Starmer’s next ‘favourite’ for general secretary named in GMB ‘MeToo’ report

Anonymous report from ‘concerned GMB staff and members’ claims that senior GMB official had prior awareness of allegations made against union’s general secretary
GMB official Lisa Johnson

An anonymous complaint against the GMB union’s general secretary alleges that the senior union official tipped as Keir Starmer’s latest favourite for the position of Labour Party general secretary had prior awareness of the serious allegations made in the complaint. A copy of the allegation document has been circulating on social media.

Lisa Johnson is one of seven union staff that the group of ‘concerned GMB staff and members’ calling itself ‘MeToo GMB’ says ‘have knowledge of the incident’ described in the report.

Tim Roache resigned from the position of general secretary earlier this week. A statement by the union cited health issues, but GMB president Barbara Plant has called for a “fully independent investigation into the serious allegations raised around the departure of our previous [general secretary]”.

Ms Johnson was given several days to comment by the SKWAWKBOX, but did not respond. However, the Huffington Post quoted her ‘allies’ as telling the paper that “the anonymous letter sent to party president Barbara Plant last Wednesday appeared to be deliberately aimed at implicating her in the controversy”.

The Huffington Post also added:

Although Johnson has worked closely with Roache throughout his tenure, it is understood that she had confronted the union boss about his conduct. “Lisa has acted with great courage, integrity and decency throughout this,” one ally said.”

Emilie Oldknow, believed to have been Starmer’s first choice for Labour general secretary, featured prominently in a leaked party report alleging misconduct by then-headquarters staff and is now believed to be out of the running for the position.

The allegations against Tim Roache are unproven and due process must take place. The complaint itself states that the group behind it ‘cannot vouch for the veracity of [the] accusation’.

However, the investigation of the complaint will last a considerable time and until the matter is resolved, Labour’s new leader Keir Starmer will need to take the content of the ‘MeToo GMB’ document into account in any decision about a new general secretary.

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  1. Stoma has a new choice to replace Formby…

    I told you! Once again, vindicated!

    So, who’s hanging around for more punches in the face? I must say I absolutely loved Stoma’s slide, well drop, into patriotism. He really is chasing Tories.

    And that’s the problem. Both sides are after the same 40% of voters. Not one main political party gives a fig for most of us. Do not delude yourselves that they do.

    Stay safe.

  2. Looks like the left are fighting back, gettin
    Can Jennie Formby stay as long as she wants and when can we expect suspensions
    Yes, there are possibly two immediate battles in and around GMB, over possible leader and party general secretary
    So give me two names for who we can campaign

  3. On another note the ‘Financial pandemic ‘ is a lot worse, by default we will effectively own everything very soon
    Then what we going to do

    1. Stand idly as it’s taken away again is the most likely outcome.

      The losses are socialised, not the profits or assets.

      1. In Spain no this time, Spain has introduced Basic Universal Income of €500 for any one over 18 years of age, has nationalised all private hospitals and clinics. Plus made illegal to sack workers during the pandemic by introducing legislation in which companies can apply for grants to pay their workers 100% of their salaries. Also the Spanish government has introduced cuts of 40% of all utilities bills. Plus, landlords cannot evict tenants for no payment of rent during the pandemic and if they have a housing portfolio of over 10 properties they cannot recover the rent.
        This is what a socialist government does, stand up for its people, for the many not the few.
        The labour right that sabotage Corbyn in 2017 and I believe they carry on sabotaging with the ” People’s Vote” and seating on serious complaints on Antisemitism so that they ensure we lost in 2019 and get ride of Corbyn, has a lot to answer as the enable a Tory government, that pursue a herd immunity strategy at the expense of the safety of its people. They are as guilty as the Tories are.

      2. A great opportunity has been lost by Labour not being in power and of course we must look as to why that was. It was the Starmer Gang that very deliberately denied the country it’s 1945 moment. When the Tories re-introduce Austerity later this year we’ll have Starmer saying it’s ‘necessary’ just like they did in 2010. I’d say Leave Now.

      3. NVLA
        With worse to come
        Covid19 + No Deal = Bankruptcy
        So who are people gonna call to get us out of the Ess Aitch One Tee

      4. Call everyone you can think of Doug, because they help won’t be coming from where you think it should.

        Forget covid, look at flood victims. What help did they get? And do you trust Stoma? His cabinet? What help could they possibly conceive considering how they shafted us totally and given us Johnson and co?

        They can’t even sort out a proper lockdown, which will backfire as people get more and more desperate.

        I’d advise all of you to start slowly stockpiling tinned foods and non perishables. Don’t be silly or greedy. Couple a week is all that’s needed. Build up enough to last 4-6 weeks. If you’re really paranoid or compulsive, then look into getting a camping stove. Growing your own veg is another good idea. Even window boxes work.

        I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect much worse is to come when things begin to start up again (what help do you think they will will offer you and others like you?). Many of us are going to find ourselves in deep crap in the coming months. If you have debt, start clearing it because being broke is one thing, being broke and in debt is another. (Yes, if the system goes pop, your debt will disappear. But prior experience shows (forget what they say) they will put the financial system first and foremost).

        Stay safe.

