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Breaking: Johnson ‘caught’ using ‘earpiece’ in PMQs (see update)

Boris Johnson was earlier snapped with what appeared to be an earpiece in his ear during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Analysis of video footage obtained subsequently suggests that this was not the case – see update.

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  1. I loved the ‘Canary’ comparison of Boris sacking Dom with Emu sacking Rod Hull. LOL

    1. This is the man elected by a landslide because the gullible electorate believed the smears and lies fed to them about Jeremy Corbyn the most decent, honest politician ever. Boris Johnson is callous and incompetent and his governments mishandling of issues like benefits for the sick and disabled, widespread flooding and now the Covid 19s crisis has caused real hardship and avoidable deaths. I trust those who “love” Johnson reflect on this and the the damage he has caused and will continue to cause for the next 4 years.

    2. Shame it wasn’t their original comment. They nicked it from the Morning Star!

      1. timfrom – Do you have any credible evidence to support your conspiracy theory?

      2. SteveH, it was without doubt an exercise to get Boris out of the way of the public and to bump him up in the polls, which is exactly what it did. A video of the PM shaking hands with ‘infected’ patients in hospital? Then went on to suffer from the virus himself? If you believe for one moment that the security services would let any PM go near a possibly infected person, let alone shake hands with them then I can only presume that you are terminally gullible. This was a staged event, just like his ‘early morning impromptu milk delivery’.
        I would put money on it that an empty ward was filled with screened actors for the opportunity. All the hospital staff were sworn to secrecy.

        The man is a fake through and through. Only fit for stage managed appearances. No doubt all of these ‘events’ were the brainchild of a Mr Cummings.

      3. Cardinal Sin – “I would put money on it that an empty ward was filled with screened actors for the opportunity. All the hospital staff were sworn to secrecy.”

        … and you call me gullible.

      4. Cardinal Sin – “Then WHY would the PM need to ‘self isolate’ if he has already HAD the illness? “

        If doing a bit of research into the facts before opening my mouth condemns me to being labelled as a know it all then so be it. The alternative, that you appear to espouse, of proudly declaring your ignorance to the world presents a far less attractive alternative in my eyes.

        Johnson has already had coronavirus but the guidelines for test and trace state that people have to self-isolate for 14 days if they have had contact with someone who has tested positive, regardless of whether they have been ill before or not.

  2. A” vacuous charlatan ” is equally applicable to the bought and paid lackey of the establishment, controlled by the oligarchs in the US.

  3. It’s not an earpiece, it’s even worse than that.
    It’s the antenna for the remote control receiver that’s replaced his brain – the evil little alien Cumminge is actually driving Fat Bob with a joystick now.
    It’s TRUE.

    1. I just thought it was a hole in his ear leading to the vacuous space in his brain. Bet you can see through to the other ear!

  4. Isn’t this illegal or at the very least against parliamentary rules. I have an, admittedly vague, recollection that years ago when parliament discussed whether to allow MPs to use ‘electronic devices’ in the chamber there were concerns about MPs being coached by external sources and that provisions were put in place to outlaw this practice.
    Does anyone else have a better recollection of this.

    1. Members reading from notes used to be scorned.
      A liar like Johnson would probably claim the earpiece is there so he can be contacted at any time in a national emergency.
      Any other national emergency except having a buffoon for a PM, obviously.

      1. If that was not an earpiece, he neds to dewax his lugs

  5. He is actually clinically “Deaf” so does actually need an hearing aid! do your research, please, to avoid looking stupid!

    1. No he is not, do your research. He had glue ear as a child which was rectified by inserting a tube. Glue ear causes temporary deafness until the fluid is drained. Johnson has no problem with his hearing in adult life.

  6. It could however just be an hearing aid, partial hearing loss has been reported by some victims of Covid-19.

      1. timfrom – That would involve one hell of a conspiracy. Do you have any credible evidence to support your beliefs?

      2. The fact that he had the energy to make a speech on leaving hospital, which astonished many doctors who know that that would’ve been near impossible for someone who’d been through what he claimed to have been through. Also the fact that he then went direct to Chequers where his pregnant girlfriend was waiting, not the behaviour of someone who cared about her health or the welfare of the unborn child. Buying his nurses’ silence would’ve been no problem. Just choose foreign-born nurses and offer them British nationality, no questions asked.

        The timing of his illness was also highly convenient for someone desperate to gather public support as insurance against being held accountable for his gross ineptitude, insurance that Cummings blew spectacularly out of the water last week. The chances of the British public now going for a vaccine like a thirsty man in the desert are now considerably less, which WILL make Big Pharma very cross indeed! Classic Dom!

      3. timfrom – but “Fair enough” would have implied that I agreed with you. I don’t.

      4. Any proof, evidence, independent corroboration that he ” really ” did?

      5. brianbotou – Don’t be silly, you’re making yourself look ridiculous. Whatever evidence you were presented with you’d just claim it was all part of your daft conspiracy theory.

  7. Steve H, “…that involve one hell of a conspiracy…”. The false imprisonment of numerous people during the times of the civil war in Ireland, the false documentation of the ” 45 minutes to doom” by NL, the use of the security services to falsify the WMD claim all involved ” one hell of conspriracy… “. I look for another cliche to use!

    1. Oh yes, forgot to add the Hillsborough football dramatic loss of life and the Orgreave attacks on the miners orchestrated by the state to name but a few ” …one hell of a conspiracy….”.

  8. Dearie me, its appears when asked for proof to back up your claims of ” …one hell of a conspiracy…” you have to retreat into cliches. Do you have any evidence, proof, independent verification or is vacuous, vacant retorts your only line?

    1. brainbotou – So in effect what you are asking is that I prove that Boris’s illness wasn’t a sham and was all just a conspiracy. It is odd how you tin-hatters constantly accuse those that call out your nonsense that of resorting to cliches but always resort to using the same cliche yourselves.

      1. Steve H, oh dear, as Ronald Reagan said ” their you go again”. Projection is your only line when asked to provide proof ( it’s how the law courts work by the way when someone is making an accusation as you did by your statement “…one hell of conspiracy “). Moreover, as Dennis Healey used to say ” when you are in a hole, stop digging ” but alas some people never learn and I see you are one of them. No wonder Toffee, Joe and many other posters consider you a fraud.

      2. brianbotou – If you ever manage to come up with some credible evidence then I’ll be quite happy to listen to you.

  9. The thing is that when like Johnson you have nothing inside your head but a very dark and empty void this sometimes becomes apparent to observers who just by chance have an opportunity to see in to your ears

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