Duffield resigned over lockdown breaches. Here’s what she said about Cummings

Rosie Duffield has resigned as Labour whip – but what was she saying before she did?

Disgraced Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield has resigned from her position as Labour whip after her breaches of lock-down to visit a lover were revealed in the press. Duffield was protected from a vote of censure by Canterbury Labour members in 2018, who were unhappy at her conduct then.

But only a few days before her exposure and resignation, Duffield was vocal in criticising Dominic Cummings’s ludicrous journeys of hundreds of miles around the country during the lock-down period:

It’s not the first time Ms Duffield has been caught out. Last year she was quick to publicly criticise Laura Pidcock for supposedly dodging questions about antisemitism during an interview – and failed to publicly apologise when it emerged that Pidcock had answered questions, but the responses had been edited out by the former Tory staffer who released the video.

Does Duffield’s hypocrisy explain party leader Keir Starmer’s weakness and apparent orders to his front bench to dodge any call for Cummings to resign for his lock-down breaches?

If so, he would have been far better showing some leadership by sacking her directly and then speaking out, than continuing a so-far drably-consistent track record of hiding from the issue.

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  1. Entitlement is just as much a problem with New-New Labour as it is with Tories – no surprise!

    1. I’m at a loss to understand why this comment is to be moderated. Don’t you have a policy? Do you get told it is approved or not allowed and does a rejection come with an explanation? Genuinely surprised!

    1. Would you honestly ‘do’ what this bunch of chancers ‘say’?

      I’m at least consistent in having grave reservations about the quality of ‘This House’ and the stuff comes out of it. On balance, I prefer a hypocrite to a gullible idiot.

      1. ‘On balance, I prefer a hypocrite to a gullible idiot.’

        And you’re both.

        Now shut the fuck up. Bore.

  2. “Disgraced Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield”

    No – not ‘disgraced’ at all – except in the minds of the mindless – taken over by the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

    She behaved rationally instead of being brainwashed at the command of the Spivs and their backers.

    There is a vaccine against this viral nonsense – it’s called ‘Just Go Look’.

    1. She’s had to resign for hypocrisy and a breach of lockdown law. That’s disgraced.

      1. I see it more as a consequence of her action. Disgrace contains in my view a moral judgment. She broke the rules she had to face the music, end of.

  3. Will duffield be dismissed from the party?

    Fat fucking chance, she’s a fantastic liar and hypocrite. Shortcomings in character that starmer sees as assets…Especially when used against members of your own party.

    IIRC it was only a month or two after she was first elected that she was criticising and undermining Corbyn on the student debt policy. Stamrer and the rest of the slime must’ve LOVED that.

  4. Toffee – Hi again Tory Boy

    Being critical of a leadership policy that he disagreed with is something that Jeremy himself was famous for.
    You are being more than a little hypocritical when you have confessed (along with others) your own intentions to undermine the electoral prospects of the Labour Party.

    1. Being critical of a leadership policy that he disagreed with is something that Jeremy himself was famous for.

      I see.

      When was the last time Corbyn marched with other MP’s to demand the dismissal of a party member?

      duffield did

      When did Corbyn demand the dismissal of a fellow MP?

      duffield did.

      Hypocrisy? Far from it, gobshite. You don’t know the meaning of the term but you’re an expert in abusing it at every opportunity.

      What I’m after is consistency. And stammer’s as consistent as a pool of diarrhoea.

      Now go away, imbecile.

      1. Toffee – I was referring specifically to your remarks about her criticism of Jeremy’s policy on student debt. Like you I disagree with many of Duffield’s opinions and actions but unlike you I am not a self confessed Tory Boy who has declared he would rather subject the vulnerable of this country to yet another period of Tory oppression than elect a Labour government.

    2. Undermining the electoral prospects of a party so opposed to redistribution that it intentionally threw two general elections and kept the Tories in power is nothing to be ashamed of.
      What’s hypocritical is pretending that it’s still the party of the people when it’s infested with right wingers who have no more intention of helping the many than the Tories have.
      Labour hasn’t been or had a worthwhile cause for a long time.
      With more support from the PLP Corbyn could have taken it back to its roots but it’s too late now.