  4. Yep that is what usually happens. We should think if a very effective way of telling stoma and Co that we will not stand for anymore sh*te any longer.

  5. Starmer’s acceptance of the BOD’s criticism of Diane Abbot and some double barrelled lawyer who is apparently the shadow Home Secretary saying this morning on R4 that he’d told her off for – what for is unclear but it and Starmer’s move against Kashmiri complaints is surely the end of a mass membership LP? If it’s designed to persuade lefties to leave its probably going to be successful. It’s only too clear they don’t give a damn about winning power, that’s impossible now. They are happy enough their seats are safe and that is all that matters to them, fat salaries and brilliant pensions capped by a seat for life in the HoL. The country URGENTLY needs a new left party.

    1. I will decide after the summer vote for the NEC, if the left presents a united slate and we keep the 9 CLP’s delegates in the NEC, I will stay and fight to keep Formby as General Secretary.
      If the left persist in dividing and giving ground to the “moderate left” and we lose any power that we have within the NEC, I agree with you, it isn’t a point staying.
      I will be able to vote for the next leader as a member of an affiliated Trade Union in the meantime, I refuse to pay subs to keep right wingers that sabotage the Party living it large.

  6. The BOD is entitles to its opinion but so too is everybody else.
    It is wrong in my opinion for the BOD to insist that certain individuals are ostracised to the extent that an Mp is reprimanded for engaging in a debate/discussion them. To ostracise them and refuse to engage with them in any way is I believe counter productive.
    Freedom of association is an essential feature of our democracy and it is not right that representatives of a religious group should seek to curtail this.

    1. It’s beyond me why the LP allows very right wing Tories (the BoD) to tell it what their rules are and what policy to follow. It’s utterly pathetic. I’m not clear why you think opposing such obnoxious people is ‘counterproductive’.

      1. I did not say that opposing the BOD was counterproductive Paul.
        We live in a free society and it is wrong in my opinion that any religious group should have or seek to have a veto over who any of us can speak to. In my opinion this is counterproductive as it is likely to harden the attitudes of those who are ostracised and disturb others who believe in our right to free speech and free association.

    2. It doesn’t help when the left keeps assisting them by putting weapons in their hands. This was a meeting for labour party members encouraging them to stay in the LP and organise.
      Instead the meeting was taken over partially, by people that are not longer members of the LP bringing over their own agendas, time and time again speaking about their dreadful experiences (that indeed they are) but having no an iota of insight as to why this happened to them.

      I don’t think is helpful or does very much for the Palestinian cause to try to move the Labour Party into an open fight with the Zionist by going out of their way with memes like the MP for South Tel Aviv, children murderer etc. Or saying that Jews were responsible for the slave trade. It could be possible that a few individual Jews could have been involved in the slave trade. It could be possible that my next door neighbour is a paedophile and I don’t know, it doesn’t make me or the rest of the street are paedophiles too. To say that Jewish money financed the slave trade, amounts, in my opinion, to St Luke blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus to exonerate the Romans. I understand that they have a visceral problem with Zionism, but please don’t bring it to the Labour Party. Even the PSC distanced themselves from these attitude.

      The first goal of the Labour Party has to be to achieve power to challenge austerity, to nationalise the NHS, railways, and stop the scandal of over 4 millions living in poverty and OAP having to make a choice between eating or heating their homes. No to encourage a fight with the Zionist group within the Party.

      1. Er, Jackie did NOT say that Jews were responsible for the slave trade, she said that many Jews were chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade. Here’s what she said (in response to a friend on facebook):

        “Oh yes – and I hope you feel the same towards the African holocaust? My ancestors were involved in both – on all sides as I’m sure you know, millions more Africans were killed in the African holocaust and their oppression continues today on a global scale in a way it doesn’t for Jews… and many Jews (my ancestors too) were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade which is of course why there were so many early synagogues in the Caribbean.”

        She WASN’T saying that ONLY Jews were chief financiers of the slave trade, and the reason she only mentioned the Jewish financiers is because she was making a point. And OBVIOUSLY she knows that a whole range of different people were involved in the slave trade, including Africans. So for you to say “it could be possible” that Jews were involved in the slave trade begs the question as to why you didn’t bother to research it, because if you HAD, you would have enlightened yourself and wouldn’t be talking out of your posterior! What, do you think Jackie, who is Jewish herself……. Gordon Bennett, you didn’t even bother to check out what she actually said!

        Come back when you’ve spent a little time ascertaining the facts instead of just spouting – pontificating even! – complete and utter claptrap drivel:

      2. I don’t recall hearing all that much about the Palestinian cause during Corbyns reign. A quick search shows a few events outside of Labour that Corbyn was involved in. Much, much more came from the media about Corbyns Palestinian sympathies.

        Who started the fight and why? Who gains?

        Nagging feeling says you’re Hasbara

  7. Elections elections elections
    We have 600,000 members and 11 million supporters, time to clean up at every level of the party, union affiliates and at conference
    If we put a fraction of the effort into these elections and policies and stick together like shit to a blanket then
    ‘The world is our lobster’

  8. Road map to getting rid of Cockwombles who robbed us of GE 17 and 19,
    Expel Tony Blair

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