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Johnson’s public approval rating collapses by 20 points in just 4 days of Cummings scandal

Boris Johnson’s desperation to protect his chief handler has taken a heavy toll on his personal approval ratings with the public.

From a net of +19 just four days ago, Johnson’s approval rating has collapsed to a negative net of -1, a total fall of twenty points.

Johnson’s dithering and his willingness to ignore evidence, spout nonsense and put public lives at risk means that even if he does now sack the unrepentant Dominic Cummings, he has suffered huge political damage. Or, in words that those who warned the voting public all along might use: the empty vessel has been exposed even to many it previously fooled.

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    1. Why? It’s another virus. Just like the others. Factually : this one rates a bit above average in tems of winter+spring mortality when compared with those of the past 20 years.

      .. and healthy citizens under 60 are under small risk compared with the effects of influenza.

      Even the main proponents of current policy don’t believe what they’re preaching – obviously.

    2. I agree with not lifting lockdown until testing and tracing at least approaches the effort and efficacy of South Korea and PPE is available to us all – but I think such a huge second peak is unlikely unless the airlines start flying again – and who’s going to want to fly with a 14 day quarantine each way?
      I haven’t studied 1918 but I’d guess soldiers returning home after WWI would have spread it widely and suddenly in winter 1918, and treatment, PPE and ‘social distancing’ would have been rudimentary.

      1. They didn’t have the air travel we have now, and it still spread.

        The second spike was caused by two things. The first was that many men were billeted together due to war. This is the reason why it hit males 18-40 so badly. The second part was due to the celebrations as the war ended. The Germans knew it was over by the end of September 1918 and by the end of the first week of October (5th), had changed their Chancellor and contacted the yanks concerning surrender.

        You’ll note the spike in New York begins on the 5th October…

        My uneducated guess is sometime around September. If you’ve had kids, you’ll know what happens every time they go back. Just think head lice if you have any doubts.

        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The panic is dying off, use this opportunity to obtain a decent respirator. Stockpile soups and pasta in case your house comes down ill (pasta bulks out soup great), save some cash. Pulse oximeter wouldn’t hurt either. Reading scores down the phone makes it harder to get rid of you.

        Fingers crossed, it’ll blow over. But who wants to be wrong on this? Stay safe all.

      2. Forgot to add.

        Up until the point that the war was beginning to end, most people were in lockdown due to the flu epidemic. The excitement drew them out.

  1. No surprise there.

    However, what’s starmer done of late?

    ‘I’d have sacked cummings…’

    ….And that’s IT!

    The same establishment-protecting creep that refused to prosecute damien grope for aiding and abetting misfeasance in a public office (A crime that carries a maximum life sentence)

    …And who resigned on the very same day the Met police told the nation that ‘Michael Green/Seb Fox/ grant shapps’ company ‘May have been guilty of an offence of fraud.’

    I approve of neither. A plague upon both their houses.

  2. If only our msm had seen able to publish facts on vile corrupt tories, instead of lying and smearing about corbyn the months before the election, things could have been so different……

  3. Join the ‘Campaign to Keep Dom in Post’.Join now; don’t let him resign, he’s poison; damaged goods…….he’s an albatross; forever a reminder that Tories speak with forked tongue. Please stay Dom, we need you!

    1. So was Johnson obvious public schoolboys buffoon.He became PM and his challenger lost and despite being the obvious choice to win he now sits on the back benches and his party the Labour party are in the wilderness.A dangerous psychopath like Cummings needs to be locked up not left to plan more legalized murder..

  4. Johnson didn’t so much win the election as Starmer, Watson, Lansman and co lost it. Of course the MSM didn’t help but they were there in 2017 too.

    Cummings and Johnson did what Corbyn should have done: deal ruthlessly with the enemy within.

    If by the faintest chance the left should ever find itself in the Labour driving seat again, these lessons need to learnt.

    1. Yes, the MSM were there in 2017 TOO, but THEY, along with the Blairites and the JLM and LAA and the BOD et al, doubled down on their smears and demonisation of Jeremy (and the left) afterwards PRECISELY because the result ended up being so close. And the problem Jeremy faced is that most of the ‘fire’ aimed at him by the saboteurs was in respect of A/S, and any ‘ruthlessness’ on his part would have been ‘depicted’ by the corporate media and the BBC as him getting shod of his critics AND just further evidence that he IS anti-semitic.

      The no confidence motion in JC by Labour MPs was 172 to 40. That’s a hell of a lot of MPs to boot out!

  5. ❌ 111’s advice is EXACTLY opposite to Dominic Cummings’ “INSTINCT”.❌

    111 is still giving the exact advice in contrast to Cummings’s “instinctive” interpretation.

    I await Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, the DVLA and the police to say if DEFINITIVELY that they agree with Cummings’ vision test via driving in a hilly area for 60 miles, with a young child. Dominic Cummings MUST be prosecuted.

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