Khan stitched up like a kipper: Tory move on TfL shows appeasement is no protection

Khan’s anti-Corbyn, anti-left stance has earned him no favours from the Tories

The Tories have done London mayor Sadiq Khan up like a kipper: allowing TfL (Transport for London) to fail in the coronavirus crisis and then blaming him for it – then as conditions for a bailout they have made him end free fares to hard-pressed Londoners. Now he’ll be ‘the Labour mayor who got rid of free travel for kids’ in the coming mayoral election campaign.

Khan’s fate is an object lesson for ‘centrist’ Labour: appeasement won’t earn any protection.

The Tories are shamelessly political and adhere to Stalin’s maxim that ‘gratitude is a disease of dogs’. They will exploit ‘Labour’ politicians when it is expedient and then use any and every opportunity to bring them down as soon as circumstances allow.

Others at the top of the party might do well to take note, especially when it comes to properly opposing and exposing the Tories on a pandemic that is killing thousands of our people.

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  1. Johnson has apparently said there will be no return to austerity but this move to end free travel and up fares for the poorest suggests it will be back in a 100 different sneaky ways, this is just a beginning. If there is any opportunity to blame leftie Councils (meaning non Tory ones) then they will seize it with open arms.

  2. I am not going to cry is Sadiq loses the mayoral election in London. From my point of view at best he is a mediocre mayor at worse he is an incompetent.
    I would cry it we lose seats in the Greater London Assembly, so the strategy for labour candidates to the GLA could be to distance themselves from Sadiq.
    Labour candidates could perhaps follow the example of some labour MPs that on the General Elections were repeating the mantra ” you aren’t voting for JC you are voting for me”.
    Hence, labour candidates to the GLA need to explain to the general public that:
    1-there are three different ballots
    2- they don’t need to vote for Sadiq but to vote for them, so that if a Tory wins and is the new major, we can still take him to task”
    Hence, on the doorstep “You are not voting for Sadiq, you are voting for us”

    1. Maria, that should have been – leave out the perhaps. Khan MUST resign. Better yet, were it up to me, they would be expelled and sued. Sued because they misused the subscriptions of members. Members did not expect Khan to DELIBERATELY work against our interests🌹🌹🌹

  3. Re: appeasement. Had Corbyn not appeased Starmer, Watson & co. he might still be leader of the Labour Party and, had he adopted more of Stalin’s maxims, he might even be prime minister today.

    1. Jeremy was too nice……….until it came to throwing Chris Williamson under a bus.

    2. labrebisgallouse, that remains my firm view. Appeasement never works. If even it could, then how come it remained OBE WAY TO THE VERY END❓❓❓ That was over-good, but TOTALLY misguided dreamy intentions.

      Note well, johnson removed the whip even from Clarke and Soames DESPITE MSM outcry. Soames‼️ Spawn of Churchill‼️ There was an animated chat č a friend after that. My position, opposite to my friend, was, that were i johnson, i would have done the same. I wished with all my heart that Jeremy would do same… wished in vain.

      Which party is more united now❓ Which method brought people effectively together❓ Read again the MSM heated froth at Clarke and Soames being punished by johnson DESPITE the MSM response.

      We may win but the win will NEVER be sustained if we fail to learn. 🌹🌹🌹

  4. Khan & Coyle collaborated to “Stop Corbyn” when they realised he would win the leadership. When Jeremy won, Khan & Coyle sabotaged “Night and Day” to undermine Jeremy, gift our the General Election win to johnson, then blame it on Jeremy.

    During the campaign, they were asking on the doorstep if they disagreed with Corbyn. Yet canvassers who disagree with Coyle & Khan thought it better not to rock the boat. Better to “reform Coyle”, Khan and the other determined “Stop Corbyn”ers.

    That wet attitude to saboteurs failed then. It still fails now. When the leadership candidates were busy signing pledges to appease the most disreputable of people, a suggestion that Khan should sign pledges to us, was met with fiery opposition. Deadweights who whine that they feel like leaving, spring into life to stop action. Then one or two probably infiltrators join in to dump more buckets of water on change.

    One can never know for sure but organisations have always been infiltrated and the infiltrators are effective enough spying and protecting the same old same old. That is inevitable. Ongoing appeasement and failure to learn is not. In any case, what is there to lose❓

    Moreover, how is it that those who fly into rage at suggestions, accept Tories in poor disguise to get their way in our party❓I certainly have not the slightest sympathy for Khan. He has proven, like Lansman that they are more dangerous inside the party than out. When enough of us realise that Khan & Coyle’s aims are not ours, THEN we will have a chance for change.🌹🌹🌹

    1. >> Deadweights who whine that they feel like leaving, spring into life to stop action.

      Sorry some of us including me that has left and ripped up my membership card have actual principles that include not continuing to give money and implicit support to the scum that have like cancer destroyed the Labour party. Kid your self all you want we will change it oh this time it will be different and a hundred more little lies you tell your self. The result will be the same right wing scum that will hide and infest and destroy. The rot is too deep this ship is heading towards the rocks and there she will sit. Useless but appearing to still be some use.

