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Dodds refuses x3 to say Labour opposes lifting the lock-down because it’s not safe and is driving a second wave. What will it take for new-new Labour to actually do some OPPOSITION?

Shadow Chancellor continues Starmer’s ‘Official Facilitation’ approach

Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds this morning avoided three times saying that Labour opposes Boris Johnson’s reckless haste to ease lock-down measures, during an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr.

As Marr attempted to get a straight answer, Dodds dodged – saying almost anything rather than a simple ‘Yes, we oppose it’:

Not one of Labour’s supposed tests for lifting the lock-down have been met yet – and Marr listed them. Dodds said it was risky – but wouldn’t say Labour was against it.

Even the government’s own scientific advisers have broken cover to publicly say Johnson’s move is too early – but the ‘Official Opposition’ will perform contortions rather than say the same.

Starmer’s cheerleaders will inevitably praise his ‘forensic’ decision to avoid saying anything that might be construed as leadership or contradicting the UK’s unhinged and unbothered Prime Minister – but there are hundreds of thousands of lives on the line. This is not the time for timidity.

The Tories have been planning all along for their lock-down changes causing huge numbers in new deaths. The SKWAWKBOX revealed almost three weeks ago that they have quietly more than tripled temporary mortuary capacity to 100,000 and warned funeral director groups to plan for a second wave – and now even some centrists are starting to catch on:

Cases are already beginning to surge. Yet Starmer is still taking an ‘Official Facilitation’ approach, as the floodgates re-open and many tens of thousands of lives are set to be lost.

What will it take for him to actually oppose?

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  1. Remember the storm of MSM abuse when Jeremy chose to let the Tories wreck themselves on the brexit rocks?
    That wasn’t even at a time that issue was urgent – certainly not imminent like the end of lockdown.
    Not the first time Starmer’s been guilty of procrastination due to timidity.
    I think it must be in his nature to sit on the fence and bite his nails.

    1. Toffee – It would have been politically naive to point the finger of blame directly at George Osborne. It may have escaped your notice but Gideon is no longer even an MP so blaming him specifically risks letting the rest of the Tory miscreants off the hook. Let all the bastards own the blame, they are all guilty.

      1. Yadda, yadda, yadda…Mitigate for everything and everyone starmerite, why dontcha??

        ‘Let the other tory miscreants off the hook’?? F**k me but that’s weak – even by your own feeble standards.

        Wasn’t hard for dodds to actually blame the bleedin’ lot of them; in fact it was every bit as easy as it was not to ‘point the finger’.

        Except she chose NOT to point the finger, and NOT to ruffle any feathers. 120k dead due to austerity alone. The highest Covid19 death rate in Europe. And you think we should approve of that sort of pusillanimous performance?

        Get bent. She won’t point the finger or fight our corner, why the absolute fuck should ANYONE countenance THAT?

  2. Poor Anneliese, constrained by the new leader’s timid and amoral machine politics she risks her not inconsiderable reputation with Labour members by fronting Starmer’s sell-out electoral contortions.

    Official facilitation, triangulation and 2nd EU Referendum, this man’s political judgement is self-harming to Labour and, of course, the Many – but clearly compatible with Trilateral third way-ism of the most destructive type.

    Starmer is Bad for Labour, bad, bad , bad.

  3. Starmer is Bad for Labour, bad, bad , bad.

    Oh, wow! I hope you’re prepared for a ‘steve h savaging’? 😲🙈🙊🙉

    1. There has never been a new leader of labour who single-handedly caused the party to lose the election that caused his election. Never.

      Even though approximately 40% of Labour members did not give ANY preference of their vote to Starmer, his behaviour – on Kashmir, on rent strike, on supporting NEU, on lockdown, on IHRC Report cover-up/whitewash, on appointing a Blair-era brand management marketing consultant to General Secretaryship of the NEC, and probably much more – is causing many members to fear they have made a very bad choice.

      1. Quertboi…unless the election was rigged in the leadership elections then it says more about the morality and stupidity of the membership than anything else.IT also makes a large question mark over joining a party not of the people.My international membership runs out(like me)in june and I wish those who continue the fight for socialism and a decent society well.comrades.

      2. A more charitable and also more likely explanation is:
        1. the membership (esp pro-Corbyn members) were in shock when leadership election was called;

        2. The pro-Corbyn ‘continuity candidate’ was a poor prospective candidate – PLUS she was managed by Lansman (whos’zionism made him a ‘useful idiot’ to the Corbyn-hating anti socialist centrists);

        3. The MSM carefully managed the candidacy of their preferred trilateral sign-up, Sir Keir Starmer.

        In shock and despair of course a significant chunk of members voted for the centrist-superman, sir eriK armreSt. BUT 40% (at least) OF MEMBERS REFUSED POINT-BLANK to give the dangerous Keir Starmer their support.

      3. IIRW Half the membership didn’t even bother voting.

        I got the impression from our CLP meeting that neither Rebecca or Lisa was thought of as having enough expereience or weren’t leaders. That left the third with gravitas & he was male. But the best of a bad bunch in my opinion & suspicion that he was just a Blairite.

        That raises another point that I’ve not seen discussed. Every time I heard people say that Jeremy wasn’t the best of leaders then my response was “Well who is?”. Well, who is?

  4. Wonder if those who died unnecessarily in UK Care homes are pleased that we no longer have a socialist Labour Party?

    1. The decisions taken by the Tories at the beginning of this year were particularly critical and directly resulted in many 1,000s of deaths. Labour should have been far more vocal during this period.