      1. David – I honestly can’t see what is to be gained by actively perpetuating a Tory government.

      2. I accuse Labour of actively perpetuating a Tory government – proven – and you accuse me of doing the same by refusing to support the treacherous Quislings?
        Where did you learn logic – Sunday school?

  5. Again – Come back with undeniable proof I said I am a tory, or even I have ever voted tory.

    I did you the courtesy of showing you up for your lies – it’s about time you put that right, isnt it?

    So here’s your golden opportunity…The ‘open goal’. Don’t come back until you DO.

    Unlike a total fucking halfwit like yourself, I realise that voting starmer offers NO real alternative to toryism. Therefore it’s make NO difference if I voted toerag.

    None whatsoever.

    The ‘vulnerable’ you supposedly give a toss about know that, too. Imbecile.

    Now, off you pop to find that ‘proof’. Don’t come back without it, or face being ridiculed as an even worse gobshite than people thought physically possible.

    See ya.

  6. C’mon plums….Where’s yer proof? Or are you still searching – ‘cos you’re gonna be quite some time, squire.

    Just repeatedly writing ”self confessed tory boy” in bold & italics on it’s own simply won’t cut it with anyone, least of all me. You’re required to back it up with cold, hard evidence, if you’re to maintain the infinitesimal credibility you may – or probably do not – possess

    Straight out of the Goebbels school of bullshit – the more you repeat it, the more people will believe it. It might have worked against Corbyn and his retainers, but it’s not happening quite as you planned here, is it, stevey-boy?

    The people – especially the ‘vulnerable’ you claim to be concerned about – are paying attention to your next move steve. Best make it a good’un, because your reputation’s already lower than whale shit – and that sinks to the ocean floor, where it’s hard to get any lower.

  7. That the very best you can do?

    Pitiful. This, coming from someone who always insisted they were a Corbyn supporter and ”might not” consider voting starmer (Much to the ‘amusement’ of everyone who KNEW you WOULD) but went ahead and voted for him anyway! And even that was just as I called you out on at the time.

    And since starmer’s been elected, you’ve extolled and deified stammer ever since and almost insist we all do the same. All the while rewriting your own history and recollections of Corbyn. But you don’t have to be favourable to Corbyn anymore, he’s gone. Your new tory-lite stammer’s ru(i)ning the show now, eh?

    This week you even let it out of the bag that you sympathised with watson as he was being ‘bullied out of the party’. That’s how ‘Corbynist’ you are/were. Typical of a treacherous, lickspittle shithouse – just like the rest of your two-faced crew.

    And I specifically tasked you to provide proof I said I AM a tory – DEFINITIVELY. Not as in I MIGHT vote tory.. The reason you’ve posted that instance is because your so fucking tory yourself (Like your beloved knight) that you can’t tell the difference between the two.

    I rest my case.

  8. Toffee – TFFT. A wise decision when you are trying to defend the indefensible.

    1. Toffee – “That the very best you can do?”

      I would have thought that pointing out that you had been condemned by your own words would suffice

      I rest my case”
      Did you ever have one?
      I would contend that the only ones who are likely to agree with your minority opinion are those fellow conspirators who you were swapping ideas with to undermine Labour’s election prospects.

      1. I would contend that the only ones who are likely to agree with your minority opinion are those fellow conspirators who you were swapping ideas with to undermine Labour’s election prospects.

        Oh, well, in THAT case you won’t have anything to say about your dear leader covering up for me, will you?

        ‘Minority opinion’? You mean like you and your 70% who thought it was a fucking blinding idea that steamrollering through a policy to hold a 2nd referendum – against the wishes of at least 17 MILLION(+) was the way to win the last election against a load of toerags who had been persistently tearing themselves apart over the issue since 1975?

        Absolute fucking genius that, wasn’t it? But then again MY voice and those of the 17 million didn’t count because we weren’t members, see? They soon fucking well counted in the election, didn’t they, you colossal simpleton.