      But keep on giving them your money, keep on telling people to stay for no purpose. Kid yourself all you want I won’t waste my time on a party that openly allows illegal shit to happen. Openly the rump of the party trying to loose elections, so the scum of the earth can rule. This is the so called Labour party oh sorry New Labour 2.0 with new and improved plastic blairite in charge. Sacrificed upon the alter of stupidity and ideology but no one seams to see this. But hay keep on them subs and support because next time kids it will be different…! If we just shuffle a couple of left people around the 90% right wing in charge it will magically change again! BTW this is called magical thinking an’t going to happen!

      There is only one way of getting it right start again with a solid left wing power structures and not stupid ideological constructs but resting only in the membership. That can remove and limit power if it’s abused by the party machinery or MP’s. NEVER the PLP or party machinery will be in total power and can ignore the membership if it suits them.Plus a solid policy of NO right wing fuck the big tent crap! See what happens when we try that crap? Your not left wing then GTFO and yes that includes sodding useless unions that have no purpose currently. The right wing jokes of unions that only exist to suck up money and distribute it to the right people see right right wing idiots currently…

      But people are to scared to do what needs to be done, so carry on, Best get comfortable with Tory rule for at least the next 10 years…

      1. disabledgrandad, i did not have you in mind and still don’t re my post earlier. I am in agreement with much of what u say. esp the broad church scam. Wish we had a trillion more of u who supported those of us who see Khan, Coyle, WMD Tony Blair the war criminal etc as Tories in disguise.

        They worked to achieve their aims. I know for a fact that many in my CLO worked hard to enable them win. Not because they agreed with them, but to pursue a myth that they could be “reformed”. That is what was said to me. They failed to see that someone who worked to undermine Jeremy should not have our support. Its the myth of “bringing people together” by wishing rather than putting one’s foot down.

        We then have another problem. Suggestions that Jeremy needed to put his foot down, was astonishingly interpreted as not supporting him. IE Don’t say the boat has a hole that needs urgent repair lest we sink because that means you don’t like the captain.

        That lack of logic is beyond comprehension. Keep the same failing methods and expect a different result. I believe we can all learn. The first step is to realise that past attitudes have been ineffective – ie with 500,000+ members, johnson is PM and a foul treacherous coup plotter Stoma, is johnson’s assistant.

    2. Signpost begins his post as follows:

      Khan & Coyle collaborated to “Stop Corbyn” when they realised he would win the leadership. When Jeremy won, Khan & Coyle sabotaged “Night and Day” to undermine Jeremy, gift our the General Election win to johnson, then blame it on Jeremy.

      During the campaign, they were asking on the doorstep if they disagreed with Corbyn. Yet canvassers who disagree with Coyle & Khan thought it better not to rock the boat. Better to “reform Coyle”, Khan and the other determined “Stop Corbyn”ers.

      Now how would you know what they were asking people on the doorstep signpost. You DON’T of course, and yet AGAIN you are just making it up so as to denigrate the left – ie the ‘canvassers who disagree with Coyle and Khan’. You make the totally B/S claim that these canvassers didn’t rock the boat (whatever THAT’s supposed to mean) because they believed by doing so it would ‘reform’ Coyle and Khan etc. I can assure readers – if you can’t see it for yourself – that signpost is talking complete and utter garbage nonsense. He has invented something so as to make left-wing canvassers look bad. And he does it ALL the time – ie concocts whatever he can think of to make the left look bad!

      Disagreed with JC about WHAT signpost….. oh, right, nothing specific, just asking people on the doorstep if they disagreed with him, full stop!

      Khan (on doorstep): “Do you disagree with Jeremy Corbyn?”

      Householder: “Yes”

      He is a complete and utter fraud, so please see through him (and don’t be taken in by the number of Likes he’s given, cos that’s all part of the fraud!).

  5. What’s khan actually achieved?

    Apart from putting an end to the garden bridge caper – Which any sane person would’ve done immediately anyway – What’s he done of significance?

    What will his legacy be?

    1. Khan’s legacy is shared by other Labour Centrists and Rightwingers; the death of Corbyn inspired Leftism. For a generation.

    2. His legacy will be treachery, sabotage and success “working night and day to Stop Corbyn”. Working with Coyle, Jonnie Arseworthless, Arsetair Campbellend, Peter Mendacious, Hodge, Harnan, Straw, Streeting, Blunkett, Trevor & Knife stab thug Jessica, WMD Tony Blair and other cesspit creatures to make their Tories win. That is Khan’s legacy.

      Despite that, some STILL feel it is better Khan than an out Tory. I say no‼️ The enemy within is way more dangerous. Much worse. Like knife stab threatener Jessica Phillips and Lansman, they can “knife you in the front”.

