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Video: Boris Johnson TWICE blocks science advisers from saying whether Cummings’s behaviour, in their scientific opinion, put public in danger

Cowardly Johnson spins science as politics to prevent answer

Cowardly Boris Johnson has twice this evening denied the British public the opportunity to hear the scientific opinion of his scientific advisers on the impact on public health of Dominic Cummings’s behaviour, by outrageously painting a public health issue as a political one.

The craven Tory couldn’t allow Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, his chief medical and scientific officers, to give their verdict in response even to the mild scrutiny of Laura Kuenssberg and Robert Peston:

Johnson’s spineless evasion was outrageous – but we already know what his behavioural science advisers think of Cummings’s conduct – and of Johnson’s weakness in failing to remove him – because they put it on record.

And they say unequivocally that Johnson ‘trashed‘ their advice and their efforts to bring and keep the British public on board with anticoronavirus measures – to an inevitable cost in lives needlessly lost:

The Tories have an unbroken track record of this kind of cowardice and spin – for example, hiding international mortality charts as soon as they could no longer hide the UK’s shameful position.

Tens of thousands of avoidable deaths are already on Johnson’s hands. More will be added, so that Johnson could protect one person too arrogant to care.

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  1. Well if those two ‘scientists’ (Personally, I think they’re as useful as tits on a crocodile) privately aren’t best pleased with ‘The victim’s ‘ behaviour, but have been muzzled by the posh scarecrow, then they should throw their hands in.

    It isn’t a question of ‘abandoning’ anything, there’s plenty more able to step into their positions (And probly make a far better fist of it).

    It’s an entirely ethical question, as it’s THEIR advice and information meant to be saving lives, NOT the words & deeds of the other two gobshites.

    But the scientists won’t spew it…The pay and perks are too good to turn down.

  2. Haven’t watched it, but if bojo silenced them and they put up with it, they deserve as much respect as him n his tittering and sneering cohorts….zilch
    There should be legal consequences for the disgusting dishonest and murderous shitshow

  3. ‘We at RoadPeace are reeling from the comments made by Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings’ actions. The news broke earlier this week that Cummings went for a drive to ‘test his eyesight’ before completing a longer drive. Some of our members will have lost loved ones due to drivers with poor eyesight. Most of our members have been affected by dangerous and careless driving.’

    And for your information:

    Each year 1.35 million people are killed on roads around the world.

    Road traffic injuries are estimated to be the eighth leading cause of death globally for all age groups, and the leading cause of death for children and young people 5–29 years of age.

    Road traffic injuries cost $518 billion worldwide annually.

    1. PS And several million more are permanently crippled and/or brain-damaged or maimed every year. And millions more shell-shocked and totally devastated and their lives changed forever at the loss of a loved one……..

      I was with someone once – my girlfriend at the time – when her father told her that her sister had been killed in a car crash – ie a driver coming the other way overtaking when they shouldn’t have done. It literally blew her mind.

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