      2. Steve H… now youre not paid to argue with toffee,better stop digging and get on with the day job “The knight and his propaganda machine” needs you hes also digging a hole.

      3. Joseph – Thanks for your input, but you reminding me that I’ve ignored one of his more f’wit posts for over 5 hours isn’t helpful.

  9. Oh and deny your watson symapthies – I dare ya…

    ”If you care to check my history you’ll see that I frequently criticised Watson for his plotting against Corbyn but I also clearly stated that the only legitimate way to remove him from office was as per the rule book. I condemned attempts to bully him out of office just as I condemned those who tried to bypass the rule book to bully him into resigning.”

    Who said that? YOU did.

    Sympathising with the biggest shithouse bully of the lot of them because YOU felt he was being ‘bullied’.

    Carping on about ‘the rule book’ yet you did and said fuck-all about watson & stammer’s shithouse tactics on getting through your precious 2nd ref which bollocksed everything up and led to a toerag landslide – as predicted.

    You have the brass balls to call me a tory for my entertaining the thought of voting toerag and yet it was YOUR support for the deeds & actions that led to them being in for the next decade at the fucking least – further still, if stammer actually DOES win the next election, as there’s NO discernable difference.

    What a nugget.

    1. Oh and the word ‘entertaining’ ,should be in inverted commas in my previous post (As it is here).

      You are more likely to get your hole than I am to vote tory, steve.

    2. Toffee – Unlike yourself who is currently desperately back-peddling in the vane hope of distancing yourself from your own reprehensible comments I’m quite happy to stand by the comment you’ve highlighted above. It would be hypocritical to call out the attempts to bypass the rule book to get rid of Corbyn and then not call out similar bullying tactics to oust Watson

      You may well disagree with Labour’s eventual policy but it is undeniable that the policy was voted on and agreed at conference. Your lack of respect for democracy is concerning.

      1. Who’s ‘backpedalling’?

        Certainly isn’t me, stevey boy. I’ve got nowt to ‘backpedal’ over.

        You supported watson’s bullying and plotting over the EU and, did or said nothing about it. Then you complained that the biggest bully in the party was allegedly getting a taste of his own medicine. (I saw NO evidence of the things watson was guilty of, happening to him.)

        Nothing hypocritical about that, I’m sure…

        Now, I’m not one to go on about ‘likes’ , but I certainly seem to obtain a great deal more than you do. Which can be translated as to my views being the more popular. More and more people are now of the consensus that your party** is now no different to the torerags.

        And don’t start the ‘democracy’ argument again, aren’t you sick & tired of having your arse handed to you on that? Your complete lack of awareness on that subject is what caused the last humiliation for your party** at the general election.

        One more thing, I’m not the one having to invariably defend my posts from the majority of people on here, unlike you or the other clown, constantly being told what people think of you and your politics, and distracting from the topics up for discussion.

        I think that fact speaks for itself. It’s about time you cottoned onto it, too. Then again, for someone of restricted intelligence as well as limited integrity, I suppose that’s a non-stater as well.

        **Yes YOUR party. It is NOT one I wish to be linked in any way with, nevermind PAY to have my views trashed and my good name sullied as well. That party will NOT be receiving my vote anytime soon. If THAT makes me ‘toryboy’ , then so be it.

        But I’d STILL be a shitload less tory than you and your stammer’s lot.

      2. Toffee – “That party will NOT be receiving my vote anytime soon. If THAT makes me ‘toryboy’ , then so be it.”

        Thanks for confirming my central point Tory Boy.

      3. Toffee – on likes, popularity and democracy – being in the majority entitles one to a democratic win but doesn’t necessarily make one right.
        Evidence Johnson, Trump, Netanyahu, Starmer etc.
        In one case (brexit) you demand that the (marginally) popular vote must be respected and its opponents should shut up – and in another (Starmer) you demand the right to continue to speak out and prevent the Starmer voter defending his vote.
        SteveH has the right to be wrong about giving Starmer the benefit of the doubt, just as you and the rest of the majority has the right to be wrong about Brexit.
        Please stop telling people to shut up – this is a forum – and before you claim I’m sticking up for SteveH, look at my comments to him.

