Video: Tory MP Crabb makes hash of his first vote using new system

Confusion reigns – not for the first time

Tory MP Stephen Crabb managed to make a hash of his attempt to vote using the new system introduced for Commons votes after the usual voting lobbies were ruled out because of the cramped conditions during the pandemic.

Crabb cast his ‘aye’ vote then followed the previous voter, Labour’s Charlotte Nichols, down the ‘no’ channel, then after being called back, switched sides – but changed his vote to no. Then back to aye:

Ironically, the vote was on a government proposal to scrap electronic voting – temporarily used during the crisis but which offends Jacob Rees-Mogg – and MPs had to stand in huge queues to cast their vote:

Image: ITV

Of course, if the Tories were not pushing an outdated idea that only those present can vote – automatically excluding many MPs who currently can’t attend because of health issues or because they are shielding a family member – they could keep using electronic voting like many modern parliaments.

But then, they can’t get that right either. Chancellor Rishi Sunak managed to vote against the government when they tried it last month.

Maybe it’s just the Tories who are the problem.

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  1. Not allowing elderly and vulnerable MP’s the right to vote is an extraordinary outrage yet nobody seems willing to take it on. The peevish bad tempered Speaker thinks it’s working well. He has a DUTY to stand up for MP’s being discriminated against but he just shrugs his shoulders. Like all Labour right wingers he supports Govt whoever they are and whatever they do. If Labour had guts they’d boycott Parliament until it’s fixed.

  2. This fiasco shows they couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery yet here they making life and death decisions in the worst health crisis in over 100 years. Very frightening outlook for us all especially those of us who are vulnerable to Covid19 because of age or illness/disability.

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