Unite member? Vital executive elections open tomorrow – make sure to cast your vote for the United Left slate

Keeping UK and Ireland’s biggest union on the left is more vital than ever

The ballot in the elections to the executive of Unite, the UK and Ireland’s biggest union open tomorrow. Unite has been the backbone of the Labour left and it’s more vital than ever that the union stays firmly left and committed to radical change, instead of the soft incrementalism and lack of opposition of the Labour Party’s current leadership and right-wing unions.

For the sake of the movement, every Unite member should vote for the ‘United Left’ slate of candidates shown below, in all the section(s) for which you are eligible to vote:

The battle for the heart of the movement is well and truly underway. Make sure you cast your vote(s) – and do so for the United Left slate.

And whether you’re a Unite member or not, share this article on all your social media, using the hashtags:

  • #UNITEEC2020
  • #KeepOurUnionLeft

to ensure that the word reaches as many members as possible.

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  1. There is also a critical vote taking place on Tuesday at the NEC that will effect all members and the future of OUR party Will the NEC acknowledge that the members have the right to make their voices heard and for their votes to count.

    On Tuesday, Labour’s NEC has a chance to ensure everyone’s voice is heard, as they decide on backing a fair voting system for the party’s National Executive Committee elections.

    The Labour NEC will discuss a motion to move away from ‘bloc voting’ (First Past the Post) to the Single Transferable Vote – the gold standard in proportional representation.

    1. Seems reasonable. Anything that makes the NEC membership more representative can’t be bad. And we saw what happens with FPTP and a split Left slate in the by-elections to the NEC last month – STV will, hopefully, prevent that.

  2. Steve H… So thats what the knight thinks is it.Any more helpful little tips from the knight?

    1. Joseph – It is what I think.

      Why would the so called left want to aid Johnson achieve a no deal Brexit.

      1. Ooops – Wrong discussion, please ignore the second paragraph, it was intended for a different discussion

    2. Joseph – Do you have an objection to the Labour Party replacing the current FPTP system with an STV voting system and if so could you explain why.

    3. Joseph, re possible use of STV for NEC election – I suspect Sir Erik is in favour of anything that DIMINISHES members’ democratic power. The ERS (and SteveH) are right to propose STV – and those of us in the party who supported the Corbyn project for internal (party) democracy should support it too.

  3. SteveH
    Agree PR is a key step to taking country forward, every vote should count
    I’m biased as I see it as part of what needs to happen to destroy Tories along with malign influence of education and class system’s
    Watching Renegade Inc today we need to teach PPE in schools
    Society Studies !

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