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Thursday noon deadline to join Momentum and vote in NCG election

Ironically-named ‘Renewal’ group pushing for new joiners while ‘Forward Momentum’ group pushing for change is calling for disaffected former members to rejoin

The deadline for the impending elections to Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG) is fast approaching. Those who want to have a say on Momentum’s direction and how the organisation is run have until noon this Thurday, 11 June, to join and have a vote in the contest.

The ‘Momentum Renewal’ group – ironically named, considering insiders say it is a front for allies of owner and founder Jon Lansman and run by a cadre of north-west ‘fixers’ close to him – has been trying to boost recruitment of supportive members.

‘Forward Momentum’, a new group looking to move Momentum in a more democratic and left-wing direction, has published an appeal for ex-members disaffected by the anti-democratic methods and selections of which Momentum was frequently accused to rejoin before the deadline and vote for change:

Given the current and accelerating onslaught that the right-wing Labour Establishment is waging against left members and MPs, those who feel Momentum has any role to play in guarding and rebuilding the movement should join (or rejoin) before the deadline.

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  1. Weird…This thread only shows up when I click on the email link I received?!?!?!

    Momentum’s a busted flush.

  2. Lansman makes Momentum untenable and because he owns it, literally, probably best for all concerned to close it down and start again,
    Principles and vast majority of members are solid

  3. Momentum for me is irrelevant. I was expelled from the Labour Party so I can’t join. Even if I could, I have problems with both slates. One, as you say, is continuity Lansman but the other is suspiciously ultra-left containing Whittome and other AWL acolytes on its list.

    So-called “Forward Momentum” has nothing to say about the antisemitism witch-hunt or zionist infiltration of the party; little to say about NATO/nuclear weapons; nothing to say about the expulsion of socialists, nothing to say about the European Union or the PV counter-revolution that ultimately led to the downfall of Corbyn; nothing to say about any of the difficult issues which have defined the recent past and will continue to define the near future. An amazingly long, rambling manifesto that manages to avoid any issues of importance whatsoever. Taking back control of your local Labour branch is of no value if you’re doing it on behalf of Israel, NATO or the EU.

    I’m putting my weight behind “Fuck Momentum.”

    I’m backing The People’s Assembly, Stop the War Coalition and those organisations that include left Labour and other genuine socialists outside Labour.

    1. labrebisgalloise
      Daft but genuine question, do all the groups you mention vote Labour are you part of the left and how many are members of the party
      It all helps when voting for NEC, it could be critical when voting for Unite and GMB, the power could be in your hands if you agree single slates, that’s the challenge as far as I can see

  4. Dissapointing to see Skwawkbox supporting AWL slates and I’m a long time reader.

  5. Hi Doug, Hi Moosy.

    Doug, The People’s Assembly is a broad left organisation fronted at the moment by Laura Pidcock, so clearly involving many left Labour people plus local trades union councils, communists, some less sectarian trots, feminists, greens and uncle tom/aunt sarah cobbley etc, as far as I can see. Stop the War seems to be largely a coalition of left Labour and communists but more led by ex SWP trots such as Rees, German. When it comes to elections, apart from some very specific local circumstances, who else are they going to vote for apart from Labour?

    The electoral path was tried by Scargill’s Socialist Labour and ex-Militant TUSC, with a remarkable lack of success; the communist party’s recent forays into electoral politics even less so. Thus most people have decided that electorally, the only game in town is Labour.

    and so to Moosy. Militant’s entryist tactics have been replicated to some degree by the AWL, a bizarre Trotskyite sect, pro-zionist, pro EU and utterly sectarian but who have managed to get at least one sympathiser elected to parliament (Nadia Whittome). I agree with you; it’s hard to understand why Skwawk would throw any weight behind these utter nut-jobs. I’m not a trot of any shade but I have managed over the years to find common cause with comrades from Militant and some from the SWP, I’ve even been close to some hardcore types from the WRP but the AWL is different territory, it’s as if they modelled themselves on one of the factions from the life of Brian, except they are devoid of any sense of humour – and any sense of class politics/marxist analysis, possibly a problem for a would-be vanguardist operation.

    1. “Devoid of a sense of humour”? Comrade, I can assure you I’m laughing at your stupidity, ignorance and sectarianism right now!

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