuse me omitting your apostrophe from Farmers. Invasive spellchecks / suggestions can make the most able appear as Twatsons.

      1. That is a wonderful response and I thank you for taking the time to answer me. Yes broadband is admirable. The G7 did in fact advance that attitude in 2010 and again in 2012. For that matter so did China. The vents of the decade do not show the true extent of the matter and that is what you are concerned about, world competition. It is about time you understood although you do not hear, that there is no Huawai in the earth at present so no G5 will come to your aid nor will the extent of the work about which you are careful to consider. Do not ask what to do – ask what to know and that is what you do not say. How it is to be done. Ask this: who is going to go to the end of the earth for you to make it so. I? Probably it will end up me as I know how to do it and I won’t tell you yet but I am Ph.D. material in all ways for you to consider now that you know it. I do not know how you propose to do it but you know that all the regular methods have been exhausted which is why Britain lingers at 13th. I can tell you live for the work of the moment and not anticipatory and although the law allows you to do so politics does not as it demands performance and you know that of course. This is about time that you understood that I am insulting you back for using the term Twatsons for the use of such a word is of course beluvial and not meant for mankind to use like you would my dear Samantha. I will continue when you have read and further I expect a response or you lose. signed the glorious cunt that all men want and no women have.

      2. What you really want to do is draft your argument ion word and cut and paste using hotkeys Dear.

      3. I am also M Samantha Twain and that makes you incredibly unable to proceed with your course of events. Goodbye.

      4. Have you heard of Mad Cow Disease and its effect on British Livestock or are you to pure to eat beef you anaemic wank?

      5. In the absence of your ignorance I will forebear your reply by responding accordingly with a soap for your mouth and a spanking for your mother who encouraged you to enter politics:

      6. It is Huawai who propose the use of broadband and not the people. Alternatives exist that do not rely on the use of it and that is as follows: If you key in the useful codes like a computer operator instead of using them like code yules like you do then you will understand that all the real men are here in the ends of the earth where you are not and we feel you are forgiving me not for your impolite assistance in the word farmer which doe not need an apostrophe. Jesus and English is your first language right? Fuck this for a loving spoonful you are incompetent as a comrade and juvenile to boot. Bye Windchimes have a nice puke in your hat tomorrow when you read this again and try to reply.

      7. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. and a member of the GMB and currently Gen Sec of the UCU as stand in for your buddy Sally Hunt who was fired recently. Now I won’t say this again. Design a comboine harvester with a mobile phone integrated into its circuitry and I promise you will never have to wear your yolk again, Hoss! Now fuck off for you have lost your credit, not your child bearing hips.

  2. It was always a good policy but unfortunately it was badly presented at the 2019 GE.

    1. I always wondered about how the manifesto was presented – whether it was so bad because it was launched in a rush and then expanded – or whether it was anti-Corbyn staffers deliberately making it look incompetent.
      There was even a policy duplication in the public release I saw – hard to believe nobody noticed that at proof.

  3. Who cares what Blair thinks. He has support within the PLP but very little among members and virtually none at all among the general public who dislike him intensely. I agree that he and his backers/supporters are largely responsible for our defeat in 2019 – never forget this repulsive individual, who should have been expelled from the party years ago, stated in 2016 that he would rather we lost an election than win it on a socialist platform. Presumably given his multi millionaire status he was worries about the additional taxes he would face if we had a socialist government.

  4. Blair epitomises everything I despise regarding New Labour and its MPs/supporters to think that this utter git was once the leader of the so called Nu Labour Party and was Thatcher greatest achievement.
    Iraq …..the epitaph on his tombstone .

  5. Blair brought European Conversion while you all support Boris Johnson and BREXIT which is economically unsound as you will find when the country opens up after the virus. Pitiful you all are. Fortunately all the commentators above believe in transparency (a Blairite policy) and Freedom of Information (a Blairite policy) and we all can see that the above persons are transparently doff.

  6. bioman distractions aside, Tony Blair’s hypocrisy and self-assured proclamations iare beginning to have a hogwash day feel about them.

  7. Universal Broadband is key to our economic success and should come under BBC License fee

    1. No, it should be free. Look at it as a socialism wedge. Once it proves itself a boon to the economy it also proves that public is every bit as valid as private.

  8. I’ve marked the spammer calling himself ‘bioman’ as spam, which should prevent him continuing his nonsense.

    1. Thank you Steve , a sad case if his web page is to be believed and if so I hope he gets the help he needs

  9. blair and his fugly cnut of a tart.

    The biggest pair of parasitical freeloaders this nation’s ever seen. Where’s the channel 5 documentary on their scrounging?

  10. Universal Broadband and Optical Fibre communication links to all parts of UK is a brilliant policy.
    Installing and maintaining the infrastructure means jobs,
    Fast Optical Fibre communication links would enable Mobile phones to work every where as well as allowing 5G , 4G mobile internet to be available everywhere ( Mobile services can use the Internet backbone)
    Business that rely on internet communications could be based anywhere or have remote offices.
    Good for environment as more people could remote work ( even from home) so less travelling.

    And the Labour right/wing trashed it at time though now they see it could be a vote – winner

    Another example if needed that their primary motive is to gain control of the LP .

    They have no other vision

    1. Anything that helps reduce London’s advantage is worthwhile – as AI/robotics expands that should also help pull funding out of London and the SE and disperse it more evenly.
      I’ve forgotten what programme it was last night that outlined the reasons the UK is expected to be the worst-affected developed economy on the planet – the deliberate move from industry to services that put the whole of the UK at risk.
      I’ve been banging on since 1986 about the stupidity of basing a whole economy on the City, house prices and shopping.

      BloJob just now: “There’s still too much that we don’t know.”
      Speak for yourself, doughboy.

  11. Bliar shows himself and the enemy within up for what they are, with no insight.
    Sadly the damage has been done

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