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The Tories have stopped showing daily chart that shows UK with 2nd-highest deaths even on their deflated figures. Whyever could that be…

Daily deaths chart has suddenly disappeared from daily press conferences – but the shame the Tories are trying to hide is only half the real toll

UK has world’s 2nd-highest C19 deaths, even on government’s understated figures. Note that vertical axis is compressed, making gap smaller

The UK government has suddenly stopped showing the chart of global coronavirus deaths, just as the UK’s line on the graph shows the official death toll higher than any other country in the world except for the US.

Now why on earth would that be..?

But in fact, the UK’s shame is far worse. Here’s that chart with the estimated real UK death toll added, based on analysis by the Financial Times and others:

Note that the vertical axis on this graph – the original of which was published by the Financial Times – is distorted. The gap between the 2,000 and 5,000 markers is bigger than the gap between the 50,000 and 100,000 markers – making what should appear to be a huge gap between the UK and the next-worst country look far smaller than it should.

In reality, the UK’s death toll has gone above 60,000 – potentially far above. Hospital whistleblowers report that they are being pressured to classify coronavirus deaths as something else and that their virus death totals are around double what the government is reporting.

On top of that, every country that properly measures its deaths in care homes has found that around half of all their coronavirus deaths take place in care homes – hospital deaths are only half the real toll. Since the UK will be as bad – or probably worse because of the government’s policy of knowingly sending infected elderly people back to care homes to die while infecting others – the real hospital death toll will be only around half of the real UK total. The belated inclusion of non-hospital deaths in the official figure has not corrected the deceit, because the ONS data lag about three weeks behind.

This means that the UK probably has far in excess of 60,000 deaths so far – perhaps even rivalling or exceeding the US, a country with five times as many people.

But even the grossly-understated official figures are an utter disgrace on this country and its government. Of course, that’s surely not why the chart is no longer included in the daily briefing.

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  1. The fatalities statistics are grim reading

    but where is the breakdown on age? For example how many are over the age of 60?

    Where is the breakdown of those who tested positive with primary health conditions eg cancer, respiratory illness, dementia etc?

    Where is the differentiation of those who died solely from the Corona-19 virus?

    Where is the differentiation are those who died solely from the myriad of other diseases which people die from without having any Corona- 19?

    Are there any verifiable statistical charts which show all these variables and more in the public domain?

      1. It’s has rates per 100,000 20-64 of men but it does A. Show the percentage of men who are between the ages of 60-64. B. It does indicate the percentage of men who have 1 or more serious underlying medical conditions unrelated to Covid -19 eg heart problems commonly associated with inactive physical jobs such as lorry driving or very stressful jobs such as teaching etc. C. It does not indicate those that died solely from Covid -19 and those that died from diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and a myriad of other diseases totally unrelated to Covid -19. Moreover, it appears to be neither easily accessible line graphs nor have easily accessible bar charts that the MSM and the State Broadcaster pump out on a daily basis which can illustrate the differentiation of some of the points which I and many Professors, Doctors, institutions and members of the public have point out.

  2. ”Now why on earth would that be..?”

    Is it because it might make the French & Germans jealous of our ‘special relationship’ with the US?

  3. There are lists and graphs on worldometers I’ve been watching:

    UK numbers are higher than in the days before the lockdown.
    If lockdown was declared “over” today and everyone was instructed to return to work – with all other potential control measures still almost absent – I’d expect ‘daily deaths’ numbers to rise only slightly more slowly than they did from late March.

  4. Having quickly looked at it I can see tabulated forms of a breakdown in terms of age, which shows the vast majority of incidents of Corona fatalities occur in the over 60s, plus types of symptoms etc. However, I can see no differentiation of fatalities from those solely of Corona-19 without any primary conditions or those who succumbed solely from other disease which are non Corona -19 and those who died without any evidence of Corona-19 and/ or are over 60 under 60. in an easily accessible line graph or bar chart which is constantly being pumped out by the MSM ie the Financial Times or the State Broadcaster

    1. The figure we need more than any other is how many have had it
      At same time take measures we should have taken 6 months ago
      That will allow us to release those it does not affect
      Release those with golden ticket
      Release bairns
      Release those who are dying from lockdown

    2. It’s a bit of a shock when you notice that older & vulnerable people die first.

    3. Not sure about this, but limited figures from care homes indicate that most of those that will die, have died. New figures from the US suggest that children are now being struck down with symptoms related to Covid-19. A red herring? Unfortunately, figures from the 1918 flu epidemic suggest that the virus takes different categories of people as it progresses (overall, the second wave took the biggest toll). Keep tuned to America, where they are already wrestling with this apparently new problem from Covid infection.

  5. not at all a disgrace but deliberate policy and they are still popular herd immunity in full swing prepare an international court

  6. Lockdown? What Lockdown? Kids are already attending schools; 18 million passengers have arrived un-tested by plane & passengers are packed like sardines on London Underground (as verified by friends living in London). Many other ‘insignificant’ mass events contributed nothing to the pandemic, according to gov’t scientists. We are so lucky that we live in this island fortress & can self isolate.