    3. Toffee – “What a nugget.”

      Only a Tory Boy would be dumb enough not to realise that they’re desperately clutching onto a nugget of fools gold.

      1. Keep writing ‘tory boy’ as though it’s the new craze…just like an infantile oaf; it just shows you’re bereft of any ideas or comebacks.

        If stammer’s got to rely on the likes of you to spread his gospel then he may as well wrap up and go home, because you’re neither use nor ornament.


      2. Toffee – I am only pointing out what you’ve repeatedly admitted to.
        “That party will NOT be receiving my vote anytime soon. If THAT makes me ‘toryboy’ , then so be it.”

  10. I had some friends from South Thanet CLP who, in an act of solidarity, went over to Canterbury to help with a mass canvass for Duffield last year. They were appalled to find that she had a posse of Progress/Labour First and JLM people down from London, including Dame Margaret Hodge, and they were definitely there to make sure that a reliable zionist was returned to parliament and not to secure the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn. Duffield is a bit thick and I suspect the man she went walking with is probably of the same level: she describes him as “my badge maker:” the only picture the Mail on Sunday could find of him was with a Lib Dem “Bollocks to Brexit” badge. Every single thing that oozes out of the post-Corbyn Labour Party seems to confirm that this a dead party, an ex-party, a party of lemmings. I respect those people who are still clinging on by their finger-nails but it’s going to be time to let go soon.

    1. Four suspensions from Wavertree CLP executive for criticising their MP who wrote an article in the Jewish Telegraph which could have been seen to imply anti-Semitism in the CLP. McCarthyism has now been given a boost in the LP since the election of Starmer as Netanyahu’s runner.

      No place for anyone now in the LP who supports the Palestnians and opposes the evil of Zionism.

  11. ”Every single thing that oozes out of the post-Corbyn Labour Party seems to confirm that this a dead party, an ex-party, a party of lemmings. I respect those people who are still clinging on by their finger-nails but it’s going to be time to let go soon.”

    That’s a ‘minority opinion’ that, labre…And you’re a great big tory for even thinking it.

    Isn’t that right, stevey-boy?

    1. Toffee – “That’s a ‘minority opinion’ that, labre…And you’re a great big tory for even thinking it.”

      Well no it isn’t because unlike you they are not plotting to undermine Labour’s election prospects. Perhaps you should be asking yourself why you can’t make any sort of case without distorting what others have said.

      Also labrebisgalloise’s comment appear to refer primarily to his anti Zionist views which I suspect are shared to a varying extents by the majority of Labour’s membership.

      1. Well no it isn’t because unlike you they are not plotting to undermine Labour’s election prospects.

        And remind us all just who’s responsible for the covering up of that particular betrayal of the nation?

        CLUE: You voted for him in the last leadership election.


      2. Toffee – I like man others are now bored with this nonsense 🥱. Au revoir.

      3. Correction: I like many others am… 🙂

        Remember how the logical response to initial reports of Covid19 was to act immediately, effectively and with overwhelming force?
        The Tories dithered, the virus invaded and continues to kick their arses.
        The logical response on discovering Labour had intentionally lost the election was for everyone who joined ‘for Corbyn’ immediately to write a strong letter of complaint resigning from the party and taking away its funding.
        That was what I did.
        Voting for Starmer, Long Bailey or Nandy, meekly carrying on paying dues and remaining in a party full of of Quisling Tories was the defeatist choice.
        The people don’t need a slightly less rabid Tory party, they need socialism.

  12. I’m still waiting to hear whether my innocuous comment made at 2.10pm will be approved by the Moderator or whether I will ever get an explanation.

    1. Paul – SB doesn’t constantly monitor the threads on here. Mostly the placing in moderation is set by WordPress for stuff like more than one link or maybe mistyping your user name (check your moderated comment that symbol or picture at the side of your username is the usual one). You can contact SB directly via email

      1. I see you’ve swerved another easy question stevey boy. The truth’s a mightily uncomfortable inconvenience innit?

        So some on…Remind us all who’s covering up the investigation into those who plotted the election defeat last year?

