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S Korean scientists: C19 can’t infect people twice

Antibodies after coronavirus infection do seem to confer immunity and earlier reports of re-infection are linked to weaknesses in testing, say researchers

South Korean scientists have concluded that reports of coronavirus survivors becoming reinfected are incorrect and linked to weaknesses in testing, in a rare ray of light in the pandemic crisis.

According to their findings, positive tests in 277 survivors were triggered by remnant, inactivated virus RNA in cells and those tested were neither infectious nor suffering from a relapse.

An extract from a Times article on the South Korean findings

South Korea’s ‘Central Clinical Committee’ said that the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that detects the virus’s genetic information had been unable to differentiate between active virus and this inactivated viral RNA, which can remain detectable for up to two months after recovery.

South Korea’s programme of testing, tracing and isolating according to World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations has enabled the country to eliminate domestic infections without even resorting to a lock-down, in an implicit rebuke of Boris Johnson’s decision to make the UK an ‘outlier’ by ignoring WHO advice.

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  1. “South Korea’s programme of testing, tracing and isolating according to World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations has enabled the country to eliminate domestic infections without even resorting to a lock-down, in an implicit rebuke of Boris Johnson’s decision to make the UK an ‘outlier’ by ignoring WHO advice.”

    As posted months ago now on PRE SCREEN before boarding for the UK esp LHR at DXB and on arrival. Quarantine 14 days. test test test, isolate, trace, test test test, isolate, trace, test test test, treat treat treat RECOVERED PATIENTS, lives SAVED. Less clapping, more USEFUL ACTION. Take Care with MINDFUL measures, NOT singing stupid tunes. NOT waffle and bumbling. That is the diet of the gullible. That is the “spaff” of the unashamed conscience free, careless callous johnson.

    Until vaccine developed. If the lazy irresponsible johnson wanted to save lives, and if stoma wanted to hold him to account, they would both read and learn from at lest five times per day, every day🌹🌹🌹

  2. In today’s i newspaper
    ‘Sweden’s Self regulating policies are a model for us all ‘
    Says WHO

    1. 352 rise of Tory enabled deaths to 20,483 in England.

      These are only tested deaths. Orders came from nonclinical overpaid under talented administrators, delivering non clinically motivated orders to limit testing and to discharge obviously unwell patients. Thus the true result of Tory as many patients as possible. Thus orchestrated “herd immunity”, which was expected to kill off the old, the disabled, the sick, the poor, ethnic minorities and as many other vulnerable people before the public caught on. Then their defence was meant to be “BENEFIT of HINDSIGHT”. A TRUE assessment will be EXCESS deaths OVER the norm.

      We will of course all feel the effect of this loss of our most precious resource… the lives Tories consider least. To them we are all disposable. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. It depends on how long immunity is given and also the response to mutations whether conveyed or not.
    Still early days hindsight will reveal all.

    1. SM
      Until we are told this virus has managed to evade basic laws of biology then we know exactly how this ends
      Name a single feature that makes this unique, all viruses mutate, flu vaccinations change every year to deal with it
      So who has the golden ticket and can go for a pint or 27

      1. The thing that makes Covid-19 so dangerous is that unlike influenza we don’t have any general immunity to it and we currently don’t have any treatments. Take a look at the video that I’ve linked to below.

      2. SteveH
        There is no evidence Covid19 is behaving any differently

      3. Doug – For some reasons best known to yourself you are choosing to ignore thefact that SARS Covid-2 is an exceptionally virulent SARS virus (the clue is in the name) and not an influenza (flu) virus which would be much easier to deal with. Unlike flu we as a species have no immunity to it. We don’t have a vaccine and we don’t have any treatments for it either.

        I’m not the one who is confused.

      4. SteveH
        If you cannot catch it twice, what do you have
        The Golden ticket

      5. Doug – Or to put it another way, as long as it doesn’t kill you the first time round you’ll be OK.

      6. The flu season by its very definition has a beginning and an end, whereas this virus so far as we know doesn’t, so in that respect it does behave quite differently.

      7. PW – I guess that’s because SARS viruses are a completely different strain from flu viruses and also why because it kills people they are digging thousands and thousands of graves in São Paulo to house Covid-19 victims.

      8. On the seasonality of influenza vs. coronavirus:
        Summer is warmer and ‘flu recedes.
        Care homes are warmer but CV thrives.
        I wonder if the government’s expectation of CV receding in Summer might be wishful thinking?

  4. This is what herd immunity looks like.

    Watch the video

    Mourners in Brazil are being allowed 5 minutes to pay their respects at the shallow grave of their loved ones before they have to make way for the next 5 minute funeral.

    President Jair Bolsonaro dismissive as overwhelmed Brazilians dig mass graves
    Only small groups of family members are allowed inside the cemetery where more than 13,000 graves are being dug.

  5. Public health in Sweden is the responsibility of the scientists, politician’s cannot interfere, this reliance on experts is built into the democracy
    Take the politician’s out of politics

  6. As a huge generalisation post war there was a basic belief that whoever won the GE would govern for the whole country
    Thatcher and neo liberalism smashed that consensus
    Twas Harold McMillan who called out Thatcher when he told her you cannot sell the ‘Family Silver’
    There was such a beast as the ‘One Nation Tory’

    1. Doug – I agree
      We were always led to believe that unlike many other ‘democracies’ our politicians governed on behalf of the whole of country rather than just those that voted for them is what marked us out as a stable and mature democracy that we could be proud of. Unfortunately those days are long gone.

  7. This is excellent news, but you can expect immense push-back against these S Korean findings from the Gates lobby and MSM. This is precisely the sort of thing that’ll bugger up their plans for an unavoidable universal mass vaccination onslaught containing God knows what!

  8. A second or third wave could make immune and healthy recoverees of working age worth their weight in gold – because if any subsequent wave is as bad as the first, key workers will be in short supply – those not sick will be very prone to burn out.
    Their immunity will have to be tested on an ongoing basis, but by then maybe South Korea and China will have saved us from Tory supply failures.
    Swabs of outside surfaces of key workers’ PPE at shift’s end could identify those careless spreaders among them who approach the untested too closely – or identify the riskiest locations and operations.
    I encountered one older guy two days ago who constantly leaned his unmasked face in toward drivers’ windows to hear them better as he was directing traffic. His face was only two feet away from open vehicle windows.

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