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Watch: nurses block Westminster Bridge to demand proper PPE as PHE continues to downgrade guidelines

Nurses from Guys and St Thomas’ hospital in London blocked Westminster Bridge yesterday in a protest to demand adequate PPE – personal protective equipment – as they treat patients.

The Department of Health and NHS England hide behind the blanket claim that they and NHS hospitals are ‘meeting PHE guidelines’ in the PPE they provide to front-line staff – but the PHE guidelines have been changed almost daily to reflect what is available, rather than what is clinically needed.

And what is available has always been inadequate and is getting worse.

Listen to nurses as they describe their situation – one that is entirely typical for NHS staff up and down the country because of the wilful negligence of the Conservative government in not building stocks during the months they had to prepare and not correcting the situation even now:

Footage by ReelNews. Used with permission

The Tories have even been caught lying about the PPE they have provided, even going as far as to include individual gloves in their claims to make increase the numbers.

The Tories’ lies and failings are deadly. At least 172 health staff have now been killed by the virus, while the Establishment tells coroners not even to consider whether lack of PPE played a role in their death. Here are their faces:

Mainstream broadcasters appear to have chosen to ignore this protest, once again failing to properly challenge government lies and excuses.

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    We continue focusing on the real issues, the virus lockdown etc is a decoy, you are going to send our children to their deaths in order to bring in forced vaccination, I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but we need to wake you
    Vic uk

    1. You’re 100% correct vic,
      Coronavirus really IS caused by 5G, but there is a solution. A scientific expert in the field has invented a simple ten-minute mental exercise that protects the brain from all known effects of 5G radiation.
      It will be released to the market soon at five times the price but as a valued supporter we’re happy to give you the first opportunity of purchasing the pre-release 1.1.0 version at a special price!
      Complete (beta version, terms apply) protection now for only $99.99.
      Call me!

      1. I really hope you’re taking the piss, McNiv, because your pastiche is perfect!

        I have to admit that I didn’t study a lot of virology at uni, but I do find some claims laughable.

      2. BBC News channel’s scrolling bottom line this morning:

        [BREAKING. Government hits target of providing 100,000 daily tests in the UK]

        “Providing” could mean “making available for use” – it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve actually carried out 100,000 tests in a day, that the tests have been processed, or that they can or will match or exceed that number tomorrow.
        They could even have held back 5,000 kits a day for the preceding ten days to hit the 100k target on a single day.

        Anyone believe they wouldn’t stoop so low?
        Anyone believe Starmer will press them on it?

  2. To all those who voted for the knight of the realm, former DDP who bullied the Swedish to continue persecuting the political prisoner, Julian Assange, who refused to disclose why he met with then head of MI5, participated in the Chicken coup, refused to accept the democratic referendum result, refused until after his election to reveal who his secret financial backers are, as well as being a member of a right wing anti democratic organisation. The BOD, a minority Tory group claiming to represent the Jewish community in the U.K. are now demanding the first black Labour mp be expelled from the party which happened to Marc Wodsworth and countless other Labour members plus activists on fabricated AS charges. Despite being warned about this charlatan they continued to vote for this scoundrel. He is yet to support her against this small pernicious Tory dominated organisation and judging by his performances so far it’s doubtful if he will!

      1. Yes, as I stated the knight of the realm has made no effort to defend her against these scurrilous accusations by right wing Tory supporting organisations.

      2. Have you any confidence that Little Becky would have reacted differently.

      3. None at all, SteveH but then I wouldn’t have voted for any of them had I still been a member simply because I don’t support something I don’t believe in.

        I left the party precisely because of their kowtowing to the BoDs demands the minute they declared it and now we can all see exactly where it’s going with this latest episode.

        You can bang on all you like about the best of a bad bunch, or at least they’re not as bad as the Tories but they’re still hypocrites and that’s enough for me.

        What you choose to do is your prerogative but don’t expect everyone else to see it the same way.

      4. PW – As there aren’t any credible alternative parties to vote for who’s core values of Democratic Socialism within a well regulated mixed economy that I firmly believe in then I choose to stay a member of the Labour Party and do what I can to change things for the better.

        I just can’t see the point of leaving a party who’s core principles I support and who are the only opposition party that has any chance of defeating the Tories to join a joke party like Left Unity (or similar) who lets face it have zero chance of ever achieving anything.

        As you say everyone makes their own choices, I’ve made mine not to piss about in endless fruitless discussions with the self appointed guardian’s of ‘left purity’.

      5. That’s fine SteveH. Best of luck with that, seriously. If something is a part of your life, I fully appreciate how hard it is to give it up when things aren’t necessarily going how you would like.

        For myself, I’m not intending to join any other party or political movement in the foreseeable future. I only got involved in Labour out of a sense of connection with the direction of travel under Corbyn, who interestingly and unbeknownst to me then, spent time in Jamaica as a young man, and whose culture and music has influenced my entire life.

        To be honest, apart from Harold Wilson, who I once met as a young lad while camping on the Scilly Isles, I’ve never had much enthusiasm for politicians of any stripe. But the likes of Kinnock, Blair and Brown I’ve never had time for and Starmer just doesn’t cut it for me. Not that the others did either.

