Labour’s worrying record on anti-black racism under its new leadership

Things have got to change if the party is to be taken seriously as a force against racism and discrimination

Black Lives Matter protesters, including boxer Anthony Joshua

Below are a few points on Labour’s record on racism under the new regime:

  • black MPs demoted
  • MPs who bullied the first black woman MP Diane Abbott have been promoted
  • whistleblowers who released an internal report revealing racism by party headquarters staff have been targeted for investigation and punishment – including reportedly spending six figures on forensic computer specialists to analyse staff computers and trying to suspend staff without cause
  • MPs attending ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests have been criticised
  • those who toppled a statue of a slave trader that constituted an ‘affront to humanity’ have been condemned by Starmer himself – forcing black Labour MP Dawn Butler to publicly correct him
  • Starmer and his front bench waited five days before condemning the police murder of George Floyd
  • front-benchers have declined, when asked, to say outright that Donald Trump, who has stood up for neo-nazis who murdered peaceful anti-racism protesters in the US, spoke against the Black Lives Matter protests and had police tear-gas peaceful protesters so he could walk to a photo-opportunity, is a racist
  • when Starmer was asked whether he had no concerns about the impartiality ofthe Equalities and Human Rights Commission, he responded “Not in the slightest” – even though the EHRC was accused only three years ago of discriminating against black staff and has declined to pursue the Conservatives despite their obvious racism

This is not an exhaustive list. Things must change.

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    1. …This?

      When I emailed john mann with this example after his requests for evidence of racism within the party, along with the promise to have any offenders expelled, he didn’t deign to reply.

      Don’t expect starmer to do anything, neither. Because to him and his ilk: ”If it isn’t against jews, it just isn’t racism”

      1. Make no mistake Starmer isn’t a friend of the Jews. He and his cronies in the Labour Party are very happy to suspend and expel socialist Jews for standing in solidarity by the Palestinians.
        Meanwhile, Starmer & co refuse to suspend former Party officials pending investigation for using the sort of language associated with the far right.
        It is wrong to somehow believe that Starmer’s actions are on behalf of the Jews, because they aren’t. We need to be careful no to fed the antisemites.
        Unfortunately, antisemitism exist, like racism exist and we need to fight them both. Together we stand, divided we fall. A racist attack to one community, it is an attack to all.

  1. It’s a damaging list and leaves black and brown people wondering where they go from here. A new Party becomes a pressing need, like NOW.

    1. Agreed , and there is a petition to sign up to supporting a Corbyn lead breakaway party doing the rounds . If they only had the courage and the socialist MPs left to start a new socialist party there imo would be 100,000s of members who would transfer from Starmers barmy racist party over night .IMO there is no point being a black labour MP in Starmers party , there is no room or respect for you there

      1. Corbyn is my hero – but I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to lead. Something new is needed and a BAME leader would be appropriate. And if I was Corbyn I don’t think I wouldn’t want to take the intense pressure he’s come under. Not again! He’d be there I hope, supporting and advising. I have no idea what his opinion is; he may think it’s a bad idea and the Party organisation should remain intact until Corbyn 2 arrives in the 2030’s?

    2. The black mps are a target in the Labour party along with Socialist mps,the latter being a minority even when Corbyn was leader.Floging a dead horse comes to mind with a corrupt PLP and the same old right wing powerbase inside the democratic socialist labour party….Stay and fight?.The knight will not be their forever?.But many of us who have been in the Labour party have been fighting the good fight for a labour party that actually means we are a democratic socialist labour party and are united with the people..?I have wasted so many years inside the Labour party and paid thousands in doations and subscriptions only for a knight led insult to all of us.Bye bye Labour party its taken forty years for reality to shine through.

  2. Dear Keir
    Tell your trolls on here, off they must fuck,
    As for non party members, if you have no skin in the game, you can follow them

    1. How about restricting posters to those whose names begin with a ‘D’? Cut out the riffraff

  3. One of the most shaming things for Labour in relation to racism is the lack of support shown to Diane Abbott over the years by her colleagues in the PLP. Not one “moderate” MP spoke out in her defence when she was subjected to tirades of racist abuse and insults every day. Not one countered the allegations of her stupidity by pointing out she has a Masters from Cambridge. Not one mentioned that she has had to contend with rape and death threats throughout her career but has refused to be intimidated by her tormentors . Not one has commented on the behaviour of staff who found her in tears in Southside and who did nothing to help her. She has been mocked and sneered at by white members of the PLP e.g.Jess Phillips, now a member of our front bench mocked Diane and joined in the laughter on TV about Diane’s alleged stupidity.
    The PLP’s lack of response to what happened ( and is probably still happening) to Diane Abbott is a total disgrace . If the PLP are prepared to tolerate racist abuse because they do not agree with a person’s socialist views then they are unfit for office.

    1. Jess Gobshite , god every time I hear its name I get the same feeling as when I ‘ve just stood on a dog turd but then at least a turd has served some purpose , she has served none , other than her own self interest . Please flush and remember to wash your hands !!

  4. New Labour and Tories responsible for the doubling of the prison population, ably supported by MSM and toilet papers,
    What are they all talking about today, the fuckwit who fell off her horse while charging protesters and a statue that should have been melted down donkeys ago
    That’s how they close down the debate on racism

  5. Let me tell you a secret about Keir Starmer – he lied on his CV and didn’t complete a undergrad degree at Bath Uni in Mech Eng. There are currently NO black students at Bath and haven’t been for years but they do not want you to know that. I am trying to get into Labour Politics and the NEC and the Bath CLP keep ignoring me so I am looking for a sponsor to assist me with a deposit so I can run independently. Know anyone?

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