  7. Keir does well in the house when its empty, it suits him
    This wont last and biggest criticism is the lack of the killer instinct when he has Uncle Festa on the ropes
    Billy one punch he is not

  8. The latest post from Jonathan Cook:

    ‘With Corbyn gone, the Israel lobby is targeting Palestinians directly’

    An attack on a prominent British-Palestinian doctor and academic, Ghada Karmi, by a self-styled “antisemitism watchdog” looks suspiciously like a new trend in anti-Palestinian bigotry and bullying dressed up as victimhood.

    Late last month, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), which claims to represent the interests of the UK’s Jewish community, said it was writing to the General Medical Council and Exeter University to accuse Karmi of making “a series of antisemitic statements”.

    The supposedly racist comments were contained in an opinion piece in Middle East Eye that praised Jeremy Corbyn’s record – and his decades of support for the Palestinian cause – as he stepped down as Labour leader.

    1. I don’t know if anyone else posted a link to this, but here it is anyway:

      ‘JVL says: act NOW on the leaked report’

      Disciplinary proceedings must be taken against officers who effectively acted as agents for the Tories. There can be no place for those responsible for systemic, visceral racism and misogyny so pronounced that attitudes among some senior staff were more reminiscent of the far right than a social democratic organisation; no place for biased recruitment and promotion practices breaching every standard our movement has fought for over generations; no place for ignoring complaints of racism, including the cases of blatant antisemitism, while obsessively hunting down and driving out left-wing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn; and no place for a campaign in and out of the party which often deployed false accusations of antisemitism – a practice which is dangerous for the Party, for members of BAME communities and for Jewish people as well.

  9. Piers Morgan reminds us how nasty & uncaring the Tory Party really is. Yes Piers Morgan, the only journalist worth a balloon.. What an indictment of the 4th Estate.

  10. Below is the full text of the letter sent to the Prime Minister this afternoon.

    Dear Prime Minister

    In the House of Commons earlier today, I said: “Until 12 March, the Government’s own official advice was – and I’m quoting from it: ‘It remains very unlikely that people receiving care in a care home will become infected.’

    In your response you said: “No, Mr Speaker, it wasn’t true that the advice said that and actually we brought the lockdown in care homes ahead of the general lockdown.”

    The advice I was referring to was published on 25 February 2020. It states: “… It is therefore very unlikely that anyone receiving care in a care home or the community will become infected.”

    At this time of national crisis, it is more important than ever that government ministers are accurate in the information they give. Given this, I expect you to come to the House of Commons at the earliest opportunity to correct the record and to recognise that this was official Government guidance regarding care homes.

    I am copying this letter to the speaker of the House of Commons.

    Yours sincerely,

    Keir Starmer
    Leader of the Labour Party

    1. Stop the knight love in Steve H too little to late and cut out the press release propaganda from Knightly HQ ….Hes complicit in the second of my brothers horrible death in Lancashire ,Too little two late for both of my elderly brothers victims of the euthanasia experiment by the conservative and unionist party and supported by psychopaths and the knight and his gutless mps….Shame on you..!

      1. Joseph – I am baffled why someone who proclaims himself to be a Labour member and supporter doesn’t want to see news about Johnson being held to account by the leader of our party.

        This is the second time (that I have seen) you falsely accuse Keir Starmer of being complicit in your brothers death. Whilst I am sure we all empathise with your loss and grief it is obviously complete and utter bollocks that Keir Starmer is in any way responsible for your brother’s death.

        For some weird reason you don’t seem to want to hold Johnson to account for his malfeasance, instead you perversely blame the leader of your own party instead.

      2. Steve H your continued support for knight rises to the conclusion that includes payments for collaboration with a killer virus called Sir keir Starmer.The labour party are infected with a virus that will destroy the host and damage the whole opposition concept of the alternative party.You are a paid troll and none of your comments that are group thinking for the knights ideological driven destruction can be taken as Steve H or whatever other mask you hide behind whilst taking your peices of silver.Maybe you should look what happened to betrayers before dismissing the murders of my two brothers by psychopaths and politicians.Judas H might be more accurate.?…I am thankful that the majority of the posters on here do not need profit to express their opinion..

      3. Joseph – Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately you have neglected to explain how Sir Keir Starmer is responsible for your brothers’ death.

    2. Who decides if he has misled the House, is it the speaker, good test for democracy

    1. The numbers on the vertical axis show it. Doubling gives the standard interval (100-200 is the same gap as 1000-2000). 20000-50000 is more than a doubling, so the gap is bigger.

  11. I love (no I don’t) the way that this site are anxious to pursue mpoverishment of the working class at the behest of capital interests. It’s a study in either witless confusion or Tory trolling.

    1. Just so we’re clear – you’re accusing THE SKWAWKBOX of being a Tory troll?

  12. The Zionist supporting media are already falling overthemselves to ordain Starmer for his ‘forensic questioning’ of Fred Scuttle. I’ve yet to see it, although I’ll welcome it if it happens.

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