      1. Starmer had taken the decision not to rock the boat & be accused of crticising just to make political points. This point was paraphrased by a number of shadow-cabinet members. They’ve sinced removed the manacles.

  5. You can attack the TorIes from the left. Skwawkbox prefers to attack from the right: more authoritarianism, more control, more data gathering. How many children have been killed by Covid? How many are killed EVERY year by cars? Children are not in danger in school, they are in more danger travelling there but you’ll do nothing about that. Children ARE in danger from their isolation. It causes mental health problems and compromises their developing immune systems. Get a grip and don’t be a feared of the TorIes OR the virus.

    1. The number of excess deaths in England prove that we have every reason to be afraid.

    2. Realoldhippy… forgot to mention those murdered in the Tory austerity drive and the final solution for the elderly and vulnerable in the warped ideology of the Care homes “Carnage” .Now its Suffer the Children,.Do you torys have know sense of guilt or morality?Don’t be “Afeared” of the torys?.There is still free treatment on the NHS for psychological problems…try it out but better hurray the torys have plans.

    3. reallyoldhippy, more like really old fool.It is about schools being hotspots for the virus and thus assisting in spreading a second wave as much as it is protecting children,but your brand of foolish anarchism refuses to see the wider implications.PLus we need to fear what the Tories and their right wing allies in the Labour party will do next.

    4. Well said veryoldhippy. Although Steve W and his wonderful NLM site, SKWAWKBOX get 100% support from me, I suspect that the facts prove that the tories – and much of the the political classes (including my fraternal socialist brothers and sisters) are misunderstanding the challenge of coronavirus and covid19. FWIW, my reasoning includes and is built on much of the SPR summary here:

      1. Qwertboi, I am sorry so say that the true believers don’t like anything which contains detail analysis, independent from the B&MGF, the GlaxoSmithKline, Welcome Trust etc dependants because it will have facts and looking at all sides of Covid-19 “ pandemic “.

  6. Julian Assange

    Extradition Hearing.
    Monday June 1, 10AM
    Westminster Magistrates Court.

    1. Why are you pretending concern about Assange’s fate you bloody hypocrite Steve,when you support so openly one of the people who played a big part in his persecution, your “Great Leader” Woodentop Starmer.

      1. How about NOT voting starmer at all…Like you tried to kid everyone you MIGHT NOT? (And got laughed at in the process because everyone knows what you are)

        Oh yeah, you were ‘exercising your democratic’ right, weren’t you?

        Well so were those 37% of non voters in the referendum…You know? The ones you reckon you NEVER used as an excuse to label the result ‘undemocratic’?


      2. John Thatcher ….Steve is only acting on instructions from the round table club and has to do as the knight led Labour cabal tell him.Seems his benefactor has got him running around with his pants on fire to get his winnings monthly….sorry its probably by the hour to avoid employee tax and national insurance.

  7. A man who refused to prosecute the police for killing an innocent man, refused to prosecute the security services for their misdemeanors over about a 3 year period, refused to prosecute a paedophile, Jimmy Savile, friend of Thatcher and the establishment, persecutor of the political prisoner, Julian Assange whilst he was head of the DPP. Plus being a lackey of oligarchs in the USA. Step forward Keir Starmer. It really takes the biscuit when all these things were pointed out by many posters on this site, yet, the people who support this pernicious person have the brass neck to seem to have some modicum of concern about the continuing mental and physical torture of this man. Shame on them!

    1. 14 years for those found guilty of fraudulent DWP claims?

      You’re guilty and a decision is made before your case is even heard at the DWP. It’s common knowledge. Your rights to a FAIR TRIAL harking back to Magna Carta do not apply at the DWP. Possibly the ONLY place/department in the (allegedly ‘free’) world where this is so.

      Under stammer, nevermind £50 civil penalties, you’d be royally fucked if you were overpaid and didn’t inform them because you were none the wiser…and they make payments as confusing as possible so you have no fucking idea…

      What’s the penalty for the bankers who defraud the nation of £££BILLIONS, stammer?

      ‘Errr….We’ll have to look at that’.

  8. Toffee the penelty for the Banksters is yet another cash injection from the government with taxayers money….and the Magnacarveup was another wheeze between the royalty the church and nobility includind knights etc….enter knights again..!and her majestic leader of….wait for it?.. OPPOSITION??

    1. Joseph, it’s no surprise to see starmer on the side of the robber barons…

  9. “More than half the Labour Party Membership didn’t vote in the New Leadership Election?” Who was there to vote for?

    1. “More than half the Labour Party Membership didn’t vote in the New Leadership Election?”

      It probably approached the number of members and their supporters who have been expelled/suspended for being Socialists!

    2. Steve Richards
      “More than half the Labour Party Membership didn’t vote in the New Leadership Election?”

      Really ?
      It is difficult to see how the actual figures in any way support this assertion.
      Members 552,835
      Votes 401,564
      Turnout 72.64%

  10. “it’s not safe and is driving a second wave”

    Has SB got developed Covid, – given all the fact-free delirious imaginings?

    Or perhaps I’ve missed the graph showing a ‘second wave’ on the rdaily updated CEBM website?

    Stick to Tarot cards – it doesn’t pretend to be science or observation.

    1. RH “perhaps I’ve missed the graph showing a ‘second wave’ ”

      It’s on its way, be patient.

    2. Stick to Tarot cards – it doesn’t pretend to be science or observation.

      But YOU do.

  11. I can’t look at the photo above without thinking it’s benedict cumberbitch in drag…

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