        I’ve never really been active in politics, anyway, preferring to follow other avenues through music performance, such as fund raising for charities and supporting other worthy causes, such as anti-racism.

        Although I haven’t done much in the last few years once we’re through this virus/lockdown hopefully I can put a few new ideas I’ve been working on into operation.

      6. PW – Although I’ve never been to Jamaica I share your love for Caribbean culture and music. I met my wife whilst I was working in the WI many years ago and all being well we will be retiring to our home there in about 18 months time. I just love the whole vibe back there in what has become my second (and favourite) home.

      7. PW, I feel much the same – I celebrated Tory/Portillo humiliation in ’97 but shamed by ‘spin’ and neo-thatcherism I was disillusioned until Corbyn.
        Disillusioned again, now reverted to ex-member.
        I strongly believe now is the time for a new, loudly and proudly left wing party – with a legally binding and published set of sworn principles, opposition to which result in immediate expulsion of any member however highly placed, and demand resignation from office.
        No Quislings, self-promoters, PPE grads, so-called ‘centrists’ or well-I-don’t-really-know Mavises.
        I’d like Jeremy Corbyn to be the new party’s first leader if he’s as despairing of Labour as those of us who joined and rejoined because of his leadership.

      8. SteveH, re “PW – As there aren’t any credible alternative parties to vote for”

        To paraphrase a line from a movie…
        If they come, you will build it.

  3. Having heard Hancock explain how the testing target had been met I am hoping,if the football season can’t be completed,he is in charge of working out the final placings as this may result in West Hams first ever title.

    1. I am hoping,if the football season can’t be completed,he is in charge of working out the final placings as this may result in West Hams first ever title.

      Sorry Jim, but if hancockup DOES get to work out the final placings, it’s most likely Tranmere Rovers will win their first league title 😲

      1. And what’d be wrong with the Super White Army storming the league?

        In all seriousness, Hatt Mancock is a tool – tests posted out but not actually returned and tested count towards the target? What exactly (besides the obvious) is wrong with the absolute spinner?

    2. Yes Jim, me too. 18:20 ish: Another Murdoch anus put to john Arseworth that Stoma is spineless. Arseworth replied, he gets lots of heckling too but he and Stoma must support the government until after the virus.

      QUESTION for Jonathan Arseworth – A surgeon’s patients die after operations. Do you intervene before more die due to callous negligence and suspected deliberate eugenic ideology OR do you wait until hundreds of thousands are dead❓❓❓

      QUESTIONS for Hancock, Cummings, johnson & starmer:

      1️⃣ 100 products are sent to be tested. 10 have been tested. 90 are in the post to be tested. How many have been tested❓❓❓ And how dire are the “journalists” especially Peston❓❓❓

      2️⃣ The NHS and EXISTING labs already have more than adequate testing and analysis capabilities. Why pay MANY TENS of MILLIONS to private companies including possibly Deloite and FOREIGN registered companies to do inefficiently and exorbitantly, swabbing and analysis which we have been doing in the NHS every hour, every day, every year for a trillion years❓❓❓

      EXACTLY as with other privatisation by stealth, private bandits go for low hanging fruit. Taxpayers fund the difficult stuff. There are many complicated test already within the NHS system. Yet this government delayed testing, allowed tens of thousands to die unnecessarily and many thousands more to be infected, so as to enable their bandit cabal to ROB the public purse blind. Meanwhile Jonathan less than Arseworth & Kaput Starmer bow and scrape for Cummings, johnson, Hancock & co. Just shows the Tories A side don’t even care for their own elderly membership, and the B side neither care for their integrity nor rescuing this country from daylight banditry.

  4. Shite about coronovirus is more overwhelming than the virus itself.

    What we don’t know far outweighs what we do know – but the sound of grinding axes and self-serving dishonesty is deafening.

    Joining in the myth-making does no service to anyone, and mixing up the justified protests about lack of PPE with the downgrading of classification of the epidemic is a typical mickey-mouse nonsense. One is a fact, the other reflects reality and rational assessment.

    All it does is to play the Spivs’ game – obfuscation with rubbish. I’ve just heard one of the Spivs claiming (Wah! Wah! Wah!) that the virus is ‘indiscriminate’ – thus joining with Skwawkbox in ramping up the ‘Control by Fear’ strategy. Of course it isn’t ‘indiscriminate’ – it discriminates massively against the old, those with prior illness and the poor – we actually do know that much. For most of the population it’s low risk.

    So stop imitating government fictionalising. It’s not big and it’s not clever. Above all, it’s not credible.

    1. RH, please explain the absence of mass graves from the recent ‘flu epidemics that caused deaths in numbers equal to those of CV-19.

      1. Yes, and the 172 plus dead health care workers, or is that just ‘fake news’?

  5. From May 11, All American Airlines passengers are required to wear face masks during flight. NB the language is clear…. unlike the waffle of johnson and the dull useless starmer.

    1. Apologies, meant to type spineless starmer as that was the word a murdoch man used earlier… but useless is also accurate re starmer. useless to TRUE Labour.🌹🌹🌹

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