      I pray that enough people will realise this reality. Stop fantasising about some ideal environment. We too must organise, and fight INTELLIGENTLY in new ways. What sort of logic supports doing the same but expect a different result❓Start another party like the SDP, Limp Dims, TING, CUCKs, SWP etc❓ Will it be immune from infiltration and the same amateur traits❓ Just look at the diversity of views here. That was, is and always will be reality. Others achieve success doing battle with similar realities. So can we.

      Think of how you would like a multi-disciplinary team plan and perform a delicate critical operation on you. THAT is the approach needed rather than embarrassingly funny but CRAZED rage at a suggestion of any idea with which one disagrees. A person who acts in that way has no idea of what COLLECTIVE action means. COLLECTIVE SUCCESS comes from DETAILED ORGANISATION ➕ Each working to their strenghts.🌹🌹🌹

      1. I couldn’t agree more. So now with Sadiq on the back foot, perhaps Sadiq should resign from his position and have a new candidate, since it is going to be an uphill proposition for him to be re-elected as London mayor.
        The man has done to many mistakes. London needs the BAME vote and somehow I don’t think Sadiq can count on it afer the revelations in that internal Labour report. The Tories aren’t better in terms of racism but that isn’t a reason to vote for Labour; many voters will simply stay at home. I will argue that we lost the GE 2019 no so much because people voted against Labour, but because they abstained.
        On the positive, I believe we could win the mayoral election for Labour with Jeremy Corbyn as the candidate for mayor. Let us see how much the right wing of the Labour Party really wants to win elections, because I cannot see happening with Sadiq, no if things don’t start changing dramatically.

      2. Maria, i agree with you on lots i guess, and on this too. RE: “perhaps Sadiq should resign from his position and have a new candidate”. I would replace “perhaps” with SHOULD.

        We should vote LABOUR. Khan is NOT Labour. Coyle is not Labour. Hodge, Streeting, all of those people are DEFINITELY not Labour. We should assess ALL candidates and reject ANY who “worked” even half “day” and one “night” to give our 2019 GE win to Cummings, BloJonnie and the rest of their gang. It is unwise and dangerous to ever forgive the saboteurs.

        ‘Jeremy to replace Khan as Mayoral candidate’ never occurred to me. Now you suggest it, BRILLIANT🌟🌟🌟

        Would be great to hear what others think. Somehow it immediately feels like a very perfect fit. Just shows collective minds, collective thoughts, leads to rich suggestions, rich choices. It enables us to think flexibly. Thanks 🌹🌹🌹

      3. Jonnie Arseworthless, Arsetair Campbellend

        How old are you signpost?

        Can I just say to younger readers of this blog, please don’t let signpost influence you with his infantile ‘descriptions’ of people. The vast majority of left-wing blogs would take such posts down and bar him if he continued with it, or those that monitor comments before publishing would never publish such puerile and idiotic stuff in the first place.

      4. And in response to Maria, signpost said the following:

        ‘Jeremy to replace Khan as Mayoral candidate’ never occurred to me. Now you suggest it, BRILLIANT’

        Is that the same Jeremy you repeatedly trash and find fault with and accuse of ‘jellied weakness’ signpost?

        PS And could you elaborate about the ‘CRAZED rage’?

  6. Signpost, “Khan is NOT Labour. Coyle is not Labour. Hodge, Streeting, all of those people are DEFINITELY not Labour”

    Simple, you CANNOT be a Socialist and be a Zionist which is racism, ergo you cannot be Labour.

  7. And the report is writ large where these fuckers loyalties lie, it’s all there in black and white and it’s not going away
    Which when you think the authors were looking for trouble and proof of AS then it begs the question how others would have interpreted the source material
    Onwards and upwards, now who do we want for General Secretary

  8. Sadiq Khan used Jeremy Corbyn to get our votes during the London Mayor elections in 2015. Jeremy had been elected by a landslide and stood on the platform with Sadiq to show his support for him,the Labour candidate. Roll forward a few months ,Khan had been elected and the coup was on. Thats when Sadiq showed his true colours – he joined the likes of Hilary Benn Neil Coyle Margaret Hodge Ann Coffey Ben Bradshaw and Jess Phillips to try to oust the democratically elected leader.
    If Sadiq is being stitched up now all I can say is now he knows what it feels like.

  9. I am not sorry for Sadiq either. The way I look at it is that if every single bi-election was a test to the electability of Corbyn as leader. I don’t see why the same cannot apply to Starmer.
    In the 2016 GLA’s Election, Sadiq has the audacity to suggest that the good results were down to him, that he won despite Corbyn. Let’s see if next year with the more “electable” Starmer as leader if his vote goes up ? or if it goes down?
    So it follows that if Sadiq fails to increase his vote in London the most remain City in the UK, Starmer would have proven to be unelectable, would it not?.
    I don’t see Sadiq managing to increase the Labour vote in London, so from where the 120 seats that we need for Starmer to be the future PM are going to come from?

  10. Yes bourgeois politician Khan gets bitten yet he is just another political lightweight opportunist.
    Oh just read Boring Billionaire Elon Musk is reopening a Tesla car plant in California and I had to share a little ditty:

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