        Then you can remind us all why I’m a ‘tory’ who plotted Corbyn’s downfall (Not that you supported him anyway) and he isn’t…

      2. Summed up perfectly. Typical steve h posting.

        What a cowardly, hypocritical wee shitehawk you’ve made yourself look for the cunteenth time. But as you have no morals or sense, it doesn’t register with you, does it?

      3. Thank you. There was no link and the name was correct. It was completely innocuous so I can’t understand why WordPress would want it moderated. Do they ever tell you the result or give an explanation? Don’t WordPress tell SB what they’re doing? My finger is hovering over the deletion button on the £12 a month DD I send and if the ‘service’ is this cavalier I’ll end up pressing it.

      4. Paul – To be fair it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect constant monitoring from a one man band. He wouldn’t have time to do anything else.
        Before taking any precipitous action, like cancelling your contribution, I suggest you try writing to him directly. It may be helpful to Steve if you cut and paste your complete comment into your email (incl the timestamp that appears to the right of your username as this includes a direct link to your comment).

      5. I have written directly. No answer. I hope this site doesn’t go the same way as OffGuardian which has been hijacked by Alt Right nutters. It would be a shame.

      6. Paul – Maybe he’s spending some time with his family, there’s only so many hours in a day, it is the weekend and the weathers good.

        I don’t think there is much chance of that.

    2. I have had a similar problem from Friday which, despite me asking why have they moderated my comment, they have yet to give me an answer. I expect this on the Fraudian but it shouldn’t be happening here.

      1. brianbotou – About 12 months ago I was having problems with logging into my WordPress account and although SB was as helpful as he could be I never received a single reply from the numerous emails I sent to WordPress over a period of several days. In the end I found my own work around

  13. I’m sure there’s a logical/reasonable explanation for those whose comments haven’t appeared, a gremlin maybe. SB is not OG, which I agree has become a premiere conspiracy theory site. Skwawkbox is nothing like that and continues to deserve our support..

  14. HeOff-Guardian has a mountain of information regarding the “ pandemic “ redefined by WHO despite the protestations of Independent medical, professors, doctors, institutions not directly or indirectly receiving funding from the B&MGF, GlaxoSmithKline, the Welcome Trust etc. It has produced a wealth of verifiable, documented information from world renown professors, doctors medical institutions in relation to Covid -19. They are called fact sheets, something that neither the MSM, the State Broadcaster of a number of “ experts “ have difficulty in producing. Moreover, the notion that it has been hijacked by “ conspiracy theorists” is interesting because whenever someone uses this term it belays their ignorance of when, by whom and for what purpose it first gained popular public awareness. It usually indicates they can offer no factual concrete evidence to support their assertion that either someone or site is a “ conspiracy theorist(s)”.

    1. Check out their newest story tonight which actually searches for the conspiracy that must surround why the George Floyd video went viral. It wasn’t because it was especially violent, it’s daily fodder apparently, unexceptional to see the slow murder of a helpless man on a sunny street in front of a horrified crowd. No, it was designed to go viral by dark forces not at all because it was uniquely horrifying. Somebody, says OG is always behind which video is to go viral. These things don’t happen by accident etc etc.

      1. Paul – I haven’t looked at the Off Guardian site for some time (I got fed up of the tiresome conspiracy theories), unfortunately you tempted me to have a look and that is several minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

        I too ‘marvelled’ at how Nike had managed to put together such a ‘sophisticated’ advert in just a few days.

        Do they really expect to be taken seriously or are they just taking the piss.

  15. It seems that the Stephen Kinnock breach when travelling to the celebration of his father’s birthday got lost somewhere.

  16. Sorry about that! I admit to a morbid interest in these crazies. Today there are posters saying the Floyd video is ‘too good’ to be genuine and as the cop involved ‘knew’ Floyd there must have been a set up. Thankfully there are only some 20 posters involved, not much of a mass movement.

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