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Teacher? In contact with someone symptomatic? No need to go home or self-isolate, says government

Tories ripped up self-isolation requirement for school return but kept it quiet

One thing that the government and its media friends have not publicised in relation to next week’s return to school is the Department of Health’s instruction to teachers to ignore the self-isolation instructions that should kick in for anyone exposed to someone with coronavirus symptoms.

The general instructions remain that anyone with symptoms should stay home and self-isolate for at least a week, while others exposed to them should stay home for two weeks.

However, the government is telling teachers to disregard this:

Don’t go home unless you develop symptoms (by which time you’ve been spreading viral droplets for days or longer)

Instead, they should give their hands a wash, give the area a bit of a wipe round with Dettol and carry on teaching our children and interacting with other staff.

Meanwhile, other countries that have re-opened schools are seeing new outbreaks and are having to re-close many:

But the government now says it’s ok for teachers to do plough on regardless of exposure – putting not only their own families in danger of a virus that can easily infect three people for every one who catches it, but also their colleagues and the children they all teach.

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  1. The lunatics really are now running the asylum formerly know as the UK , welcome to the Boris mad house !

  2. Having years 6, 10 and 12 return – OK, I guess they can be directed and can behave rationally to a degree, but expecting that from year 1’s seems ridiculous to me.
    5-year-olds rarely do what they’re told without constant correction and supervision – they simply wait for the adults’ backs to be turned to be disobedient.
    Social distancing and fear of infection or death is incomprehensible to them and I think the instruction not to get closer than 2 metres will be forgotten every 5 seconds as they run around excitedly.
    Far from giving tots an important grounding in education what they may eventually instil in them is a lifelong fear of close contact with others – as permanent as the fear of the giant cloud fairy instilled by the Jesuits.

    There’s a certain kind of parent that will blame teachers or the school rather than other kids or themselves if Little Johnny gets sick – and where there’s blame…
    Also, are schools even going to be instructed to scan them with infrared thermometers as they arrive and move from location to location during the day? That seems basic to me but to Hankie or Just Wiwwyamson? I doubt it.

  3. I cannot believe the criminal incompetence of this government – anyone who sends their child to school in these circumstances is putting the child and the rest of the family at risk. Don’t do it. In fact as I posted previously – send your kids back to school the day after Rees Mogg’s kds return.

  4. My understanding is when the Track and Tracing system is fully functional
    Then the system will identify through a test the person who has contracted Corona virus.This person will then report to call handler, to they have been in contact with. At this point all contacts will be advised to self isolate for 14 days.Currently the testing and analysis may take up to five days(BBC news channel)-other countries have turn around of 24 hours.
    Unless the government is planning on with-holding tests to anyone who requests one
    If the advice is as stated above then the government creates ambiguity and is contra to its own guidance,
    Another Cummings moment perhaps.
    Incidentally , interesting how long this information can be stored and the companies involved.

    1. Track and trace fully functional ,, roflmao hahahaha , next joke , a good one there SM.
      30% false negatives seems to be the norm with this Govt testing , mind you who gives a fuck now anyway , The Dom has shown us all the way ( to Durham ) to do it , just go out and drive around , no worries JFDI .

      Boris mad house UK , you know it makes sense ( non sense ) that is of course .

  5. Will a whole school close if one child is identified by track and trace as having been close to a carrier?
    Just that child’s class?
    Half the class?
    Just the surrounding 8?

    1. And Boris rolls dice checks his tally and yep toady we say half the class , tomorrow , rolls dice and comes up with … who gives a fuck anyway , get Brexit done , taking back control … stay dumb , control the sheeple , die anyway

  6. Boris’ has borrowed Moggies ‘Common Sense’ line again in briefing. Using charts againoagain the one that shows COVID deaths per million(worldometer).

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